Welcome to myStratus

New to myStratus? Start here! Complete each step of this checklist to successfully set up myStratus for your studio and then use it to train your employees.

Getting Started

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Bookmark our Help Console. Here is where you will find lots of documentation about each topics. Training videos are also included on big topic pages. We will be referencing this Help Console a lot through this checklist.

1: Installing myStratus

Let's get started by installing myStratus. Whether you're running myStratus on a single workstation or twenty, we'll keep it simple!
Download the myStratus installer from the Downloads page on our website. Read Installing myStratus to learn more.
Download the myStratus mobile app on your phone. Read Getting Started with the mobile App to learn more


2: Setting Up Your Preferences

The Preferences Wizard is the easiest way to set up your basic preferences in myStratus. It''ll have you up and running in no time.

Set up the basics with the Preferences Wizard. Read Preferences Wizard to learn more.


3: Finding Your Way Around myStratus

Before you jump in and start using myStratus, take a few minutes to get familiar with the workspace.

Watch the Navigating myStratus Video. It’s an oldie but a goodie!
Learn about the myStratus home page.
Find out what the menus do with our Menus section.
Learn how to set up shortcuts with our Shortcuts page.


4: Working with Clients

Your clients are key to your success, and myStratus is the perfect tool to help you build strong and dynamic client relationships.

Use the Clients section to learn how to work with client records.
We specifically recommend these pages to get you started:
Read the Clients Overview page to see how records are linked together.
Check out this section for common Client How To’s. Including how to create clients, how to create family members, and other helpful tools.
Read Importing Clients in the Online Help. Video included!


5: Scheduling

It's time to book some sessions and appointments in myStratus!

Use the Appointments and Sessions section to learn how to work with sessions and appointment records.
We specifically recommend these pages to get you started:
Read the Scheduling Overview page to get started.
Learn the difference between a session and an appointment record with this page.
  Learn the main way to book sessions and appointments in myStratus using the scheduling wizard with this page.

Check out this section for common Session How To’s .

Interested in Online Booking? We have an entirely different section for that! We recommend you start with the basics of scheduling first before you dive into that part of the software.


6: Basic Communication & Marketing

You'll be amazed how myStratus can help you communicate with your clients and improve your marketing

Use the Communication section to learn how to use all the different communication sections in myStratus.
Use our Communication Overview to get a quick overview of the different ways to communicate in myStratus. If a section interests you, then use the link provided with that section to learn more!
Set up myStratus for texting! SMS Messaging is our most popular add on. For good reason! It’s incredibly powerful in this day and age.
Enroll in a StudioPlus SMS text messaging plan.
Read Getting Started with SMS Text Messaging to start using your new plan.


7: Financial Tracking

Bringing home the bacon! It's time to set up the financial tracking portion of myStratus so you'll know exactly how profitable your business is.

Price List and Invoice Setup

Use the Price List section to learn how to work with setting up your price list.
Use the Price List Overview to learn where to start and what each field means in your Price List:

Create Invoices

Use the Invoices section to find more pages on how to work with invoices.
Check out this section for common Invoice How To’s. Including how to create invoices, using coupons, using gift certificates, Online Payments, and other helpful tools.

Process Credit Cards

Processing credits cards is an important part of myStratus. Especially for features such as normal payments, online payments, payment plans, online ecommerce, and online booking. Thankfully we have got you covered! We have integrated with three companies to make this part easy. Global Payments Integrated (formerly called TSYS) for USA. eWay in Australia and New Zealand. Global Payments in Europe and Canada. They are great about meeting or beating the rates you have now, so make sure to include your current rate.
(USA Only) Apply for Global Payments Integrated account (formerly TSYS/Cayan).
Read the TSYS (Cayan) Credit Card Processing page for help with using Global Payments Integrated in myStratus.
(Australia and New Zealand Only) Apply for an eWay account.
Read the eWay Credit Card Processing page for help with using eWay Credit Card Processing in myStratus.
(Canada and Europe only) Apply for Global Payments account.
Read the Global Payments Credit Card Processing page for help with using Global Payments in myStratus.

Accounting Integration

To learn how to use our accounting features use this Accounting Link Overview page to get started.


8: Digital Workflow

Now for the fun stuff! myStratus is an amazing tool that will help you automate your entire digital workflow.

Digital Workflow Setup

The digital workflow encompasses a large area of the software. Use this page to get you started and bring you to the correct pages that you need to start incorporating YOUR workflow into myStratus.

9: InSpiredByYou.com

Set up the online extension of your studio, directly into the homes of your clients.

Read how InSpiredByYou can benefit you.
Take a video tour of InSpiredByYou.
Also recommended:
Read the InSpiredByYou section in the Online Help.

10: Dashboards

What good is having all this data if you don’t use it! Harness the power of myStratus reporting to know your studio inside and out.

Just like before, this section will help you learn everything you need to know about your reporting Dashboard.
This page will give you an overview of the Dashboard.
This page will help you brainstorm what reports you want on your Dashboard.
(Optional) this page will help you setup your budgets to go with the Dashboard.