The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Design Tools:   
Digital Template Builder  Use the Digital Template Builder to create templates you can use to create custom digital products for your customers, print layouts, and wall art layouts. See: Digital Template Builder Overview
Filter Builder  Build powerful filters that provide a detailed look at your data. See: Filter Builder 
Form Letter Builder

 Create form letters to use in mass mailings, as well as in bulk emails and text messages. See: Form Letter Builder
HTML Email Builder Build a set of HTML emails and newsletters to send to your clients and prospects. See: HTML Email Builder
Wizard Builder Use the Wizard Builder to customize the wizards used throughout the software. Add or hide pages, change the defaults, and more. See: Wizard Builder
Process Triggers   Use this tool to manually process triggers you've set up. See: Triggers
Process Payment Plans  Use this tool to regularly process payment plans. See: Payment Plans 
Process Loyalty Rewards  Use this tool to automatically assign loyalty rewards to clients who fit a selected criteria. See: Implementing a Loyalty Program 
End of Day Wizard  Combine deposits and invoice postings into one end-of-day procedure. See: End of Day Wizard
Accounting Link  The following tools are available under the Accounting Link section of the Tools menu. 
  • Make a Deposit - Post payment records in Spectra/myStratus Desktop and export to your accounting software.
  • Post Invoices - Post invoices in the software, export to your accounting software, and calculate sales tax/VAT.
  • Re-Print Posting Reports - Print another copy of one or more previous posting reports.
  • Re-Export Posting Reports - Re-export one or more previous postings.
  • Set Period Closing Date -
  • Cash Drawer ReconciliationThis data is not stored anywhere.  This is a simple calculator to make it easy to count your drawer at the beginning of the day.
See also: Using the Accounting Link or Cash Reconciliation
Group Capture The Group Capture tool provides tethered shooting capability that is especially useful when shooting large numbers of people, such as schools, dance groups, sports teams, and other organizations. See: Group Capture
Bulk Image Importer  Import images from a single source, such as a camera card, that contains images from multiple sessions and quickly import those images into the correct session. See also: Bulk Image Importer
Make Yearbook CD  Create a high school yearbook CD. See: Yearbook Workflow and CDs 
Communication Wizard Create a variety of communications (email, SMS texts, phone calls, or letters) for multiple clients at a time. See also: Communication Wizard
Bulk Scheduling Wizard  Quickly schedule individual sessions for an entire group of clients. See: Bulk Scheduling 
Add Clients to a Group Wizard Quickly add multiple clients to a client group. See: Client Groups
Remove Clients from a Group Wizard Easily remove a set of clients from a client group. See also: Client Groups
Delete a Group of Clients Wizard Permanently delete a group of clients from your database. See also: Deleting a Group of Clients
Check Gift Certificate Balance
 Quickly check the balance of a gift certificate. If you're using TSYS Gift Cards this tool will be called Gift Card Actions. See: Gift Certificates or TSYS Gift Cards
Resolve Scheduling Conflicts Resolve scheduling conflicts that may occur after a calendar sync. See: Resolving Scheduling Conflicts
Synchronize InSpiredByYou Use this tool to regularly upload and download information between the software and InSpiredByYou. See: Synchronize InSpiredByYou

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