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Reference #: RN 2017
Author: Tech Support
Created: 02.15.17
Last Revised: 04.28.2017

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2017

Volume 1 SR 2


Preview Release (SR1): May 16, 2017
Official Release (SR2): May 24, 2017


New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2017 and Spectra 2017:

Feature Description

StudioPlus Finale - New!

(Professional and Enterprise Only)

StudioPlus Finale is a new software product being made available to all Spectra and myStratus Professional and Enterprise clients. Designed to be the final step in your printing workflow, Finale is a render and printer server built into one. You can have Finale running on one computer at each studio location and make it responsible for rendering and printing all the images for that location.

» Render Jobs- Render Jobs have been added to the Maintenance > Digital > Render Jobs. Use this list to control rendering jobs that should automatically be processed by the Finale Render Server based on a preset Session, Invoice, or Production Order status.

Render Profile - When creating a Render Profile, you now have the ability to let the Finale Render and Printer Server print your images for you.


Launch StudioPlus Finale- To launch Finale, a new shortcut has been added to the Start menu.


+ More about StudioPlus Finale

Inventory - New!

New Inventory option - The ability to track Inventory levels for stock items, such as frames. For Inventory Items, you will use an Inventory Adjustment Form to add new items into Inventory or also to adjust an Inventory quantity that may be off. Whenever an Inventory Item is sold on an Invoice, then that item will be taken out of Inventory. Whenever a Credit Memo is issues for the return of an Inventory Item, then it will automatically be placed back into Inventory.

» Inventory Tracking - The first step is to enable Inventory Tracking for just those items that you want to track Inventory for.
» Inventory History - The Inventory History button will show all the inflows and outflows of this item into inventory as well as the current quantity on hand. Double-clicking on any line item will show its corresponding record.
» The New Inventory Adjustments form can also be accessed via the Maintenance > Price List > Inventory Adjustments menu.
» Export Inventory Worksheet - This report will show all the inventory items and their currently quantity on hand according to the software. You can then proceed to complete a "Physical Count" of your inventory and change the quantities in the spreadsheet.
» Import Inventory Worksheet - You can use the "Import Inventory Adjustments" button to mass import adjustments or totals to your quantities on hand for existing inventory items. This form gives you the option to design your spreadsheet one of two ways.
» Inventory Quantity On Hand Report - a new report has been added under the reports menu called "Inventory Quantity On Hand".

+ More about Inventory

Perfectly Clear update - NEW!

The Perfectly Clear plug-in has been enhanced and new items added.

The new Auto Exposure implements the new "Face Aware Exposure" technology developed by Athentech to give you even more amazing results in your auto exposure adjustments.

We relabeled existing Skin Tone to be Infrared Removal

New Skin Smoothing type added

New Catchlight type added

New Skin Tone feature added

New Blush feature added

+ More about Perfectly Clear

Holidays and Special Events Enhancement

The ability has been added to download your country's Holiday List to be added to your database's Calendar.

The form has also been updated with new usability and speed. You can now define if the Open and Closed hours should change for this day. You can now export one year's list out to Excel, modify it, and then re-import it for the new year.

+ More about Holidays and Special Events

Product Selection Limitation based on Item Tags - NEW!

Product Selection Limitation has been added which allows you to create a generic placeholder product, (i.e."Sheet"). Then on an Invoice, a user can replace this product, but only with other approved products.

+ More about Product Selection Limitations

Trigger Maintenance Form - NEW!

The process for creating and maintaining Triggers has become much simpler with the creation of a new Trigger Maintenance Form. The list of Triggers can now be printed/exported as well. The previous locations for individual Trigger Maintenance Forms have now been removed and can be found here.

+ More about Triggers

Email Box Options - NEW!

Auto-Reply to all email recipients: This option will auto reply to everyone an email was sent to and CC'ed to.

Auto-Reply only to the first incoming email: If Auto Create Task is selected, then we will automatically send a reply to the first incoming email, but we will not for any subsequent emails that come in again.

+ More about Email Boxes

Message Hub Enhancement - NEW!

New Pending button and new Show Text Messages buttons have been added to the Messages hub. Selecting the Pending button will hide all emails sitting at a Final status. De-selecting the Show Text Messages button will hide all SMS Texts.

+ More about Messages Hub

+ More about SMS messages

SMS Text Triggers - NEW!

Two new options have been added when sending SMS Triggers. You can send out the text to any user in the database with a mobile number or you can create a custom list of any mobile number

+ More about SMS messages

+ More about Triggers

Credit Memo Enhancements

This feature has now been improved to give you even greater control over how you create Credit Memos. Two new options for a Credit Memo, Refund for Returned Products or Customer Service Refund. There is also a new maintenance form to manage Credit Reasons and a new checkbox added to the Price List Maintenance screen to require a credit reason if an item is being credited or returned.

+ More about Credit Memos

Default Image Groups

A new ability to auto create Default Image Groups has been added. In the Company Preferences > Digital tab, specify the names of Image Groups that you wish to be created automatically with every new Session.

+ More about the Default Image Groups

Coupon Number Validation

Coupon Number Validation - A new option has been added that allows you to enter a list of valid Coupon Numbers for a Promotional Item. You can also add an expiration date and import any new coupons as well.



+ More about Coupons

Other Goodies!

Time Sheet Enhancement - New abilities have been added to auto calculate overtime and include or exclude inactive users from the report. New capabilities for exporting to Excel have also been added.

+ More about Time Sheet Report

+ More about Overtime Hours


Append Images when Importing - A new option has been created when Importing Images that allows the user to simply append additional images to the images already found in the Image Folders. The system will automatically find the last image number imported, and will then resume where it left off.

+ More about Appending Images when Importing


Print Invoice Line Level Discounts - A new ability has been added to show Line Item Discounts on the Invoice Printouts.

+ More about Printing Invoice Line Level Discounts

» Updated Maintenance Forms - Several forms have been updated to make them more user friendly. Payment Methods, Printing Preferences, Price List Item Options and Enhancements, Phone Number Labels, Phone Call Types, Invoice Classification, Family Member Relationships, Calendar Descriptions, Sales Tax Maintenance, Form Letters, Product Lines, Data Entry Validations, Invoice Terms, Verify Gift Certificates Balance, Reorder Reasons, Social Event Suppliers and Social Event Suppliers Type.

(Enterprise Only) New Enterprise Sharing and Duplicate Check Options - A new option has been added to limit the locations that a client can be shared from and also the locations that we search for duplicates in. For example, a franchise may NOT want to pull clients from other franchises, but a corporate owned chain may allow it.

+ More about Enterprise Client Sharing


Calendar User Preference - A new User Preference has been added allowing the user to define how they want the Calendar to be displayed when they first open it.

+ More about Calendar User Preference

» Rescheduling a Session - Now when you reschedule a confirmed Session, the Confirmed checkbox will be unchecked automatically.

Invoice and Session Descriptions - You can now print the Invoice and Session Descriptions on Invoices and Session Confirmations.

+ More about Printing Session Confirmations

+ More about Printing Invoices


Added Social Media Fields - Added Instagram and Snapchat to the Social Media section.

+ More about Clients


Added Security Options - Appointment - Notes, controls access to the Appointment Notes. Lists - Invoice Credit Reasons, controls access to the Credit Reasons Maintenance screen.

+ More about Security Options


stratus desktop

Additional feature has been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2017.
Note: Spectra does NOT included these features.

Feature Description
Mobile App Settings - NEW!

New settings have been added to control how much historical data is sent to Mobile Devices. This can help Clients that have lots of historical data by limiting the amount being sent to the device. After these settings are changed, the user should wait at least one hour for a new mobile database to be prepared for them. Then they should reset their local database to get the new database with the new settings applied.

+ More about Mobile App

Online Booking for Organizations/Schools NEW!


myStratus only*

New features have now been added to give Clients the ability to use Online Booking for specific Organizations or Schools. Scheduling TimeSlots can be created and assigned to specific Organizations. Emails can then be sent to all students with a link to book their Session or Appointment. Only the Session/Appointment Types and timeslots set aside for that Organization will be available.

When creating new timeSlots (For both Single and Bulk creation tools), you now have the option to assign the timeSlot to an Organization.

+ More about Online Booking

Form Letters and HTML emails update for Online Booking merge fields

In the HTML and Form Letter Builders, we've now placed all the Online Booking merge fields into their own pop-up menu to make things more organized.

+ More about Online Booking

Online Booking Preference - NEW!

Online Booking Preference to prompt the Client(Student) for their Graduation Year if they are a new Client

+ More about Online Booking Preferences

Online Booking Feature - NEW!

A new Online Booking feature has been added to auto remove a timeslot if conflicting timeslots are found. For example, let's say the you have one 60 minute timeslot with two 30 minute timeslots side-by-side. If a Client books the 60 minute timeslot, the two 30 minute timeslots should now get deleted. If later the Session is cancelled, all three timeslots should reappear.

+ More about Time Slots


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

4524Sessions Session Confirmation does not include Total Discounts Included when an Item Discount is included. Resolved.
4527ExportingWhen exporting data to Excel boolean fields are showing as "true" or "false" when they should show as -1 or 0. Resolved.
4958Reports Report headers may show Client Email addresses cut off if Client has more than one Email address. Resolved.
5054Session TypesSession Type Maintenance Detail Resource dropdown list does not include Outside Location. Resolved.
5156Form LettersOutside Location Address merge field does not merge in Form Letters. Resolved.
5257Family MembersNew SMS button on Family Member form does not open new SMS window. Resolved.
5263Users & SecurityBooker checkbox is unchecked by default when creating new User record. Resolved.
5281Accounting Clicking the Reconcile Cash Drawer button in the End of Day Wizard may produce an error. Resolved.
5295Clients [Enterprise Version Only] Search Enterprise checkbox default value may be incorrect when searching for existing Clients. Resolved.
5305Clients Phone Number Labels are not translated correctly Client Profiles. Resolved.
5318Users & Security Users can change Client Status even though their Status Security Setting is set to No Access. Resolved.
5319CommunicationsPreviewing a Letter and closing the window without saving still creates a Communication record. Resolved.
5327ReportsPreviewing a Profit Analysis Report may produce an error. Resolved.
5331FiltersSaving a Session-type Filter may produce an error. Resolved.
5333ReportsPreviewing a Session Lists and Labels Report may produce an error. Resolved.
5334Notes View All Notes form may show incorrect dates for some record notes. Resolved.
5335DashboardDashboard Reports may not show Booked-By Name. Resolved.
5345Invoices Invoice Preview may have formatting issues if invoice has a Bill-to Client. Resolved.
5346WorkflowSelecting a Perfectly Clear Preset in Sales Presentation may produce an error. Resolved.
5347Web FormsSaving Web Form Preferences may produce an error if Align Style is not set. Resolved.
5348CalendarSpecial Calendar Events may not show on Calendar. Resolved.
5349SessionsCreating a Yearbook CD may result in incorrectly cropped images. Resolved.
5350ReportsSome merge fields may not translate when printing Session or Client Labels. Resolved.
5352Users & Security[Spectra Access Only] Newly added User may fail to save. Resolved.
5353InvoicesSaving a Credit Memo may produce an error. Resolved.
5354Outside Locations A Sessions Outside Location Arrival Time may show in wrong Time Zone. Resolved.
5356SessionsPart of Session Date may be cut off when printing a Session Confirmation. Resolved.
5357Price ListPrice List Item Maintenance may not save Commissions info. Resolved.
5363InvoicesPosting Invoices may produce an error if any invoice has no Line Items. Resolved.
5369InvoicesWriting off an Invoice's remaining open balance may not write off the full amount. Resolved.
5373Appointments[Spectra Access Only] Newly created Appointment Types may not save. Resolved.
5377InvoicesShip-to Address may not show when printing an Invoice. Resolved.
5382General [Enterprise Version Only] Non-corporate locations may incorrectly use the Corporate Time Zone setting for times. Resolved.
5383Clients[Enterprise Version Only] Searching by Phone Number in the Clients Hub may use incorrect default Area Code. Resolved.
5386Reports [Enterprise Version Only] Session Lists Report may include Sessions from all locations when set to Print Only for a certain location. Resolved.
5388NotesConsolidated Notes may show duplicate rows for the same note. Resolved.
5389ReportsSession Labels may not sort alphabetically. Resolved.
5390Reports Exporting Client Lists and Labels to Excel may add extra line breaks to the Client Address. Resolved.
5391Reports Printing Session Lists and Labels by a date range may include Sessions outside of the date range. Resolved.
5392Company PreferencesCompany Logo may disappear after closing and reopening Company Preferences . Resolved.
5395Sessions Closing Session Status Maintenance may produce an error when statuses are not divided by Session Type. Resolved.
5396ClientsPrinting a Client Statement report may produce an error. Resolved.
5399ClientsAdding a Client to all Client Groups may produce an error. Resolved.
5404Email [Spectra Only] Email Triggers will not use Workstation Preferences' email settings. Resolved.
5405Reports[Spectra Access Only] Printing a Time Sheet Report may produce an error. Resolved.
5415ReportsBudgets for Average Sales By Initial Order and Sessions may show incorrect values in Reports. Resolved.
5434Production Advance Status window may fail to advance the status for a Production Order. Resolved.
5437Sessions Saving a Session may produce an error is Calendar Descriptions contain a single ' > ' character. Resolved.
5439Tasks [Enterprise Version Only] Opening a task created by the Control Center Process Triggers job may produce an error. Resolved.
5456Imaging Import Images may archive images to wrong folder. Resolved.
5355Sales PresentationPerfectly Clear Adjustments may not show in Sales Presentation when after changing image size. Resolved.
5519Web FormsWeb Form Preferences form does not allow adding a logo image. Resolved.
5524RenderingRendering images may produce an error when user's Windows username contains a space. Resolved.
5545Scheduling Time SlotsRescheduling a Session or Appointment may reinstate extra Scheduling Time Slots during conflicting times. Resolved.
5551Scheduling Time SlotsBulk Copying Time Slots may produce an error if Regional settings set to Australia. Resolved.


Additional Information

Spectra Users

The Spectra 2017 release is available to all Spectra customers with a current maintenance plan.

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myStratus Desktop Users

The myStratus Desktop 2017 release is available to all myStratus subscribers (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) on a per request basis. To coordinate your upgrade, please send us an email using the link below and we will schedule a time to upgrade your account.

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