Spectra Getting Started Guide

Protecting Your Data

As you begin using Spectra, you will be collecting information that is critical to the success of your business. You will build your database by adding all your clients and prospects, as well as your daily schedule and your invoices. After a few weeks or months, your company will rely on this data for virtually every aspect of your business. That's why it's so critical to protect your data with regular backups and routine maintenance.


Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place for your Spectra database? As you consider your options, read Database Backup Best Practices for our recommendations for keeping your data safe!

Spectra DataSafe

Spectra DataSafe is a secure, off-site backup service that automatically backs up your Spectra database. Your data files are automatically compressed, encrypted, and uploaded to our secure servers - every night! Read the DataSafe product page on our website for pricing and additional information.
  1. Subscribe to DataSafe.

  2. Enable the job in the Spectra Control Center.

  3. Check your email and Control Center logs regularly to make sure your backups are working correctly.

For more information and setup instructions, read the Control Center and Getting Started with DataSafe topics in the Spectra Online Help. Contact StudioPlus tech support if you need assistance.

Database Utility

Your Spectra software includes a Database Utility which provides a variety of easy-to-use tools you can use to back up and maintain your data. In this section we'll look at two of these tools - Backup Data Files and Compact and Repair Data Files. For more information about the other Database Utility tools, read the Database Utility topic in the Spectra Online Help.

To launch the Database Utility, open the Windows Start menu and make your way to All Programs > StudioPlus Spectra 20xx > Utilities. Then click Database Utility.

Backing Up Your Data

Your Spectra data is stored in a database file called "SamDB.MDB." This file contains your clients, invoices, and even your Spectra product code. Follow these steps to manually back up your data using the Database Utility.
  1. Exit Spectra if you have it running.

  2. Open the Database Utility and click Backup Data Files.

  3. Verify the backup location and then click Backup.

  4. The backup process will create a zip file of your SamDB.MDB, naming the file with the current date.


  • Back up DAILY! Store a copy of the database on a different computer weekly and save a copy to a flash drive to take off-site weekly.

  • If you use other automated backup utilities, make sure the Spectra "SamDB.MDB" file in included in your automatic backups.

Compacting Your Data

Good database management includes performing a regular "Compact and Repair" on your data. Think of it as a tune-up for your database.

  1. Exit Spectra if you have it running.

  2. Open the Database Utility and click Compact and Repair Data Files.

  3. You will be warned to make a backup first - make sure you do!

  4. Click Compact and Repair Now.


  • If you run Spectra on just one computer, compact your database every other week or as needed.

  • If you're on a network, use the compact utility weekly.