The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Why do my images not show up in

There's only a few reasons why images for a Clients Session won't show up on 2

1.  "Show Online" is not checked.  Found on the Session records Online tab:

How can I get that box checked?

Manually:  Provided you have the Images Synced to Stratus Drive you can manually check the box.

Automatically:  If the Session Status is set up to Show Online, and the Control Center Job is using that Status to Upload Images, this box will automatically be flagged after the Control Center Job has successfully processed.

2.  The Session date is today or in the future.

3.  The Session Expiration Date is set for today or a date in the past.

How does that date get set?  The expiration date is set in Session Type Maintenance Default Duration Online and is calculated based on the number of days it should be 

4.  The Session is Canceled or On Hold.

5.  The images are stored on a NAS Drive.

The Control Center Job "Stratus  Drive Image Upload", while it will show as being successful in the Control Center Log, can't access the images stored on it.  We use Windows Security to access drives, and NAS drives are not managed by Windows.  In most cases, a NAS drive is managed by a scaled down operating system.  So while the Control Center can access the drive itself, it can't access the folders stored on it.

In order for the Control Center to function properly, the images can't be stored on a NAS drive.  If you're only uploading the Preview files, then you can set the preview path to be stored on a network drive that's in one of the Windows Computers.


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