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Reference #: RN 2017V1R4
Author: Tech Support
Created: 07.27.17
Last Revised: 09.18.2017

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2017

Volume 1 Service Release 4


Release Date: September 18, 2017

+ See all release notes for Spectra/myStratus 2017


New or Enhanced Features

There are no new features or enhancements in this release.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
4128Invoices [Enterprise Version Only] When in one location's data, you can't search the Invoice Hub by Invoice Status. Resolved.
4491Triggers [myStratus Only] Process Trigger menu may fall behind other windows. Resolved.
4816GeneralOpening new windows may cause them to fall behind other windows. Resolved.
4904Communication WizardPreviewing a letter in the Communication Wizard may not let the wizard finish properly. Resolved.
5184SessionsParticipants may be excluded from the Session Confirmation if a First Name field drops to a second line. Resolved.
5212Payments Failed Payment Plans may not show on failure report. Resolved.
5254Communications Sending an Email or SMS from the Home Page may cause other open records to fall behind main screen. Resolved.
5306Mobile Devices [myStratus Only] Last Sync Time in Mobile Devices may show incorrect time. Resolved.
5361Communication Wizard'Right-Click' to use the Column Chooser in the Communication Wizard may take away functions. Resolved.
5410AppointmentsAppointment records may not show address for Outside Locations. Resolved.
5442Scheduling Time Slots [myStratus Only] Schedule Time Slots menu may show incorrect Duration on time slots. Resolved.
5447DigitalSelecting Edit Groups within the Digital Template Builder may rename the template instead of the group. Resolved.
5458DigitalUsing the Tab key when adding a new Crop Ratio may cause an error. Resolved.
5466Digital[Enterprise Version Only] Adding a new Image Colorization may add to the wrong location. Resolved.
5467Digital[Enterprise Version Only] Inactive Image Colorizations may show as available in Digital Workflow. Resolved.
5468Triggers Changing a Trigger from processing Manually to Automatically may cut off processing times. Resolved.
5509Web Forms [myStratus Only] Web Form checkboxes may not save on the web form within myStratus. Resolved.
5525PreferencesSetting the number of copies in the Printing Preferences to 0 may still print a copy. Resolved.
5531Client Import During a Client Import, selecting to add duplicates to an existing client group may not bring up group list. Resolved.
5534Filters Altering the details of a pre-existing Filter may appear incorrectly. Resolved.
5555Client Import [myStratus Only] Importing clients with a custom Client Number may assign the wrong Online Booking Password. Resolved.
5560Composite TemplatesUsing Composite Templates in Sales Presentation may cause an error. Resolved.
5572SessionsSeniors Without Sessions report may cut off long email addresses. Resolved.
5577ClientsClients without a first name may show as 0 on Sales Tax Report. Resolved.
5584Bulk Image Importer[Enterprise Version Only] Bulk Image Import may not advance status if Advance Session Status is checked. Resolved.
5597Control Center [myStratus Only] Control Center job may not follow set times. Resolved.
5603Time ClockSecurity override for the Time Clock may not work after password change. Resolved.
5609GeneralCompany and User Shortcuts may not initiate. Resolved.
5620GeneralSwitching users in the desktop may remove some menus. Resolved.
5639Dashboard Running a Dashboard Report may throw an error. Resolved.
5647GeneralDeleting records may produce an error. Resolved.
5649CommunicationsSMS messages may show as blank. Resolved.
5654CalendarCalendar may show incorrect Time Zone until user clicks Refresh button. Resolved.
5666FiltersRunning specific Filters may produce an error. Resolved.
5669Invoices[Access Edition Only] Creating a new Invoice using a wizard may cause an error. Resolved.
5675Data Entry ValidationsData Entry Validation may skip a requirement. Resolved.
5678AppointmentsAppointment Confirmation for Unlinked Appointments may cause an error. Resolved.
5680FiltersFilter crieria set to Specific Date may change to Today's Date Minus. Resolved.
5683ClientsCustomer Deposits may not show on Summary tab on Client record. Resolved.
5688Data Entry ValidationsData Entry Validation may not work for the "Client - Other 1" field. Resolved.
5705Preferences[Enterprise Version Only] Locations may not pull email settings from Company Preferences. Resolved.