The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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FAQ - Alphabetized List of All our FAQ's

Here is an alphabetized list of all our most frequently asked questions and how to's.  Use the links to find your answer!

Calendar goes blank after saving

Client How To's

Customizing the Hubs

Database Utility Settings

Delete a Dashboard Report

Deleting a Group of Clients

Email Block Lists

Email ISP Limits

Error when printing


Exporting Clients

Exporting Email Addresses

Filters for Labels by Grad Year/Organization

High School Senior Workflow

How can clients manage their account?

How can I  remove the images from the Stratus Drive?

How can I change a client's Online User Name and password?

How can I limit the number of poses a client can order?

How can I sell and redeem a gift card?

How can I setup contracts for clients?

How do I offer a Promotion?

How do I setup the InspirebByYou Contol Center if my Session Status are by Session Type?

How do students select a Yearbook Pose?

How to Export SendGrid HTML Emails and use them in Stratus

How to fix overlapping Time Clock clock in's

How to flag many clients SMS Texts Boxes

How to handle headshots for corporate accounts

How to read Today's Snapshot

How to send a Session Confirmation to an Invoices Bill-To Client

How to track a sports team

HTML Emails vs Email Form Letters

Importing Clients

Invoice How To's

myStratus Firewall Message

Online Booking

Payment How To's

Production How To's

Reconciling with QuickBooks Desktop

Setting up Gmail: Outgoing and Incoming

Slow Speed when opening Clients or Sessions

Stratus Time Out messages

System out of memory - Part 1

System out of memory - Part 2

Troubleshooting the Mobile App

Unlocking Posted Invoices

Why do my images not show up in

Why don't clients have the Yearbook Pose selection?

Why is my sales tax report blank?

Yearbook Workflow and CDs

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