The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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TSYS (Cayan) Gift Cards

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

Gift cards can be purchased through TSYS (Formerly Cayan) and used with Spectra and myStratus. 

They are treated just like any other credit card type! Gift cards can be used for any purchase, including InSpiredByYou purchases and Online Booking!

Setting up TSYS Gift Cards

Step 1 - Purchase Gift Cards from TSYS

Learn more about TSYS's gift card and stored value program here. The program includes free setup and a welcome kit with 50 pre-designed and reloadable cards.

Step 2 - Activate TSYS Gift Card Processing

  1. In Spectra/myStratus, go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences and open the Credit Cards tab.

  2. In the Gift Cards section, check the Use Gift Card processing by TSYS check-box. Note: Once activated, TSYS Gift Cards will replace your internally issued gift certificates.

  3. Click OK to save and close your preferences.

Step 3 - Set up a Gift Card Item in Your Price List

In order to issue gift cards you must create at least one gift card item in your price list. See Price List for more information.

  1. Create a new item in your price list.

  1. Enter the description of the gift card. This is what will appear on the invoice when you sell a gift card.

  2. Only enter the price if you have pre-set pricing levels for your gift cards, otherwise leave it at $0.00.

  3. Check the Non-Taxable box. Sales of gift cards are not taxable.

  4. Check the Gift Certificate/Gift Card box.

  5. If you're using the Quickbooks Destop or Simply Accounting integration, enter a G/L Sales Account. This will be an account in your accounting software that will track the amount of gift cards outstanding.

Step 4 - Create a Gift Card Payment Method

In order to redeem gift cards that have been issued you must create a corresponding payment method in the Payment Method Maintenance. See Payment Methods for more information.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Invoice > Payment Methods.

  2. Create a new payment method and enter a description, such as "Gift Card."

  3. For the Payment Type, choose Credit Card. (TSYS processes these gift cards just like a credit card.)

  4. In the First C.C. Number field, enter the first digit of your TSYS gift cards.

  5. If you are using the Quickbooks Destop or Simply Accounting integration, enter a G/L Deposit Account. Note: This should be the same account you used in the price list for the G/L Sales Account for the gift card.

  6. Make sure to check Web Enabled if you want clients to be able to use gift cards on InSpiredByYou or for Online Booking.

  7. Click OK to save the payment method.

Managing TSYS Gift Cards

Issuing and Activating TSYS Gift Cards

To issue a gift card you'll create a new invoice and include the gift card item. See also: Invoice How To's

  1. Open the client record, or create a New Client.

  2. Create a new invoice.

  3. On the Order Detail tab of the invoice, select the gift card item you created in your price list.

  4. Enter the amount of the gift card in the price field.

  5. Don't enter a quantity of more than 1. If you want to issue more than one gift card on an invoice, you must add second line item so the software can activate two separate cards.

  6. Create and process payment on the invoice.

  7. Save and close the payment.

  8. Save and close invoice.

  9. The Gift Card Actions window will open for you to activate the gift card(s). To open this activation window manually, go to the File tab on the invoice ribbon and click Gift Card Activation.

  10. Enter the Card Number or swipe the card (non-encrypted card readers only).

  11. Enter the Amount to add to the card.

  12. Click Activate/Add Value. You will be notified that the activation has been approved.

  13. Activate another gift card if required.

  14. Click Close when finished.

Redeeming TSYS Gift Cards

A gift card can only be redeemed after it has been activated. To redeem a gift card you will create a new invoice for the items being purchased and then use the gift card as a full or partial payment. See also: Payments and Refunds

  1. Create a new invoice for the products the customer is purchasing.

  2. Save the invoice and then create a new payment.

  1. In the payment method select Gift Card.

  2. Enter the payment amount.

  3. Swipe or enter the gift card number and click Verify.

  4. TSYS will display the remaining balance on the gift card. If TSYS does not recognize the gift card number you will not be able to save the payment.

  5. You can partially redeem gift cards and TSYS will keep track of the remaining balance.

Checking a Gift Card Balance

On the Tools menu there is Gift Card Actions option. Simply fill in the gift card number (or scan the card) and click Check Balance. The software will tell you what balance, if any, is left on the gift card and if a gift card with that number exists.

Gift Card Reports

Reports to see gift card activity and outstanding gift cards are available through TSYS.

Gift Card Security

Control who can activate gift cards in the software's security settings. See also: Setting up Security


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