The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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How can I setup contracts for clients?

See Setting up InspiredByYou for instructions on setting up the site. 

Contracts are crucial to running an efficient business, and it's even better when you can create contracts that not only file themselves, but also save paper! With InspiredByYou, you can create a contract within myStratus, associate it with either a client's session or invoice record, upload it to InspiredByYou, have them accept the terms online, and also receive the contract back into myStratus. You can even take security a step further by requiring your clients to use a unique PIN that you create before they can accept their contract.

This document will cover the following areas in regards to working with contracts:

  1. Designing Contracts
  2. Adding a PIN to Contracts
  3. Adding and Uploading Contracts
  4. Viewing Contracts on
  5. Viewing Contracts in myStratus
  6. Downloading Completed Contracts
  7. Getting Notified of Completed Contracts
  8. Canceling Contracts

Designing Contracts

To design your contract, use the Form Letter Builder to create the content of your contract. See Form Letter Builder for detailed instructions on creating your contract. 

Adding a PIN to Contracts

For added security, you can require clients to enter a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) before they can agree to their contract. To set this up, go to Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences > Company tab and check the box to Require PIN when e-signing contract.

In order to set the PIN for each contract, after you select the contract you want to upload, myStratus will prompt you to enter the PIN you want to use.

Adding and Uploading Contracts

After you have designed your contract as a form letter and saved it, open the corresponding session or invoice record that will be associated with the contract. Once the record is open, follow these instructions to add a contract:

  1. Go to the Online tab on the ribbon and select Upload Contract.
  2. From the drop-down that appears, select the Contract you wish to use for this Client.
  3. *Optional* If your InspiredByYou Preferences are set to require a PIN for Contracts, you will be prompted at this point to enter the PIN you wish to use. The Client will be required to enter this PIN number before agreeing to the Contract.
  4. The Contract is ready!

Viewing Contracts on

Once a contract has been uploaded to InspiredByYou, clients can log in with their credentials to view the contract. The contract will appear in their Approve My Contracts section. After clicking on the contract, they can read its content and agree to the terms. If a PIN is required, it will prompt them to enter the PIN you created before accepting/submitting the contract.

Viewing Contracts in myStratus

After a contract is added to a session or invoice, it can be viewed by going to the Online tab in the ribbon and selecting View Contract. This screen will show a preview of the contract, the date it was uploaded or the date it was accepted/downloaded, and the associated PIN (optional). A contract can be canceled or printed from this screen as well. Note: The Contract Accepted UTD Date/time will continue to show  Not yet accepted. It will only show the Date and Time after the contract has been accepted by the client and downloaded back into the software.

Getting Notified of Completed Contracts

Once a contract is completed by the client, you'll want to receive a notification of the completion. The best method is to automatically create a Task. This can even be taken one step further by utilizing Triggers to send an automatic email when the task is created.
  • To set up the automatic task, go to Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences > Tasks tab. Check the box to automatically create a task for new Contracts and fill out the necessary info including who the task should be assigned to.                                       
HERE'S A FLASH FOR YOU!            
To track this task properly, create special Task Types and Statuses for contracts. If you will be utilizing triggers with these tasks, it's important to have specific task types and statuses so trigger(s) can be sent at the correct status. You can set up task types at Maintenance > Task > Task Types and task statuses at Maintenance > Task > Task Statuses.

  • To take this a step further, set up a trigger to be sent to the proper employee once this task is created. Create a trigger based on the task status selected in the Preferences.  See Triggers for more details.

Canceling Contracts

If a contract needs to be canceled, select Cancel Contract from the Online tab on the ribbon of the session/invoice record that has the contract. A contract can also be canceled by selecting View Contract from the same location and then selecting Cancel Contract.

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