The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Setting up Users


A user is anyone who uses your business location (or any other work area), such as a photographer or salesperson. A user is also any employee for whom you may need to schedule sessions or appointments.


As many as you need! The number of users is NOT restricted by your software license. For example, you can create five users even if you have a two-user license. Your license simply limits the number of users that can be logged in to the software at the same time.

Creating or Modifying a User

  1. Go to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Users to open your list of users.

  2. Click New on the ribbon to add a new user. Or, double-click a name on the list to modify a user.

    The User Maintenance Detail window contains a list of tabs on the left side. The first group of tabs contain information that is used to set up the user's account and store employment information. Please note: These pages contain sensitive information that should be protected from unauthorized access! The last three tabs -- User Preferences, Google, and Email Override -- contain the same settings the user can access from Maintenance > Preferences > User Preferences. This gives the manager the ability to quickly set up the User Preferences at the same time they are creating the user's account. See also: User Preferences

  3. General Tab - Complete any or all of the following sections:

    • User Profile - Enter general user information such as name, display name, email address, date of birth, and gender.

    • User Lists - Select one or more user lists for this user. Selections made here will determine which drop-down lists this user will appear on throughout the software. For example, if "Photographer" is not selected, this user will not be appear as a selection on any of the photographer lists.

    • Options - Mark Show User on Calendar to include the user on the calendar. Also check the Auto-Select User on Calendar option if you want this user's schedule automatically displayed whenever the calendar is opened. You may also choose to hide external notifications on the user's home page. These are the notifications that come from StudioPlus - all other notifications will be displayed. See also: Adding Users to the CalendarHome Page Overview

    • Commissions - Select the appropriate commission settings for the user. See also: Employee Commissions

    • Photo - Upload an employee photo.

  4. Account Tab - This tab is for the user's login credentials. Enter the initials they will use when logging in to the software. You can also assign a password or require the user to reset it.

    • Logon Information - The user's logon initials will be used to log in to the software, along with their password.  

    • Security Group - Select the appropriate security group for the user. This will define the user's ability to access various parts of the software. Define your security groups in Maintenance > General (Studio) > Security Groups. See also: Setting up Security  Note: Selecting "None" will enable a Security tab where security settings can be selected for the individual user. See step 5 below for details.

    • Inactive - Make a user inactive to remove them from reports and drop-down lists throughout the software.

    • Must Reset Password - Check this option to require the user to reset their password the next time they log in to the software.

    • Unlock Account - The software will automatically lock out a user after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts. Click this button to unlock the user's account.

    • Allow Access to myStratus Desktop - (available in Stratus ) Check this option to allow the user to use the myStratus Desktop app to access your data.

    • Allow Access to myStratus Web - (available in Stratus ) Check this option to allow the user to log in to the myStratus Web app. Use the Limit Access from Allowed IP Addresses option to limit a user's web access to certain IP addresses. For example, you can use this setting to allow a user to access the web app from your studio location, but not from home. Set up your approved IP addresses in Maintenance > Preferences > Firewall Preferences. See also: Firewall Preferences (Stratus ONLY)

  5. Security Tab - The Security tab will only be enabled when "None" is selected for the Security Group on the Account tab. Use this tab to set up a unique set of security permissions for an individual user who is not part of a security group. Individual security is optional and we recommend using Security Groups as much as possible. See also: Setting up Security

  6. Employment Tab - This tab holds an assortment of fields that can be used as needed, such as employee number, address, phone number, status, emergency contact, and others.

  7. Departments Tab - Assign the user to one or more departments, depending on their responsibilities in your business. Various items in the software (tasks, phone calls, emails, etc.) can be assigned to a department. See also: Setting up Departments

  8. Compensation Tab - Use this tab to keep track of the following:

    • Compensation Information - Enter the employee's social security number, pay type (hourly or salary), and hourly rate or salary.

    • Direct Deposit Information - Enter the appropriate bank information for direct deposit.

  9. Custom Tab - Use the fields on this tab to store additional employment information that may apply to your business. There are three custom text fields and two date fields available. You can define the labels for these fields in Maintenance > General (Studio) > Custom Labels. See also: Custom Labels

  10. Notes Tab - Click the orange plus (+) to add a note to this user's employment record.  Added notes will automatically be stamped with the date and time as well as the user who is entering the note. Please note: Once entered, notes may NOT be modified or deleted!

  11. User Preferences/Google/Email Override Tabs - These three tabs are used to set up various defaults for how the software looks and functions for an individual user. The user can set up and maintain these preferences in Maintenance > Preferences > User Preferences. For convenience, the user preferences settings are also provided here, giving the studio manager access to these individual user settings without requiring them to log in as the user. The manager may want to set up some of these preferences at the same time they are creating the user's account. See User Preferences for details on these tabs.

  12. Click OK when finished creating the user.

Managing your Users

  1. Go to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Users to open your list of users.

  2. The following editing options are available, either on the ribbon or directly in the grid:

    • Add a User - Click New on the ribbon to open the detailed user form, or just type their name in the first row. If you want to add a user at a specific spot in the list, use the Insert tool. Note: Your security settings may limit access to the detailed user form to administrators only.

    • Modify a User - Edit the columns shown or double-click to open the detailed user form. Note: Your security settings may limit access to the detailed user form to administrators only.

    • Delete a User - Highlight the user and click Delete on the ribbon.

    • Change the Order - Highlight a user and use the Move Up and Move Down tools on the ribbon. Note: The order of this list will determine the order the users appear on the calendar.

    • Make a User Inactive - Check the Inactive box to hide a user and deactivate their login credentials.

  3. You may also want to:

    • Hide Inactive Users - Click Hide Inactive on the ribbon to hide (or reveal) any inactive users.

    • Print the List - Click Print on the ribbon to generate a printed report of users.

    • Export the List - Click Export to PDF or Export to Excel to export your user list.

  4. Use the Maintenance Lists tab of the ribbon to set up your User Titles and Departure Reasons. You will choose titles and departure reasons on the Employment tab when you are creating or modifying a specific user. 
  5. Close the list when finished.

Departure Reasons

You can set up a list of reasons why a user is no longer at your studio. This list is optional and simply provides choices to choose from on the Employment tab of the user. To access this list, go to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Users and click the Maintenance Lists tab on the ribbon.

User Titles

You can set up a list of titles for internal use. This list is optional and simply provides choices to choose from on the Employment tab of the user. To access this list, go to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Users and click the Maintenance Lists tab on the ribbon.

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