The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Appointments Hub

The Appointments hub displays your appointment records. Appointments can be sorted by any of the fields shown on the hub. Just click the column heading and the appointments will sort by that column. Click again and the appointments are sorted in reverse order. See Customizing the Hubs for more information on how to change the look of the Appointments hub. See also: Managing Appointments

You may also select which appointments are displayed, or search for an appointment using the Search group of the ribbon. Click the down arrow next to the search window box and drag down to the type of criteria you want to use to display or search. Then, type the specific criteria in the search box and press Enter, or select the criteria from the drop-down menu and press Enter.


Recurring appointments only show as one record within the Appointments hub for the original appointment date. There will not be a separate record for each occurrence.

Double-click a record line to open that appointment.

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