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Authorized Consultants

Do you feel like you are not using the software to its fullest potential? Are you too busy to set up a new system or add in new features? Would you like more in-depth help to initiate staff training or add to your own?

Contact one of our Authorized Consultants for one-on-one, specialized help! These are more than clients who know the software well. These are consultants who are authorized by us to help you get the most out of your software.

How can they help?

Virtual Training/Setup

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can get assistance with the click of a button. Our Authorized Consultants can remote into your computer to help you out. They can train you or help set up your system. It is easy, friendly, and personalized to you and your studio.

Onsite Training/Setup

Do you learn better in person? Our Authorized Consultants can come right to your studio to help you get the system set up exactly how you want it. They can even lead you and your staff in training sessions about the software.

Do It For You

If you are just too busy to set up the software, our Authorized Consultants can remote into your computer(s) and set it up for you. Whether that means setting up your marketing emails, setting up your custom reports, or even just helping you enter data, our Authorized Consultants can help you get the job done!


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Kenny Martin
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