The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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FAQ - Using Third-Party Coupons (Groupon)

Q:  Can I keep track of Groupon promotions with Spectra/myStratus?

A: There are several third-party coupon sellers that are popular with photographers, such as Groupon and Living Social. If you've used these services, you realize that it's important to: 

  • Record and collect sales tax when a coupon is redeemed.
  • Report redeemed coupons to the seller so you can get paid. 
Spectra and myStratus can keep track of the key elements of these types of coupons and integrate them into your sales process. 


Step 1 - Create Discounted Item in your Price List

  • Create a new item in your price list that represents what the client is getting for their purchased Groupon. For example, create an item called "Deluxe Family Session ($150 value)" and choose "Session Fee" as the Item Type

  • Set the price of this item equal to be the actual amount of the Groupon, like $75.

  • Make sure the Non-Taxable box is NOT checked if this item is taxable in your area.

  • Save and close the item when finished.

Step 2 - Create Coupon in your Price List

  • Create a new item in your price list and choose "Promotional Item" as the Item Type. Call it something like "Deluxe Family Groupon Redemption."

  • Set the item as Non-Taxable.

  • On the Promotional Item Details tab, choose "Free Item" as the Promotion Type.

  • In the Promotion Options section, choose the item you created in step 1 (the discounted session) as the free item.

  • Check both the Prompt for Coupon Number and Require Unique Coupon Number options. Note: This is important for your redemption reports.

  • Save and close the item when finished.

Step 3 - Apply Coupon to an Invoice

  • Create or open an invoice.

  • Add the Groupon to the invoice (i.e., "Deluxe Family Groupon Redemption"). 

  • The software will prompt you to enter the Groupon number and will verify the Groupon has not already been used.

  • The Groupon AND the free product will both be added to the invoice. 

  • The dollar amounts offset each other, leaving just the sales tax for you to collect from the client.

Step 4 - Export Redemption Reports

  • Go to Utilities > Export Promotional Data to export your redeemed Groupon codes to a CSV file. 

  • Submit this file to Groupon for payment.

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