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Reference #: RN 2018V1R3
Author: Tech Support
Created: 03.21.18
Last Revised: 03.21.2018

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2018

Volume 1 Service Release 3


Release Date: March 28, 2018

+ See all release notes for Spectra/myStratus 2018

New or Enhanced Features

Feature Description
Report Enhancements The following reports have been re-written to improve performance:
  • Photographer Confirmation
  • Organization Session Summary
  • Oragnization Yearbook Approval

stratus web

myStratus Web Enhancements

Many of the new 2018 features have been included in myStratus Web! These additions include:

» Appointments – The new Appointments Hub, Appointment Statuses and Status Due Dates, and Appointment Custom tab have been added.
» Web Forms – Online web form pages have been translated to match regional settings.
» Client Referral Programs - Online client referral programs pages have been translated to match regional settings.
» Family Member Ages - Family members have been updated to reflect a child’s age, if the child is less than 2 years old, in days, weeks, and months.
» Session & Appointment Date/Times - The Date field on Session & Appointment tabs on client records now show Date/Time.
» Customer Deposit Balance - A Customer Deposit Balance field has been added to the Summary tab of client records.
» Default Primary/Secondary Users - Ability to select a Default Primary and Secondary User for sessions in the web app has been added to the Session Type maintenance.
» Default Task Priority - Ability to select a Default Priority Number for tasks has now been added to Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.
» Search by Email Subject - Ability to Search by Email Subject has been added to the Messages hub.
» Invoice Custom tab - New Custom tab has been added to invoice records. To edit the labels for these fields, visit Maintenance > General > Custom Labels and Lists.


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
---- Performance Improvements Performance improvements have been added to resolve specific speed issues.
---- Perfectly Clear Updated Perfectly Clear libraries to latest release to fix minor bugs.
5748Time Clock Time Sheet report may show all Pending entries, regardless of report Criteria. Resolved.
5908Triggers[Spectra Only] Triggers may result in an error if printing a Form Letter. Resolved.
5918AppointmentsAppointment Custom fields may not be available for Scheduling Wizard. Resolved.
5922Budgets Budgets may not allow Sub-Category. Resolved.
5923PaymentsEmailing a Payment from Wizard may result in error. Resolved.
5928Composite Templates[Spectra Only] Creating new Composite may result in error. Resolved.
5931TriggersTriggers may not allow Trigger Type for Session Type and Status. Resolved.
5932TriggersSession Statuses based on Session Types may not show correctly in Trigger Maintenance. Resolved.
5933HTML EmailsClients With... HTML emails may not be visible on Client records. Resolved.
5935Dashboard Dashboard Report Type, Clients All, may not be visible. Resolved.
5940eWAYPayment Methods stored via eWAY may not work correctly. Resolved.
5943Session TypesHaving no Default Session Type set up in Company Preferences may result in error when booking session. Resolved.
5944Location Groups[Enterprise Edition Only] New Location Groups may not hold. Resolved.
5949TriggersPre-existing Triggers may re-activate after upgrade. Resolved.
5953Sales PresentationClose Presentation button within the Sales Presentation may show as Cancel Order. Resolved.
5956ProductionPrinting or previewing a Work Order may result in an error. Resolved.
5960ClientsSaving Client records may produce an error for some Regional Settings. Resolved.
5966TriggersNewly created Triggers may re-activate for old records. Resolved.