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"Spectra OnLocation has saved us hundreds of dollars in labor costs. We used to complete everything by hand while on location and then key it all in once we returned. Now, we simply check in our data, and the work is done. OnLocation paid for itself in just 3 days!"

Mark Orenstein
de Jourdan's
Alberta Canada

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Spectra OnLocation

Spectra OnLocation is an add-on workflow product for photographers already using Spectra Professional.

Designed for studios that send photographers onsite to shoot school pictures, church directories, parties, and corporate or sporting events, OnLocation allows you to export your Spectra database to a laptop and then take it with you on location. While on the job, you can update client information, book appointments, import and present images, and record sales, all of which can easily be imported back into the Spectra database at your home base.

Spectra OnLocation Features

» Single-click checkout process copies the studio database to your laptop.
» Single-click check-in process merges all on-location data back into studio databases, moves all images to the studio server, and organizes data for each client.
» Take multiple computers on location, networked together, sharing the same data.
» View and update your studio's schedule and book new appointments while on location.
» Increase sales by building your client database and turning event clients into studio clients.
» Use bulk client import, bulk scheduling, and bar coding to streamline data entry and image processing.
» Present images on location and create the client's invoice moments after the photos are taken.
» Record and process payments on location or at the studio.
» Fulfill orders on location or complete production at the studio.
» Stay on location for up to 14 days.

Spectra OnLocation Pricing*

Per Location
Single user
Two user
Five user
Ten user

* OnLocation license requires a Spectra Professional license at the studio.

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To Order
Contact an Authorized StudioPlus Dealer, or call 888.862.4868.

# Guarantee
StudioPlus offers a full 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.
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