The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Employee Commissions

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

You can set up Spectra/myStratus to track Employee Commissions. Commissions can be earned by the Booker (the user that books the session), Photographer, Assistant, and/or Sales Rep. Commissions are set on the product line or item level.

Follow the instructions below to set up the software to track commissions. We also recommend watching the "Employee Commissions" training video. Click here to view it on our website.

Setting up Employee Commissions

  1. Select the employees that can earn commissions by going to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Users. See also: Users

  2. For each employee, choose whether they can earn commissions as a Booker, Photographer, Assistant, and/or Sales Rep.

  3. After setting up how an employee earns commissions, individual items that can earn commissions must be set up. You can set up commissions by Product Line or by Price List Item. Note: If you set up commissions on a product line, every item sold belonging to that product line will include commissions. However, any commissions set up at the item level will override the product line commissions for that item.

  4. To set up commissions on Product Lines go to Maintenance > Price List > Product Lines. See also: Product Lines

  1. On the Product Line Maintenance screen, select product lines that are commissionable. For each commissionable product line, check the box(es) for the employee type(s) that can earn commissions when items in that product line are sold Booker, Photographer, Assistant, and/or Sales Rep.

  2. Select and enter either the commission Percentage or Dollar Amount.

  3. To set up commissions by Price List Item go to Maintenance > Price List > Price ListsNote: Commissions set up at the item level will OVERRIDE any commissions assigned by the product line.

  4. Open each item that is commissionable and go to the Commissions tab.

  1. Check the box for each employee type that can earn commissions on the item  Booker, Assistant, Photographer, and/or Sales Rep.

  2. Enter either the commission Percentage or Dollar Amount.

  3. Any invoices created going forward will use the commission amounts for each item sold based on your item and product line settings.


Product line and item commission changes are not retro-active! Any changes made to the commission structure will apply only to invoices created after the changes are made.


Use the software's data entry validation feature (found under Maintenance > General (Studio) > Data Entry Validation) to ensure you are correctly recording the booker, photographer, assistant, and sales rep. See also: Data Entry Validation

The Employee Commissions Report

  1. Go to Reports > Employee Commissions to run the commissions report.

  2. Select to run the report by Invoice Filter, Invoice Date, or Posting Date. The Invoice Date is the date the invoice was created. The Posting Date is the date the invoice was locked and sent to your accounting software.

  3. Select either a Summary or Detail report.

  4. Select a specific employee or run the report for all employees. See Security Groups to learn about security options for this report.

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