The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Managing StudioPlus Mail

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

This feature requires the StudioPlus Mail service. See StudioPlus Mail Overview for more information.

Maintaining a Good "Reputation" 

See StudioPlusMail Definitions for more info.

Whether you know it or not, you are continually building a "reputation" as an email sender. Every StudioPlus Mail account is assigned a reputation score, found in the SendGrid Portal. This score is an indicator of how SendGrid views your email sending practices.

Maintaining a good reputation score is very important! Your reputation score is based on a calculation of:
  • The percentage of requests (emails) that are able to be delivered. This takes into account bounces, invalid emails, unsubscribes, etc.  
  • Also, having recipients report your email as spam (Spam Reports) has a strong negative impact on your reputation.  
Read this Sender Reputation article for more information.

We regularly monitor our customers’ account reputation for abuse and undesirable sending practices. Our general guidelines for account reputation include the following reputation thresholds:
  • Reputation above 80% - Congratulations, you have a good sending reputation and there are no issues at this time.
  • Reputation between 70% and 80% - This is considered a poor reputation and actions should be taken immediately to identify and fix problems with your sending practices.
  • Reputation below 70% - Accounts with reputations below 70% may be subject to immediate suspension or termination.

Managing Block Lists

The StudioPlus Mail service automatically maintains two block lists - the Bounce List and the Spam Report List. A third block list - the Unsubscribe List - is optional and can be enabled on the Email tab in Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences. See Setting up StudioPlus Mail for more information on enabling this option. When an email is undeliverable, reported as spam, or unsubscribed by the recipient, the email address is automatically added to one of these block list in Spectra/myStratus. Here's more information about each list:

  • Unsubscribe List - Managing unsubscribes is key to getting maximum email delivery. If your customers have an easy way to tell you they’d like to stop receiving your email besides using the spam button it will give you valuable insights without affecting your reputation. By enabling unsubscribe tracking, your customers will be given the option to "unsubscribe" from your email lists. When they do, their email address is added to an Unsubscribe List. Spectra/myStratus will no longer send emails to email addresses on this list. NOTE: Transactional emails can still be sent if the "Bypass Blocks" option is enabled in on the Email tab in Company (Studio) Preferences. See also: Setting up StudioPlus Mail

  • Bounce List - A bounce occurs when a message is permanently rejected by the recipient's server, either because the email address is not valid or does not other words, the email is undeliverable. Spectra/myStratus will no longer send bulk emails to email addresses on this list. NOTE: Transactional emails can still be sent if the "Bypass Blocks" option is enabled in on the Email tab in Company (Studio) Preferences. See also: Setting up StudioPlus Mail

  • Spam Report List - If a person who receives your email message reports the email as spam, we are notified by the ISP and that email address is added to a Spam Report List. Spectra/myStratus will no longer send emails to email addresses on this list. NOTE: Transactional emails can still be sent if the "Bypass Blocks" option is enabled in on the Email tab in Company (Studio) Preferences. See also: Setting up StudioPlus Mail

How do I know if someone is on a block list?

Open the client record and take a look at their email address. If one or more of the client/family members' email addresses are currently being blocked, you'll see a red symbol (see image below). Click the symbol to see which addresses have been blocked, along with the reason (spam report, bounce, or unsubscribe).

Can I remove a client from a block list?

Yes, you can remove them from a block list. But be careful, your reputation may depend on it! Read the "Maintaining a Good Reputation" section above if you haven't already.

If you find that an email address is on a block list you can:

  • Reinstate the address - If you have a legitimate reason to put the email address back into service, just click the link to remove it from the block list. Again, to maintain a good sender reputation, this should not be done without a legitimate reason. NOTE: Limit access to this feature with security settings in Maintenance > General (Studio) > Security Groups. See Security Groups  for more information.

  • Delete the address - Delete addresses that simply aren't needed by clicking the link to remove the address from the client record. The email address will be permanently deleted from Spectra/myStratus.

Managing Block Lists on SendGrid

You can also manage your block lists right on the SendGrid Portal. Any changes made on SendGrid will be synced back to Spectra/myStratus through the StudioPlus Mail job in the Control Center. See also: Using the SendGrid Portal and Control Center

Using the Analytics

One of the best ways to get the most out of the email analytics you'll see each month is to use email categories to organize your email campaigns. You can “tag” emails with a category, for example "Newsletter." This makes it easy to see how different types of emails you send (or campaigns) compare in terms of clicks, opens, and more. Email categories are incorporated into Triggers and the Communication Wizard. 

See also: Email Categories and Using the SendGrid Portal

Monitoring our Usage

Monitor how many emails you're sending right on the home page of the software. Just check the Services panel to see your totals for the current and the previous month. Are you close to going over? It's easy to change your plan! See below.

Changing our StudioPlus Mail Plan

It's easy to change your plan. Here's how:

  1. Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences and open the Email tab.

  2. Choose a new plan from the drop-down list.

  3. Click OK to save your preferences.

  4. That's it! The next time your account is billed (at the beginning of each month) the new plan will be in effect.

Tracking Delivery Statuses - myStratus Only

After an email is sent to a client, SendGrid will automatically track whether the email was received, opened, bounced, etc. It will even track whether or not a client clicks a link within an email. After receiving this information from the email provider, SendGrid will also send this information into myStratus. Note: Incoming emails will not have a delivery status. There are three ways to view this information within the software:


Get more detailed tracking information by creating and running Dashboard Reports for your delivery statuses. See also: Dashboard Reports

Within the Communication Record

With the Outgoing communication record open, the Delivery Status will be listed on the record. Click the status to view complete full details of the full Email History. If an email was sent to multiple email addresses, each email will be listed with its own statuses.


Within the Messages Hub

In the Messages hub, open the Column Chooser and select the column(s) you want to view. Click OK to add these columns to the Communications hub.

On the Communication tab of a record

From any record the email was sent from (e.g. Client record, Session record, Invoice record, etc.) select the Communication tab. The client's emails will be listed as well as their Delivery Statuses.


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