The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Home Page Overview

The home page displays up-to-date information that is personalized for whomever is logged in to the software. When you log in, the panels display your personal schedule, a list of notifications, tasks, and phone calls assigned to you, the weather forecast for the location you've chosen, a financial snapshot of the business (optional), and a summary of any additional services being used. There are also two menus in the upper-right portion of the screen. These menus appear on every page in the software. The menus and home page panels are described below.


Top Menu's


On the top menu you'll find handy shortcuts, along with tools to set things up, customize many of the features in the software, print reports, import clients and pricelists, and even get help. You can customize almost anything from the Maintenance menu, quickly create a new records with the File menu, or do your reporting from the Reports menu. For a complete description of each menu item, see the Menus section.

Hub Menu's

The hub menu is how you navigate through the software to open your calendar, work with your contacts, monitor your digital workflow, check on open invoices, and so on. Just click a menu item to move to another hub. Each hub can also be accessed by using the Go menu or it's corresponding function key. Note: Depending on the edition of the software you're using, some of these hubs may not be available. See also: Hubs

Home Page Panels

Notifications Panel

Use notifications to communicate with your staff and studios. You may also receive periodic external notifications from StudioPlus with information about service outages, updates, promotions, and training materials. See also: Notification Center

Features of the notification panel include:

  • A list of notifications specific to the logged in user.

  • Notifications can be cleared one at a time or all at once.  

  • With the appropriate security permissions, users can also create new notifications.

  • When a new notification arrives, it automatically appears on the home page and an alert appears in the lower right corner of the screen.


Tasks Panel

Create general tasks or tasks related to specific items in the software (i.e., clients, session, invoices, etc.) and use the Tasks panel to keep track of when tasks are due for yourself and other users. Click the option arrow to create a new task and see options for customizing the list. Click on a task to open it.  Tasks will show on the home page list until the day after they're marked "complete".  Once complete, it will show a check box indicating they were completed today, and the day after they will be removed from the Home Page.  Overdue tasks are marked with a clock and urgent tasks are marked with an exclamation mark. A "personal" task can only be viewed by the person it is assigned to. See also: Tasks


Use tasks to alert your staff to new items they need to complete. The software includes a task notification feature. If you create a new task and assign it to another user or reassign an existing task in the software, the computer the assigned user is logged in on will receive a notification about the new task. It's a great way to notify your staff immediately of new task items.

Phone Calls Panel

View your phone calls for the day. Click on a phone call to view or complete a call. Click the options arrow to customize the list. See also: Phone Calls

Schedule Panel

The Schedule panel displays the logged in user's upcoming appointments and sessions for the next several days. Click on any appointment or session to open it. See also: Calendar Overview

Today’s Snapshot Panel

The Today’s Snapshot panel gives you real-time data on your company. Click on the category labels to change the graph and click on any number in the table to drill down and see the records that are behind the numbers.  For more info on how to read Today's Snapshop, click here.

Weather Panel

Weather is unpredictable -- it can ruin your shoot! This panel provides a look at the upcoming weather forecast so you can plan accordingly. Click Customize Page to change your weather location.

Services Panel

The Services panel gives you a summary of what is happening with a variety of services that may be integrated with your software, including credit card processing, online storage, email, SMS texting, and InSpiredByYou. 

For more information about these services, see the following topics:

Shortcut List

Customizable shortcuts will quickly bring you to other commonly used areas within the software, launch external applications, or open websites. Access the shortcut list by clicking the small arrow just to the right of the Dashboard menu item.

  1. To create personal shortcuts, open the shortcut list and select Add User Shortcut. Or, go to Maintenance > Preferences > User Preferences and click Define User Shortcuts. See also: User Preference

  2. Click Add to add a new shortcut.

  3. Choose whether the shortcut is Internal or External. Internal shortcuts are shortcuts to another screen in the software. External shortcuts open another program or website.

  4. Enter a Description for the shortcut. This is what it will be called on the shortcut list in the software. For internal shortcuts there is a list of available shortcuts.

  5. For external shortcuts you must also select the path. If you are creating a shortcut to another program, browse to the program's .EXE file. If the shortcut is for a website, enter the web address ("" for example).

  6. To create shortcuts that are available to every user, go to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Company Shortcuts. See also: Company Shortcuts

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