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Reference #: SPTV 6-104
Created: 00.00.00
Last Revised: 07.15.13

Setting up SMS

Learn how to set up the software to send and receive SMS messages as well as how to send texts.

Please note: Because we are continually updating our library of training videos as new versions of our software are released, this video will likely show an older or newer version of StudioPlus Spectra/myStratus than you have installed. Don't worry! The video will still give you a great overview of this feature.



  1. Introduction
  2. Company Preferences
    1. Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences
    2. General Tab (Spectra Only)
      • i. Account Information
    3. Phone Calls
      • i. Default Country Code
        ii. Out of country client
  3. Control Center (Spectra Only)
    1. Enable SMS Inbox Processor job
    2. This job is already enabled and running for myStratus Users
  4. Home Page
    1. a. Services panel > SMS Texting
      b. Shows total texts sent/received
  5. Client Record
    1. a. SMS Checkbox
  6. Sending SMS
    1. a. Communication tab > New SMS Text
      b. Always include studio name when sending texts
      c. View SMS from Communication tab or Messages hub
  7. Examples

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