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Reference #: RN 2018V1R
Author: Tech Support
Created: 08.22.18
Last Revised: 10.31.18

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2018

Volume 1 Service Release 6


Release Date: November 1, 2018

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New or Enhanced Features

Feature Description
Trigger Send To Enhancements

You can now send email and SMS Triggers to Contacts/Family Members. On the Email/SMS tab of the trigger, check the box for who should receive the triggered communication. Note: If sending to a specific Family Member Relationship, the trigger will not send if that family member is not present on the client record

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+ Click here to learn more about Family Member Relationships

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
3463DashboardDashboard report "Leads to Actual Sessions" may show incorrect data. Resolved.
3464DashboardDashboard report "Leads to Booking" may show incorrect data. Resolved.
3465DashboardDashboard report "Leads to New Client" may show incorrect data. Resolved.
3803ShortcutsCopy and Paste key Shortcuts may not work properly. Resolved.
4523Digital WorkflowRendered and Retouched Image Folders may not automatically create. Resolved.
5432HTML Emails[Access Edition Only] HTML Email with Appointment Data Type may not show checkbox Merge Fields correctly. Resolved.
5487Phone CallsDeleting a Call record while another Call record is open may produce incorrect prompt. Resolved.
5711Coupons"Limit coupon to one use" may only apply to first detailed line item on Invoice. Resolved.
5716Customer DepositsProcessed Customer Deposits may not show client information on printout. Resolved.
5718InvoicesNot selecting out of Image Number field on an Invoice may produce Error. Resolved.
5730Communication WizardCommunication Wizard may not process Clients with Loyalty Rewards Filters. Resolved.
5924SecuritySetting Security option "Force Logoff" to "Not Allow" may still allow feature to work. Resolved.
5939TriggersLeaving Process Triggers window open while Triggers process through Control Center may allow Triggers to run twice. Resolved.
5948Family MembersFamily Member Age may incorrectly round up on Client record. Resolved.
6077Client Referral ProgramsCreating a Client Referral Program with no reward for referring client may produce error. Resolved.
6107Price ListPrice List import may not set Product Lines correctly. Resolved.
6130FiltersClients with Family Members Filter may produce error if formatted incorrectly. Resolved.
6140ReportsSession based reports may produce error if insufficient columns are selected. Resolved.
6151TriggersEmail Signatures may not be automatically added to Client type Form Letters when sent as Triggers. Resolved.
6153Composite Templates[Access Edition Only] Composite Templates may not create thumbnail before saving template,. Resolved.
6170Customer DepositsApplying a full Customer Deposit to an invoice may not recalculate the client's "Customer Deposit Balance" in the Clients hub. Resolved.
6176CalendarA cancelled session that's been rescheduled may not return to Calendar. Resolved.
6178Duplicate Client[Enterprise Version Only] Duplicate Client Check for email addresses and addresses may not work properly. Resolved.
6179SecurityChanging Password from File menu may not work if Strong Security is not enabled. Resolved.
6181ReportsSession Lists and Labels Report may produce error. Resolved.
6189Communication WizardProduction Filters may not work in Communication Wizard. Resolved.
6193Invoices[Enterprise Version Only] Client Based Invoices may not email with correct Location email address. Resolved.
6197PackagesUsing a Promotional Item in a Package may include incorrect quantities when added to an Invoice. Resolved.
6198Production OrdersPrice List Item marked "Exclude Item On Production Order" may create a Production Order. Resolved.
6200DashboardComplete Time for Calls in Dashboard may show as a date. Resolved.
6201InvoicesAdding a Dollar Discount to Detailed Line Item on an Invoice may not account for quantity. Resolved.
6203Sales PresentationTransferring an Invoice Balance while in the Sales Presentation may produce error. Resolved.
6204Client Referral ProgramsReferred client's reward from Client Referral Program may not automatically generate. Resolved.
6205Client Referral ProgramsSending automated Form Letter to newly referred client may produce error. Resolved.
6209Reports[Access Version Only] Product Sales Analysis report may appear blank. Resolved.
6214Production OrdersSome Custom fields on Production Orders may not be saved when a drop-down option is utilized. Resolved.
6215TriggersTrigger Maintenance may not filter for Type correctly. Resolved.
6218Shipping[Enterprise Version Only] Incorrect Country Codes may produce error when utilizing Shipping Integration. Resolved.
6220Sales Tax ReportDetailed Sales Tax Report may produce error if an Invoice contains no Detailed Line Items. Resolved.
6221Sales Tax Report Sales Tax Report may create incorrect balances if tax method is Line Item and multiple payments are included on Invoice. Resolved.
6236AppointmentsAdding "Cancelled" column to Appointments hub may produce error. Resolved.
6238Production OrdersItems with no Item Code that are associated with a Vendor may not create Production Orders. Resolved.
6243Form LettersDanish Translation may not insert Merge Fields correctly on Form Letters. Resolved.
6244AvalaraSaving an Invoice may trigger a call to AvaTax when Invoice amount is zero. Resolved.
6250Time Slots[Enterprise Version Only] Automatically Remove Conflicting Time Slots may take affect in all Locations. Resolved.
6252RenderingRendering from an invoice may render all images that contain an Image Number, regardless of Vendor. Resolved.
6257PaymentsPayment Wizard may produce error when printing Payment Receipt. Resolved.