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Reference #: RN 2016V2R2
Author: Tech Support
Last Revised: 11.09.2016

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2016

Volume 2 SR 2


Official Release (SR2): November 21, 2016


New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in Spectra and myStratus Desktop 2016 Volume 2 Service Release 2:

Feature Description
Calendar Performance

If you don’t need to use the Reminder capabilities of a Session/Appointment, then this will speed up calendar performance


+ More about Calendar Performance

New Vendor and Vendor Products Menus

Vendors and Vendor Products have now been moved to their own maintenance screen for ease of access.

+ More about Vendors

+ More about Vendor Products

Client Image Syncing


(myStratus Only) New option to automatically sync all of your Client and Session profile images to the Stratus Drive.


+ More about Studio Preferences - Digital


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

5258CalendarCalendar may not show arrows to navigate between months. Resolved.
5269Calendar Creating an Unlinked Appointment directly on the Calendar may show appointment as black. Resolved.
5276Time SlotsBulk copying a date range of Scheduling Time Slots may not copy the time slots exactly. Resolved.
5284ExportExporting data to Excel may result in a corrupt file. Resolved.
5287Web Forms Web Form maintenance may not show all Custom Field Labels. Resolved.
5289Clients[Enterprise Version only] Merging a Client record may result in any child records being moved to wrong location. Resolved.
5291Invoices Creating a client-based Invoice may produce an error. Resolved.
5296SessionsViewing, printing or exporting Session Confirmation may produce an error. Resolved.
5301TriggersProcessing a Session Trigger automatically via the Control Center may not attach the Session Confirmation. Resolved.
5311Workflow Selecting an image in Sales Presentation may fail. Resolved.
5313Clients [Enterprise Version only] Saving a record may produce an error after sharing Client with another Location. Resolved.
5315Communication Wizard[Enterprise Version only] Communication Wizard may include Clients from incorrect Location when multiple Locations are selected. Resolved.