Spectra/myStratus Desktop Training Videos

StudioPlus offers an extensive library of free video training tutorials. Learn how to use Spectra/myStratus Desktop more effectively, from exploring the basic features and setup to working with advanced digital workflow, marketing, and financial tracking. You can train yourself and your staff whenever and wherever you want!

Please note: Because we are continually updating our library of training videos as new versions of our software are released, this video will likely show an older or newer version of StudioPlus Spectra/myStratus than you have installed. Don't worry! The video will still give you a great overview of this feature.

Also, these videos cover both Spectra and myStratus Desktop. The videos below may show Spectra, but they also apply to myStratus Desktop. We have marked the ones that are only for myStratus Desktop or for Spectra. If you have any questions about whether a feature is in myStratus Desktop or Spectra, please contact Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com.

Professional Enterprise

Basic Setup

+ Navigating Spectra
+ Preferences Wizard
+ Clients
+ SPECTRA ONLY - The Database Utility
+ Spectra Walk-Through


+ Navigating the Calendar
+ Special Calendar Events and Holidays
+ Scheduling Wizard
+ Appointments
+ Sessions


Online Booking Part 1 - General Setup


Online Booking Part 2 - Time Slots

+ Syncing with Google

+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - Online Booking for Organzations

+ Advanced Scheduling
+ Bulk Scheduling

Financial Tracking

+ Invoicing Setup 1 - The Price List
+ Invoicing Setup 2 - Advanced Pricing
+ Invoicing Setup 3 - Invoice Options
+ Creating Invoices and Payments
+ Global Payments Integration
+ TSYS Integration
+ TSYS Genius Countertop Terminal
+ TSYS Genius Handheld Terminal
+ TSYS Genius Mini Terminal
+ Invoice and Sales Reports

+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - Online Payments

+ Promotions
+ Groupon
+ Inventory

+ Dashboard 1 - Overview and Setup
+ Dashboard 2 - Budgets
+ Dashboard 3 - Examples
+ Setting up Spectra Accounting
+ End of Day Wizard
+ Writing off an Invoice
+ Gift Certificates
+ Payment Plans
+ Employee Commissions

Digital Workflow

+ Digital Overview and Setup
+ Importing Images
+ Adjusting Images with Perfectly Clear
+ Sales Presentation 1 - Setup
+ Sales Presentation 2
+ ProSelect Integration
+ Retouch, Produce, Archive, and Delete
+ Printing Contact and Proof Sheets

+ Electronic Delivery of Images
+ Group Capture
+ Composites
+ Rendering Images
+ Direct Printing

+ Setting Up InSpiredByYou
+ Using InSpired - Session Basics
+ Using InSpired - Orders
+ Using InSpired - Videos
+ Using InSpired - Albums
+ Yearbook Workflow and CDs
+ Bulk Image Importer

+ StudioPlus Finale


+ Proof Orders
+ Setting up Production Orders
+ Creating Production Orders

+ Tracking Production Orders
+ Bar Coding
+ Status Time Tracking


+ Marketing Database Overview
+ Form Letters
+ Phone Calls

+ Setting up SMS
+ Setting up Email
+ Emailing Through Spectra
+ Adding/Removing Clients from a Group
+ Exporting or Deleting Clients
+ Session Promotions

+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - myStratus Maps

Web Forms Introduction

Setting up Web Forms - Part 1

Setting up Web Forms - Part 2

+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - Web Forms - Contact Us Forms
+ MYSTRATUS ONLY - Web Forms - Updating Client Profiles Online (GDPR)

+ Creating HTML Emails
+ Setting up Triggers
+ Trigger Examples
+ Client Referral Programs 1 - Intro
+ Client Referral Programs 2 - Set-up
+ Client Referral Programs 3 - Usage

+ StudioPlus Mail - Setting up Emailing
+ StudioPlus Mail - Categorizing Emails
+ StudioPlus Mail - Email Confirmations
+ StudioPlus Mail - Tracking Unsubscribes, Bounces & Spam
+ StudioPlus Mail - Delivery Statuses

Tools & Settings

+ Users and Security
+ Time Clock

+ Importing Clients
+ Importing Invoices

+ User Preferences
+ Wizard Builder

+ Advanced Clients
+ Advanced Sessions
+ Printer Settings

+ Filters

+ File Attachments

+ SPECTRA ONLY - Control Center

Advanced Workflow

+ Seniors
+ Weddings
+ OnLocation

Onsite Training

We have trainers available to provide training for you and your staff right at your studio. Please call us for more information at 888.862.4868.

[myStratus ONLY] Coming soon!
[myStratus ONLY] Learn how to set up statuses and automation to use with your designed web forms. Then this video will cover how to use web forms in the software.
[myStratus ONLY] Learn how to design your web forms. You will be able to create your own web form with pages, sections, and fields.
[myStratus ONLY] Get an overview of the web forms feature in myStratus.
Learn how to setup the software to print images. This includes single images, groups of images, or even automatic printing.
Learn how to use promotions to set up a groupon promotion. Also learn how to export a csv for Groupon for redemption. (5:21)
Learn how to set up promotions in Spectra or myStratus Desktop. Also learn how to apply those promotions on an invoice. Finally learn how to run sales reports for promotional items. (7:52)
Take a look at the Online Booking feature in myStratus! You'll get an overview and then go step-by-step through setting it up. (19:04)
See how to attach all sorts of files (.doc, .pdf, .xle, etc.) to your clients, sessions, invoices, and more. (4:29)
Learn how to apply everything you have learned to the first two Dashboard videos by learning how to create and use your key reports. (13:30)
Learn how to set up your budgets to make your Dashboard come alive! (7:11)
See how StudioPlus Mail manages unsubcribes, bounced (undeliverable) emails, and spam reports. (7:09)
Find out how to send email confirmation using StudioPlus Mail.(8:00)
Learn how to use email categories to organize your email analytics with StudioPlus Mail. (7:12)
Learn how to set up the software to send email with StudioPlus Mail. (12:09)
Learn how to use the Bulk Image Importer to help you quickly import multiple sessions from a memory card. Great for shooting on location or any time you aren’t tethered to a camera. Also see an example of how to use this feature combined with other automations in the software to almost fully automate your workflow. (6:04)
Create a powerful workflow including ProSelect and Spectra/myStratus. Learn how to set up the integration to quickly and easily present corrected images to your clients in ProSelect while keeping organized and detailed records in Spectra/myStratus. (19:17)
Take a look at the powerful Perfectly Clear automatic image correction tools and presets available in Spectra and myStratus Desktop. Learn how to use this feature to streamline your digital workflow. (21:48)
Learn how to quickly add or remove a set of clients from a group. (3:30)
Learn how to export a group of clients and how to permanently delete a set of clients from your database. (3:45)
Walk through setting up four example triggers you can put to use right away! (13:49)
Get an idea of how you'll use the software day-to-day by watching this sample walk-through. (11:08)
Begin presenting your images to your clients using Spectra/myStratus. Find the tools you need to be more efficient, increase average orders, and create invoices in one place. (15:54)
Find out how to upload your album or photobook designs to InSpiredByYou, how to download your client's comments or approval, and then how to upload album revisions, if necessary. You'll also see how to use tasks and album statuses to keep track of your album workflow. (7:26)
See how easy it is to upload an Animoto video for your clients to view on their InSpiredByYou website. (1:49)
Learn how to upload prepaid orders from Spectra/myStratus to InSpired and how to download orders your clients have placed online back into the software. (4:08)
[SPECTRA ONLY] OnLocation is an add-on tool for Spectra Professional that lets you use Spectra in your studio and on location at the same time! (9:11)
Discover all the special features in Spectra/myStratus Professional designed for the wedding or event photographer. See how to create the wedding contract and track event revenue. (20:00)
See the typical high school senior workflow in Spectra/myStratus Professional - from adding and importing clients, group capture, and individual image importing - to lots of great reports, yearbook CD creation, pose-selection tracking, and more! (23:38)
[SPECTRA ONLY] See how the Control Center works for you - automating database maintenance (including backups, updates and more!) and InspiredByYou connectivity. (8:15)
Find out how how this powerful tool helps you easily filter data in order to select a specific group of records for reporting, marketing, and exporting purposes. (13:43)
This video explains the session numbering options, tabs you can display or hide, and fields you can customize! (3:52)
If you know a little HTML, use the HTML email feature in Spectra/myStratus Professional to create emails that appear with graphics and formatting, just like a website. (4:37)
This video explores options regarding client numbering, checking for duplicates, and which tabs are displayed on the client record. (5:42)
Learn how to customize the Spectra/myStratus wizards, so they best fit the way you work! (1:51)
Find out which software settings are specific to each user. (2:44)
Discover how easy it is to have your staff clock in and clock out; and how to preview and print time sheet reports in Spectra/myStratus Standard and Professional. (5:32)
Learn how to easily control your staff's access to different parts of the software, as well as their ability to perform certain tasks. Add and adjust levels of security - give supervisors more access than employees, but less access than owners. (15:56)
See how triggers can turn Spectra/myStratus Professional into a wonderful employee who will automatically send appropriately personalized emails (with or without attachments), print personalized letters, and create phone call records! (11:50)
This video covers how to set up and assign session promotions in order to get valuable insights from the software's promotion sales and analysis reporting. (3:02)
Use the Client Import Wizard to easily import a list of clients or prospects into the software. (7:44)
See how to send email to clients and prospects individually, in bulk, and automatically. (7:15)
Learn how to set up the software to send and receive email. (9:58)
Learn to create phone call records individually, in bulk, and automatically. Then use Spectra/myStratus to remind you of your calls and tasks - in detail. (8:18)
This video shows you how to design professional form letter templates that can be printed or sent to your clients by email or text message. (9:20)
Learn how to record information in Spectra/myStratus for easy marketing based on birthdays, anniversaries, and much, much more! (5:31)
Spectra/myStratus Professional can help you manage your production time. Keep track of how many days an order stays at each status and find out how many minutes and hours your studio staff spends working on each task. (3:27)
The software has the ability to print bar codes for clients, sessions, invoices, and production orders. You can then use a bar code scanner to quickly look up records and advance the status of production orders. (4:09)
See how the software can simultaneously track all the different parts of customer order, even when using multiple vendors. (8:10)
When a client orders prints or other products, production orders can be generated automatically by the software or entered manually by your studio staff. (11:53)
Production orders in Spectra/myStratus Professional are used to record the orders you place with labs and other vendors to fulfill your customer’s order. A single customer invoice may contain several production orders according to how many vendors are needed to fulfill the customer’s order. (12:54)
Spectra/myStratus Professional's proof orders are helpful for studios that shoot film and for those that wish to track proofs that are due to go out or be returned. (7:54)
The software will help you track all your yearbook poses and create yearbook CD's too! (11:12)
Learn how to upload sessions from Spectra/myStratus to InSpiredByYou.com and then how to maintain them by resetting passwords and extending expiration dates. You'll also learn how to close online sessions and remove them from InSpiredByYou. Finally, you'll get some general tips that will help you use InSpired more effectively and efficiently. (12:45)
This video will walk you through setting up InSpiredByYou in your software. (22:19)
Rendering images is the process where Spectra/myStratus builds new image files from the your originals, using the changes you’ve made in the software. You may render out images for proofing or preview purposes – such as printing proofs or loading images up to a website – or you may render images from an order for printing. (10:13)
Use the composite feature to create digital products such as multi-image wall portraits, custom album pages, holiday cards, sports cards, or image effects. Quickly and easily drop your client’s images into the composite, instantly creating a custom digital product. (23:01)
Designed for shooting tethered, the Group Capture feature can save you countless hours of manual processing! (11:18)
See how to add copyright information and watermarks to your images and then preview, print, and export professional proof and contact sheets. (6:16)
Organize your post-sale workflow by learning how to link Spectra/myStratus with your image editing software and how to use production orders. (18:14))
Walk through the setup steps to prepare to use the software for sales presentations. (7:26)
Learn how to import images into the software. In one step you'll copy the images to the session folder, rename the files, create low-res preview files, and burn an archive CD. (11:43)
Learn how Digital Workflow is used and follow the steps to complete the setup for your studio. (10:52)
Learn how to track commissions in Spectra/myStratus Professional - earned by product or product line - and how to set up different percentages or rates for photographers, bookers, sales reps, and assistants. (6:40)
Set up payment plans for your customers in Spectra/myStratus Professional and then process them individually or in bulk! Even have the software auto-send email letters confirming payments. (12:21)
Spectra and myStratus Professional can help you manage gift certicate and gift card sales, redemptions, and donations. Find out how to check the available balance and run reports too! (11:11)
Learn how to use the End of Day wizard to streamline your close out procedures. (8:14)
The Dashboard is a powerful tool in Spectra/myStratus Professional. Discover the amazing ways it can help you set budgets and track performance. (17:54)
This video covers some of the reporting options in the software, including invoice and payment lists, accounts receivable reports, and sales analysis reports. (6:24)
Set up the software to process credit cards using Cayan (Merchant Warehouse). Also learn how this integration benefits your business by simplifying your ability to maintain PCI compliance. (11:43)
See how easy it is to create professional invoices for all your orders! Learn when to use client-based and session-based invoices. See how to add items to an order, give discounts, and accept a payment or create a payment plan. (16:25)
Set up your invoice terms, sales tax, and payment methods to begin invoicing. (6:14)
In addition to multiple price lists, Spectra/myStratus Standard and Professional offer several other advanced features. Learn how to set up options and enhancements as well as how to use quantity-based pricing. (7:08)
Set up your price list to begin invoicing. (16:11)
Learn how to schedule sessions for a group of clients, in just a few clicks! (7:24)
See how easy it is to schedule a session or appointment for multiple people/resources/days. (5:24)
Learn how to sync the software with your Google calendar! (8:46)
Learn about the very important session features in the software! (4:13)
Learn all the features of appointments! (3:14)
The easy-to-customize Scheduling Wizard will guide you step-by-step as you add a new session or appointment for a new or existing client, create the invoice to cover the session fees, record a payment, print a confirmation, and more! (5:43)
Learn to set up, view, and edit your appointments, sessions, and entire schedule more efficiently. See the shortcuts available to instantly see multiple schedules (even for multiple days), discover how to change what is displayed – and more! (7:18)
[SPECTRA ONLY] Learn how to use the Database Utility to manage your Spectra database, including how to back up, restore, and compact & repair your data. (4:55)
Learn how to add and look up clients and prospects in the software – and how to browse, sort, filter, and search for them based on almost any criteria. See how to easily track all the information you collect – and access it quickly and easily. (8:32)
The Preferences Wizard walks you through some basic setup options, so you can begin to use the software right away! (8:15)
Learn how to import invoices into Spectra from an Excel, .txt, or .csv file. (5:32)
Learn how to delivery your images electronically to your clients. (16:42)
Sometimes a clients doesn't pay and there's nothing you can do about it. Learn how to write off those invoices to bring your accounting back into balance. (4:29)