What People Are Saying About StudioPlus...

"StudioPlus has proven to be a solid studio program which allows us to present, invoice, and track our orders from beginning to end. No other software does this. Our employees have found it to be easy to learn and easy to use. The support staff is great too."
- Larry Peters, Peters Photography

"Our clients put a lot of trust in our studio! Our ability to deliver depends on having a rock solid studio system. So we trust StudioPlus with our most important digital assets."
- Michael Gan, Meritage House of Photography

"Spectra is extremely easy to use and does an outstanding job of tracking my sessions, orders, phone calls, etc. The point-of-purchase sale with the ability to display six images on screen at the same time without leaving the program was a real selling point for me."
- Gregg Hejna, Gregg Hejna Studio & Gallery

"With only two pieces of software – Spectra and Photoshop – I can now run my digital studio efficiently and effectively."
- Dave Huntsman, Huntsman Photography

"Spectra is great! Critical information is right on the Home page. Marketing and sales information is in one place and the sales presentation has increased our averages!"
- Chris Bechtold, Chris Walter Photography

"I love Spectra because I’ve never felt as organized and in control of my business as I do now that I’m using Spectra. The software is very smart and keeps track of everything. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it. If I could do it all over again the first thing I’d buy when starting a new photography business is Spectra."
- Matt Johnson, Jon Ball Photography

"With great products and support, StudioPlus Software has helped us jump to a whole new level of efficiency in what has become a hyper-competitive industry."
- Dan Fried, H & H Photographers

"Buying StudioPlus Spectra was like hiring a "how to run your studio" consultant. The default setup and easily customizable workflow helped Shinn Photo adopt industry best practices that have improved both our customer experience and our bottom line. Thanks, StudioPlus!"
- Lisa and Andrew Shinn, Shinn Photography

"We love StudioPlus Spectra! It gives us so much information without having to dig around, right there on the Home page and Dashboard! We can keep notes and see the history of each of our customers, which in turn helps us personalize our service...good customer service brings repeat customers and referrals! The StudioPlus customer service is top notch and I would recommend them to everyone."
- Tracy and Robert Gorman, Clix Portrait Studios

"As you all know, artists are not best at organization and business skills. In less than one year, StudioPlus Spectra made us evaluate, redesign, and revamp our business in such incredible ways that now we can’t imagine a day without it. It’s our most valuable employee. Our desks are forever free of endless piles of invoices and post-it notes. Spectra is, to this day, the best investment our business has ever made."
- Julie and Guy Martin, Studio G.R. Martin Photography

"I love StudioPlus Spectra because I have up-to-the-minute information on the health of my business. I can look at how bookings are, cash flow, and even where business is coming from."
- Mark Orenstein, de Jourdan’s Photographics

"Spectra ROCKS!! It is user-friendly with plenty of buttons to push for anything needed to help organize a studio! I love to be organized. The staff at StudioPlus has always been very helpful, friendly, and quick to return phone calls to help me. Customer service is a high priority with me and I feel I get the help I need whenever I call the StudioPlus staff."
- Deb Houston, Deb Houston Designs

"Thank you for the new Dashboard feature in Spectra. I can throw away my old dry erase board. The Dashboard gives an instant display of our progress compared to goals, last year, or last month. Spectra has always given me the reports I needed, but the Dashboard keeps our progress ready at all times."
- Linnie Rhudy, Visions Unlimited Photography

"StudioPlus Spectra is the best investment we've ever made in streamlining workflow and taking care of our clients. Spectra is as important to today's photographer as a camera. I have friends who have tried to use your competitions' software and found it so complicated they ended up not using it, and this was even after a couple training seminars. Your staff is second to none, updates are prompt and free, and integration with Merchant Warehouse even got me a better rate and more services then my previous provider. Thank you."
- Frank Ekeler, Ekeler Photography Studio

"One of the most fantastic things about StudioPlus Spectra is after a busy day of shooting sessions you go home and have a nice relaxing night and let MyStudioPlus.com (InSpired) take over. MyStudioPlus.com's online gallery and ordering is great for our clients and for us too. They shop while we are at home getting refreshed and ready for the next day. We come into our studio, open up Spectra, and see all the sales made overnight. Wow, what a time saver!"
- Veronica Lomeli, Lomeli Photography

"StudioPlus Spectra is essential to our photography and marketing business. It has easily adapted to the changes that have swept our industry, keeping up with us as we've evolved from strictly commercial and editorial work to a wider range of portraiture and directory applications. On the surface it's deceptively mild-mannered and easy to learn. As our business needs have changed and grown, though, the depth of functionality it offers has amazed me. There are aspects that we have yet to delve into. When we're ready, I know it'll be there – and probably a step or two ahead of us – as it has been since we adopted it more that seven years ago.

I especially appreciate the company's responsiveness to users' suggestions and needs...most recently with the addition of recurrent scheduling and payments. Over the years, when I've run into new challenges or very occasional problems, I've found the tech staff quick to respond, concerned, and eminently helpful. Thank you!"
- Nancy Edmonds Hanson, Hanson Photo

"Things I love about StudioPlus Spectra...
» Remote Support - They can log in and take over control, showing you what to do and what is wrong.
» Call Warnings - Something typed in this field glows red on the client's main screen.
» Communications - The pending calls you typed in show up on the main screen as you need to take care of them.
» Today's Snapshot - Shows you financially how much you brought in today, this week, this month, and this year at a glance, as well as a compared to last year.
» Taking payments within the program (I also switched to the Merchant Warehouse processor so I can use Spectra to run my credit cards). Super easy!
» I LOVE THE INVOICES! Much better and more professional looking.
» Their help section is awesome! I usually find my answers there and have only had to call for support a few times.
» Support is wonderful as well!"
- Christy Lonergan, Happy Chick Photography