Spectra Getting Started Guide


The Calendar

Click Calendar on the hub menu to open the Spectra calendar. This is the best way to view the schedules of the users and locations you defined in the Preferences Wizard. By default, the calendar displays the schedule for the current user and today's date. Use the mini-calendars on the right to select the days you wish to view. You can also choose to view by users and resources.

Navigating the Calendar - Viewing Tips!

  • To view the schedules of multiple users or resources, click and drag to highlight their names.

  • To de-select any user or resource, press the Ctrl key and click their name.

  • To view multiple dates, press the Ctrl key and click the desired dates.

  • To view a range of dates, click on the first date, then press the Shift key and click the last date in desired range.

  • To view today's calendar, click Go To Today on the ribbon.

  • Use the Work Week, Week, and Month buttons on the ribbon to change the calendar view.

  • Use the mini-calendars to quickly see which days have appointments or sessions – the days will appear in bold.

  • To view the calendar for the previous month or next month, click the appropriate arrow button above the top mini-calendar.

  • To quickly scroll through the months, click the name of the month above the top mini calendar and hold the mouse button down. Move your cursor up to scroll backward and down to scroll forward. The farther away from the center month that you move the cursor, the faster you'll scroll. This action is especially useful in scrolling to previous or future years.

  • When viewing multiple calendars in the day or work week view, you can use the Group By option on the toolbar. You can group by date or by owner.

Scheduling an Appointment or Session

You're ready to book that first session!

  1. Double-click an empty time slot on the calendar to launch the Scheduling Wizard.

  2. Choose whether to create a session, a linked appointment (with a client), or an unlinked appointment.

  3. If the client has never been entered into your Spectra database, you'll enter the client information now.

    • Type the client's last name, press Tab, and then type the client's first name. Spectra will automatically capitalize the first letters. Spectra will also format the phone number for you. Simply type "5551212" and press Tab.

    • Call Warning - This is a very helpful feature that can keep you from stepping on client toes and inform employees of important client information right away.

  4. If you've chosen to create a session, enter the session information next. The description section isn't critical, but can be used for information purposes. The end time will change automatically, based on the session type. Make sure you select the correct photographer and assistant!

  5. You'll be asked if you want to create an invoice now to cover the session fees. At this point, the answer is "No." We haven't set up pricing or invoicing yet! We'll get to that soon!

  6. Click Finish to complete the Scheduling Wizard.

At this point, a new client record has been created and the session/appointment is displayed on the calendar. If a session needs to be postponed or rescheduled, use the calendar's drag-and-drop feature to move it to a new time slot. Change the length of the session by re-sizing the session box.