The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Price List Reference

Price List Item Maintenance is where you set up each individual retail item sold by your company. Many of the fields are optional; however, the more you use them, the greater your flexibility in invoicing and reporting. Each field is described below. Go to Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists and then open an item in your price list to see this maintenance screen. 

General Tab

The General tab is where basic information about the item is located and entered, including description, price, sales tax information, and more. The tab includes the following sections:

Item Descriptors

Field Description
Item Identifier     Item identifiers can be any combination of letters and numbers, up to 12 digits in length. The item identifier must be unique within each price list.
Item Description The description of the item that should appear on the client invoice. (Required)
Item Type Select one of the predefined item types for this item. (Required) See also: About Item Types
Item Group Select or modify the item group this item belongs to. (Required)
Inactive Check this box to make a price list item inactive.
Hidden Hidden items could be those products you include as a part of a package, but do not sell a la carte. Hidden items will not appear in the price list when invoicing, but can still be added to an order by typing the item identifier in the invoice detail line.
Quick Pick  Select the products you want to appear on your "Quick Pick" list during a sales presentation. If this is a commonly sold item, then select Quick Pick so you can easily select it while invoicing.

Item Pricing

Note: This section will not appear for "Promotional" type items.

Field Description
Standard Price and Cost
Enter the standard price and cost of the item. Note: If you are using the Advanced Pricing features (available in ), these fields will be disabled and you will use the Pricing and Costs tab (below) to enter the item price and cost. See also: Advanced Pricing
Discount Price when Package is Ordered Check this box if you want the software to automatically charge a discounted price for this item if the client orders a package at the same time.
Discounted Item Price Enter the discounted price of the item. Note: This field only appears on this tab when you check the Use Discounted Prices when Package Ordered checkbox and you are not using Advanced Pricing.

Sales Tax

Field Description
Non-Taxable This box should be checked if the item is always non-taxable.
AvaTax Code This field will only appear if you have set up the software to calculate sales tax automatically through an integration with the third-party Avalara AvaTax Calc. See also: Avalara Tax Integration

Accounting Information

Field Description
G/L Sales Account
(available in ) Select the specific general ledger account you want sales of this item to be posted to. If left blank, sales will post to the default sales account listed on the Accounting page in Company (Studio) Preferences under General Sales. If an accounting link is chosen, data will export to the sales account listed here; otherwise, the account number or label merely prints on all posting reports. (Optional) See also: Accounting
G/L Discount Account
(available in ) Select the specific general ledger account to which you want any discounts on this item to be posted. If left blank, discounts will post to the default discount account listed on the Accounting page in Company (Studio) Preferences under Discounts. If an accounting link is chosen, data will export to the discount account listed here; otherwise, the account number or label merely prints on all posting reports. (Optional) 

Item Visibility

These fields are optional. Use one or both of these date fields to control when an item is available for use. Examples may include new items or promo codes that shouldn't be used until a certain date or items that expire on a specific date.

Field Description
Show Item Starting On (optional) Enter the date this item should become available for use.
Hide After (optional) Enter the date this item should no longer be available.

Sales Reports

Field Description
Product Line
(available in ) Product lines are used to group items that are of a similar type for reporting purposes. Sales reports are grouped by product line, so it’s extremely important to create product lines that will group sales items in the way you want them to be reported. Create and maintain your product lines in Maintenance > Price List > Product Lines. (Optional) See also: Product Lines
Exclude Item From Sales Reports Use this option for items like gift certificates or coupons to keep them from appearing on the Today's Snapshot panel of your home page and from being included in your sales and profit analysis reports. These items will still appear on the Invoice List report.

Package Information

Note: This section will only appear for packages (i.e., the "Package" item type has been selected). See also: Creating a Package

Field Description
Min/Max # Images Allowed Indicates the minimum and/or maximum number of poses to be selected when ordering a package. When the package is added to an invoice, Spectra will warn you if not enough or too many poses have been selected based on these settings. Note: Pose verification must also be enabled on the Digital tab in Company (Studio) Preferences. See also: Company (Studio) Preferences - Digital
Total Units Allowed Indicates the total number of units a client can order in the package. See also: Unit Pricing
Additional Pose Fee If the number of poses allowed in a package is limited to a certain number, the software can automatically calculate add-on pose fees. First, set up an add-on pose fee item in the price list. Then open the package and enter the Maximum # of Images Allowed (above). Now, in the Additional Pose Fee field, you can select the "Add-On Pose Fee" price list item from the drop-down list. During invoicing, the software will notify you and automatically add the pose fee to the invoice when you choose more than the maximum number of poses allowed in the package. See also: Company (Studio) Preferences - Digital

Other Information

Based on the selections you make on this page, as well as on how you use certain features in the software, additional items may appear on this window, including:

Field Description
Item Sales Tax This option will appear only if you are using a Line Item Level sales tax method. Select the sales tax level from the drop-down list for this price list item. (Optional)

Miscellaneous Tab

The Miscellaneous tab includes additional settings are stored for this item. The tab includes the following sections:


Note: This section will not appear for "Promotional" type items.

Field Description
Track Inventory Check this box if this item is a stocked item. Items with this feature checked will require an inventory adjustment form filled out in order to add new items into inventory or also to adjust inventory qty that may be off.  Whenever an Inventory Item is sold on an invoice, then that item will be taken out of inventory.  Whenever a Credit Memo is issued for the return of an inventory item, then it will automatically be placed back into inventory. Once this feature is enabled, a new option will appear in the ribbon called Inventory Adjustments. See also Inventory Workflow.
Gift Certificate/Gift Card
(available in ) Check this box if the item is a gift certificate. When checked, the software will automatically select Non-Taxable. You can also choose to have gift certificate numbers automatically assigned and indicate what the starting number should be or to use a completely random number. When you sell this item on an invoice, the software will assign a gift certificate number, allowing you to track the gift certificate and enter the number when a customer redeems the gift certificate. Also choose if the software should automatically email the client when the gift certificate is initially paid for. See also: Gift Certificates
Limit replacement items Check this box if this item can only be replaced by items with the same Item Tag. An example of when this would be used is if you have a package that offers 5 sheets. You can create a generic placeholder item for the package until the client chooses the specific sheets they want. See also Item Tags
Auto add additional items Check this box to automatically add items from the selected Item Tag to the invoice when this item is added (as either a stand-alone item or as part of a Package). Inversely, if this item is removed from an invoice, the other items will also be removed. See also Item Tags
Require the presence of another item Check this box to require an item of the selected Item Tag to be present on the invoice before this item can be added. See also Item Tags
Require Credit Reason Check this box to require an Invoice Credit Reason any time a refund is made for this item. See also: Creating a Refund
Require image selection This check box will require the user to select an image for this item before saving the invoice.

Unit-Based Pricing

Field Description
Unit Value This indicates the unit value of the individual item when added to a unit-based package. For example, an individual 5x7 print may have a unit value of ".5" and a sheet of 2 5x7s would have a unit value of "1". See also: Unit Pricing 

Pricing and Costs Tab

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

This tab is enabled when the Advanced Pricing option has been selected on the ribbon. It allows you to set different price levels based on quantity, add options and enhancements to the item, and set up item costs. For details, see Advanced Pricing.


If you're setting up your price list and simply want to get it up and running quickly, you may not want to use advanced pricing. However, it can be to your advantage to use the features advanced pricing. You should use advanced pricing if:

  • The price for an item varies based on the quantity purchased.

  • You want to add options or enhancements to this item.

  • There are costs associated with this item that you want to track.


Digital and Fulfillment Tab


Column Description
Preferred Vendor
Select vendor you purchase this product from most often. Maintain your vendor list in Maintenance > Production > Vendors. See also: Vendors
Vendor Description
Use this field if the vendor uses an item description that is different that the description your studio uses. The drop-down list is controlled by the software and is not modifiable. You can, however, type in a description that is not shown on the list.
Vendor Multiplier If the vendor sells the item in set quantities, enter the appropriate number that your quantity should be multiplied by in order to match the vendor's set quantity.
Exclude on Production Orders (available in ) Use this option for session fees, package headers, and other miscellaneous items that do not go into your production cycle. See also: Production
Use Layout Template (available in ) Check this box if this item should be linked to a layout template. Layout templates are used to print a single image multiple times on a sheet (i.e., sheet of wallets). See also: Designing Print Layouts
Layout Template (available in ) Choose the appropriate layout template for this item. See also: Designing Print Layouts
Crop Width/Height
Enter the height and width that should be used to crop this item.
Print Multiplier Enter how many copies of this item should be printed. For example, if the item you're selling is "24 wallets" and you are using a layout template with 8 wallets per sheet, use a multiplier of 3 to print the set of 24 wallets.
Render Profile (available in ) Choose a render profile that should be used for this item. See also: Render Profiles
Composite Template (available in ) This section only appears for "Composite" type items. Select the composite template for this item. When you create a composite with this template, it will be linked to this price list item. See also: Using Composite Templates

Package Components Tab

Note: This tab will only be visible on "Package" type items and is used to select the products that are included in the package. See also: Creating a Package

Column Description
Item No. Displays the item identifier and provides a drop-down list of all items in the price list.
Description Displays the item description and provides a drop-down list of all items in the price list.
Qty. How many of this item are included. Note: Each line item in a package will allow a single pose. When different poses of the same item are allowed, the item should be included in the package more than once. See also: Creating a Package

Promotional Item Details Tab

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

Note: This tab will only be visible on "Promotional" type items and is used to set up the details of a coupon or promotion. See Creating a Coupon or Promotion for more information on this tab.

Item Tags

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

For each item, use the arrow buttons to move tags from Available to Selected. See Item Tags for more information about this feature.

Commissions Tab

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

Commissions can be tracked on a per item basis for the booker, assistant, photographer, and/or sales representative. Percentage or dollar amounts may be used. See Employee Commissions for details.

Inventory History

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

If an item is enabled to track inventory, this tab will show all the inflows and outflows of this item into inventory as well as the current quantity on hand.  Double-clicking on any line will either pull up the corresponding invoice or the inventory adjustment form. See Inventory Adjustments for more information on this feature.

InSpiredByYou Tab

See also: InSpiredByYou

Column Description
Product Description
Additional description to appear online. Use this area to add a more detailed description for the product, such as a list of items included in a package. The Item Description (from the General tab) will also appear online.
Product Image
A product image can included to give your clients a visual representation of individual items in your price list. Uploading a product image is optional and may be used for as many items as desired.
Options The following options are also available:
  • Item Doesn't Require an Image - Check this option of the product does not require a pose selection (i.e., digital media, gift certificates, etc.)
  • AvaTax Code - Fill in the appropriate AvaTax code for the item if you are using the Avalara® AvaTax Calc™ integration.

Custom Tab

You can update the names of these custom fields in Maintenance > General > Custom Labels. See also: Custom Labels

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