The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Digital Maintenance

The following options are found on the Maintenance > Digital menu:


Use the following maintenance lists to customize how you work with the digital workflow features in Spectra/myStratus Desktop:

Menu Item Description
Composite Template Quick Picks
Use quick picks in the digital workflow to quickly take a single image and drop it into a composite template. See also: Composite Template Quick Picks and Creating Composite Templates
Crop Ratios Create crop ratios for cropping in the Workflow hub. See also: Cropping
Image Colorizations
Create and customize your own colorization settings to use in Spectra/myStratus. See also: Image Colorizations
Image Sizes
Use image sizes to show projected images at a specific size. See also: Image Sizes
Lightroom Metadata Presets
Use metadata presets to organize images according to ratings, labels, and metadata that were assigned in Lightroom before being exported to Spectra/myStratus Desktop. See also: Lightroom Integration
Lightroom Metadata Preset Details
Defining preset details is basically setting up a table that contains rules that define what a Lightroom rating, color label, or keyword should "equal" in Spectra/myStratus Desktop. See also: Lightroom Integration
Paper Types Define the Paper Types, like "Glossy".   You need to make sure it matches EXACTLY how it appears in your Windows Printing Preferences.   See also:  Render Profiles (Output options)
Render Jobs Set up render jobs for StudioPlus Finale See also: Render Jobs, StudioPlus Finale Overview
Render Printer Pools  Set up groups of printers that can handle specific jobs. See also: Render Printer Pools
Render Printers  Set up individual printers for in-house production. See also: Render Printers
Render Profiles See also: Render Profiles
Render Reprint Reasons Set up reasons why an image needs to be re-rendered/printed. See also: Render Reprint Reasons

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