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Reference #: RN 2015v2r3
Author: Tech Support
Created: 12.07.15
Last Revised: 12.28.15

Release Notes:
Spectra/myStratus 2015

Volume 2 SR 3



Release Date: December 28, 2015

Spectra/myStratus 2015 Volume 2 SR 3 is a regular maintenance update which includes several enhancements and fixes for reported issues.

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New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in this release:

Feature Description
Analysis Reports

The analysis reports – Sales Analysis, Product Sales Analysis, and Profit Analysis – have been updated and include some new features:

» New Excel Export - The new Excel export produces a formatted and fully functional spreadsheet. You'll love it!
» Invoice Posting Date Option - The Sales Analysis and Product Sales Analysis reports can now be based on invoice posting date, instead of invoice date.
» Date Range Option - Save time by choosing from predefined date ranges such as: "Year-to-Date," "Last Year," "Tomorrow," and more!
» New Tools - The Preview ribbon has some handy new tools, such as Snapshot and Selection.
» New Grouping Options - These reports have been rearranged a bit. The old "Report Type" and "Group By" settings have been combined into one.
» Faster Processing - The new reports are MUCH faster than the old ones!

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Communication Wizard

[myStratus ONLY] We've made some changes to the Communication Wizard to improve performance for certain types of jobs. These changes apply to emails (StudioPlus Mail only), SMS texts, and phone calls.

communication wizard

» Off-Line Processing - The wizard will now submit these jobs to a cloud-based Control Center for processing (not your local Control Center). This change speeds up the job, as well as freeing up your local resources. This change also improves the ability to recover if the job is interrupted during processing. The Control Center will be able to pick up right where it left off. You won't have to figure out where to restart!
» Scheduling - A handy scheduling feature has also been added! You can now schedule when you'd like the job to start (for example, 3:00 AM on Cyber Monday). The job will be submitted to the Control Center and processed according to the schedule.
» Notification - You will be notified when each job has finished processing.

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Client Payment Methods An update has been made to allow you to key in the last four digits of a credit card when adding or modifying a client's payment methods, even when the PCI compliance option for credit cards is being used. This will help you distinguish between the various payment methods a client may have.

payment methods

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Control Center - New Job

A new Session Folder Creation job has been added to the Control Center. This job is primarily designed to help studios using myStratus that don't assign session numbers until the day of the session. This job can be set up to run prior to business hours each day and it will create all the sessions folders for that day's sessions.

myStratus Users - This job is NOT run in the cloud. It is an optional local job.

Spectra Users - Spectra automatically creates sessions folders when you start the software. This job would only be used if you want the session folders created BEFORE you start Spectra.

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Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
---- myStratus A modification has been made to myStratus. For security reasons, any computer that has been idle for 60 minutes will be logged out of myStratus.
4697HTML Emails Some fields in appointment-type HTML emails may not translate properly. Resolved.
4707Clients The client duplicate checker may not catch phone number duplicates if spacing and parentheses are different. Resolved.
4711Users Moving a user up or down in the user maintenance list may not change the sort order. Resolved.
4737Appointments Creating a new appointment may not select the correct default Location. Resolved.
4767Calendar Custom session fields may not translate properly in the calendar descriptions. Resolved.
4773Messages Hub Email type and email status columns are not available in the column chooser on Messages hub. Resolved.
4783Control Center Notifications created by the Control Center may appear for the logged-in user rather than the selected user. Resolved.
4786Sessions The date may be cut off when printing a session confirmation. Resolved.
4817Appointments An unlinked appointment may save as a recurring appointment if that option has been selected and deselected. Resolved.
4832Production Orders Options and notes text may be cut off when printing a work order or production order. Resolved.
4833Production Time stamp and paste functions do not work correctly in the vendor notes and in-house notes sections of the production order. Resolved.
4840Calendar Newly created time slots may appear in duplicate on the calendar. Resolved.
4841Invoices The client information section may be poorly formatted on a printed invoice. Resolved.
4844Form Letters The "Unused Rewards" merge field in form letters may not format the value properly. Resolved.
4855Yearbook Selecting a yearbook pose may not create tasks. Resolved.
4869Maintenance In some larger databases, security group maintenance records may load slowly. Resolved.
4879Accounting [Enterprise Version Only] Running the End of Day Wizard for "All Locations" may cause duplicate GL entries in QuickBooks. Resolved.
4884Communication Wizard The Communication Wizard cannot send to an email address containing an underscore character ("_") before the "@" sign. Resolved.
4886Price List Maintenance Text pasted into the price list "Item Identifier" field may not save. Resolved.
4887Clients Hub The Client hub may allow deletion of clients that have session or appointment records. Resolved.
4890Sales Presentation Adding an item to a package in the Sales Presentation may produce an error. Resolved.
4893Triggers Processing production status triggers may produce an error. Resolved.
4895Sessions Printed session confirmations may show an incorrect tax label. Resolved.
4916Reports The Product Analysis and Sales Analysis reports may not display correct user names. Resolved.