The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Using Referral Programs

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

Throughout these pages, we'll discuss two types of clients. Here is a breakdown of each client:

  • Referring Client - Established client who is assigned to a referral program and is referring new clients to you.
  • Referred Client - New client who has been referred to you by the referring client. 

Once a referral program is set up, the entire process will automate itself! However, a client must be assigned to a referral program before they can start earning rewards. Once a client is assigned to a referral program, then anytime a new client has their Referred By field assigned to the referring client, and they complete the requirements of the associated referral program, the referral program will automatically record it and assign the appropriate rewards to each record. Note: Clients can only be part of one referral program at a time.

This page covers the following topics:

How to Assign Clients to a Referral Program

There are three ways to assign a client to a referral program:


On each client record, go to the Summary tab and select Referrals. From the drop-down, select which referral program to assign this client to from the drop-down. A client can be assigned/removed from a program from this section. Referred clients can be added from here as well by selecting the Plus (+) icon.


The preferred method of assigning clients to a referral program is through the use of automated triggers. When creating a new trigger at Maintenance > General > Triggers, the Referral Program Options section, on the Email or SMS tab(s), allows you to select which referral program to assign this client to when this trigger runs. Also select if this trigger should not be sent to a client who is already part of a referral program, or if it should change their current plan to the one you have selected. This benefits clients who have been separately placed in a special referral program or have already received an email from this trigger in the past.

As an example, create a trigger to send a 'Thank-you' email to every client after they finish a session or place an order. The email that is sent would thank the client as well as ask them for referrals. This trigger would also automatically assign the client to the referral program when it runs, but this trigger will not send emails to clients that are already assigned to a referral program. See also: Triggers

Communication Wizard

If you would like to announce your new referral program to a large group of clients, then use the Communication Wizard to send a bulk email or text and assign each client to the referral program automatically. When using the Communication Wizard at Tools > Communication Wizard, you can have it place all clients included in the wizard into the same client referral program. Also select if the wizard should not be sent to a client who is already part of a referral program, or if it should change their current plan to the one you have selected. This benefits clients who have already been assigned to a special referral program separately. The option to Link These Clients to a Referral Program is found on the Select the Email/Text Message page of the wizard.

As an example, if you wanted to send a mass email to all your past clients asking them to refer new clients, you can check the box to Link These Clients to a Referral Program during the wizard. Once the wizard starts sending out those emails or texts, it will also assign each client into the set referral program. See also: Communication Wizard

How to Set a Referred Client

After a referred client's record is saved with the identity of the referring client, the referred client will then automatically be added to the Referral section on the Summary tab of the referring client's record. Once the referred client meets the requirements of the associated referral program, both clients will automatically receive their rewards. For example, if the referral program requires the referred client to book their first session before they earn their reward, the rewards will not kick in until that client books their session.

There are three different ways you can set a client as the
Referred By to whomever actually referred them.

From the Referred Client's Record

From the new referred client's record, there's a field on the General tab called Referred By. Select the ... on this field and search for the client who referred them. 

From the Referring Client's Record

From the referring client's record, go to the Summary tab and select Referrals. Where it lists their referral program, select the + icon to add a new referred client. Either a new client record can be created from here, or an existing record can be linked. After the referred client is selected/created, the client will be listed in this section and the Referred By field will be populated with the referring client on their client record.

From myStratus Online

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of myStratus Desktop. Spectra does not include this feature.

When emailing clients to let them know about their referral program, include the Merge Field(s) called Facebook URL and/or Client Referral Link. Within the email builders, these fields are found at Insert > Data Field > Special Fields. Both these fields produce a URL that is specially linked to the client record to which it is sent. The Facebook URL field will email your client a link that, when clicked, will take them to their Facebook page with the referral link that they can share. The Client Referral URL is a link your client can forward to their friends and family via email or text. When either of these links are clicked, from an email, text, or on Facebook, the referred client will be re-directed to the referral/online booking page that you set up in the Referral Program Preferences. Once they submit their information, they will be added to your database as a new client and their Referred By field will be populated with their referring client. See also Referral Program Preferences.

Here is an example of what referred clients will see when they click through the links:


Now that your programs are all set up and running, keep on top of them by using the following reports: Client Referral Report, Loyalty Rewards Activity, and Loyalty Rewards Outstanding!

To see some of the referral programs discussed on this page in action, check out Referral Program Examples.

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