The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Digital Delivery

The new has the ability to allow clients to automatically download their images directly from the site, and you control what can be downloaded!  If you offer this, you need to sync both HiRes and Preview images.

There are three different ways you can allow clients to download their images:

Single Session Record – If you ever need to manually allow a client to download their images for any reason, you can give the session record permission here on the Online tab of the session record.

Session Types
– You can also allow entire session types to download their images. For instance, if your Wedding packages include all the digital images, setting your Wedding Session Type to allowing digital delivery will give your clients the ability to download their images right away when viewing them. Or, perhaps you have a policy that allows any of your clients to download a low-res, watermarked version of their images to keep if they so choose. This Digital Delivery method is set at Maintenance > Session > Session Types.

Price List Items – The final way a client can gain access to downloading their images is by purchasing a price list item that grants access. For this specific method, the client needs to purchase the price list item BEFORE the digital download options will be made available. This method is set up within the Price List, on the Digital and Fulfillment tab of the price list item maintenance.

Now that we know how clients will be able to download their images, let’s look at the different features available for digital download.  Since these settings run the same across each set up location, we’ll stay here in the price list to go over the features.

First, decide what this digital delivery style entails. For example, this this price list item entitles a client to all the digital images when purchased. We’d select this option here:

The other options available include:

All Session Images - they can download all sessions images.

All Ordered Images – meaning any images a client has already purchased on their invoice.

All Selected Images – this is based on the 'Selected' image property set by the studio. This is also known as the green dot that appears next to an image in the Workflow hub.

All Non-Composite Images – meaning any image not flattened or created using a composite template.

All Images in an Image Group – this includes all images based on an image group you specify here.  You can have Stratus auto create this Image Group for all Sessions via Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences >Digital tab.

Single Image – this would be a single image ordered on an invoice. This option is only available if you have the item itself set up to allow Digital Delivery - Single Ordered Image and the client purchases it online.  In this example, if the client orders a 10x10 Portrait, they can download this image.

Next, we've provided a few bonus features to go with digital delivery. Since we maintain the aspect ratio, you should enter the longest side in pixels, and  you'll want to specify what size the images should be when the client downloads them.

You can also add a watermark to the images or include a Copyright Release when the client downloads the images. You can upload your copyright release at Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Digital tab.



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