The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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What is a Client Referral Program?

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.


Throughout these pages, we'll discuss two types of clients. Here is a breakdown of each client:

  • Referring Client - Established client who is assigned to a referral program and is referring new clients to you.
  • Referred Client - New client who has been referred to you by the referring client. 

What is a Client Referral Program? A Referral Program is a set of rules that Spectra/myStratus can use to automatically reward your existing clients for sending you referrals.  You can setup multiple referral programs. For example, students may be a part of one program, while brides are a part of another.  Once set up, this system is entirely automated as well! After the initial setup, Spectra/myStratus can handle sending emails, documenting referrals, and assigning rewards all for you! The referral program works like this:

  1. You send an email to your clients, either using an automated trigger or the bulk communication wizard, thanking them for their business and requesting referrals. During this process, these clients will be assigned to a referral program that you previously created.
  2. The email, which you can build and customize yourself, will encourage your clients to send you referrals.  Referrals can happen via a Facebook link (myStratus only), an email, a text, or even verbally.
  3. For each referral made by a referring client, the software will automatically issue them a Loyalty Reward in the amount you specified and can optionally send them an email letting them know they just received a new reward which they can use on their next visit. 
  4. As an incentive for the referred client to book their session, you also have the option to give them a special gift or promotional item, such as a free product or discount. Therefore, it’s a win/win for both the referring client and the referred client. 
(myStratus Only) Emails, SMS texts, and Facebook links can link directly to a form on your website where referred clients can enter their details. This page will automatically create the new client in your myStratus database.  It will also give the client the option to immediately book their session using the myStratus Online Booking system.

Setting up Referral Programs

Use the following list as an example of the order to set up your referral programs:

  1. myStratus Only - Set up the Referral Program Preferences to allow new referrals to enter their information online and/or link with Online Booking. See also Referral Program Preferences and Setting up Online Booking
  2. (Optional) Create the HTML emails or Form Letters to send clients when they earn a Loyalty Reward or Promotional Item gift. These emails will be part of Step 3. Also create any new statuses, coupons, emails, etc. that you will use with this referral program. See also: Referral Program Examples
  3. Set up your Client Referral Program settings. See also Client Referral Programs
  4. Assign your clients to their referral programs using one of three methods. See also Using Referral Programs
    • Manually assign each client to a referral program.
    • Set up a trigger to automatically send your client an email or text which will also assign them to a referral program.
    • Send a bulk email or text to your clients which will also automatically assign them to a referral program.
  5. Let Spectra/myStratus maintain your referral programs for you!
  6. Keep up with your programs by running the Client Referral Report, Loyalty Rewards Activity, and Loyalty Rewards Outstanding Reports!

myStratus Users - If you want your new referrals to have the ability to enter their information online and book their first session online, visit Referral Program Preferences next! If you haven't set up your Online Booking portal yet, you'll want to visit Setting up Online Booking, first. If you won't be using either of those features, then you can go straight to Client Referral Programs.

Spectra Users - Setting up your Client Referral Programs is your first step!

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