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Reference #: RN 2016V1R3
Author: Tech Support
Created: 05.12.16
Last Revised: 05.17.2016

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2016

Volume 1 Service Release 3


Release Date: May 17, 2016

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New or Enhanced Features

This release doesn't include any new features or enhancements.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
3918Composite Templates Alignment may be incorrect when centering text in the Digital Template Builder. Resolved.
3993Sessions Saving a new session when the session number option is set to use "Last Name with Session Number" may produce an error. Resolved.
4858Yearbook Creating a yearbook CD of secondary images may use the primary images. Resolved.
5043Clients Searching the Clients hub by phone number may produce an error if some client phone numbers have less than 10 digits. Resolved.
5045FiltersFilters that rely on today's date may show data for yesterday in Australian timezones only. Resolved.
5048Composite Templates Moving a text box in the Digital Template Builder may cause text to disappear. Resolved.
5059Triggers Processing triggers manually may not allow processing outside of the hours set up for the Triggers job in the Control Center. Resolved.
5060Triggers Trigger auto-process times may not save when saving a trigger. Resolved.
5062Invoices The message box that prompts the user for a Promotional Item Code does not allow cancelling. Resolved.
5064Payments The Process Pending Payments tool may only display HTML emails and form letters for non-payment types. Resolved.
5066Communication Wizard Sending an email through the Communication Wizard using StudioPlus Mail may not include attachments. Resolved.
5084Communication Wizard Printing letters through the Communication Wizard may produce an error. Resolved.
5091Production The Crop Images checkbox in a custom render profile may remain checked even after unchecking and saving. Resolved.
5093Sessions Copying a session may not copy the custom fields and participants. Resolved.
5094Control Center [Access Version Only] The Backup Database job in the Control Center may fail. Resolved.
5101Communication Jobs Running an email communication job may halt if it reaches a poorly formatted email address. Resolved.
5102Sessions [SQL Version Only] - The "Yearbook Image 1 Chosen By" and "Yearbook Image 2 Chosen By" columns do not populate on Sessions hub. Resolved.
5106Clients The YTD Session Sales and YTD Bill-To Sales fields may not show on client records or filter properly when running filters. Resolved.