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Reference #: RN 2019V1R2
Author: Tech Support
Created: 011.18.19
Last Revised: 11.25.2019

Release Notes:
myStratus Desktop 2019 and Spectra 2019

Volume 1 Service Release 2


Release Date: November 25, 2019

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New or Enhanced Features

stratus desktopstratus desktop

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2019 and Spectra 2019:

Feature Description

New Trigger Options!

Two new trigger options now available in the Trigger maintenance menu (Maintenance > General > Triggers):
  • Loyalty Reward Triggers – Triggers can now send based on whether a client record has Loyalty Rewards. This trigger can be generated either when a Loyalty Reward is created or as the Loyalty Reward is expiring. An additional exclusion has also been added if you wish to include Loyalty Rewards that have been redeemed in full.

  • Automatically send an Email AND also an SMS Text Message for me – along with our ability to send either an email or SMS message, you can now send both from the same trigger.


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Trigger Processing Enhancements!

Triggers now possess the ability to exclude specific days of the week upon which to be processed. Within the trigger maintenance at Maintenance > General > Triggers, you can select which days of the week you do NOT want your triggers to process.

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StudioPlus Mail Trigger Option!

Note: This feature is only available to users with the StudioPlus Mail Add-on.

Users with the StudioPlus Mail add-on service now can define which email address you want triggers to send from. From within the Trigger maintenance, Maintenance > General > Triggers, on the Email tab of the trigger, a new field is visible where you can either select a User Preferences email or enter the email address the trigger should show when sending. For instance, if you use a general “Info@” email in your Company Preferences, you may wish to send triggers from a “CustomerService@” or personal email address.

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Invoice Import Enhancements!

A new option is available during the Invoice Import Wizard to include the Bill-to Client’s Client Number. Upon importing, the software will find the client’s number and populate that client’s information in the Bill-to Client field.

+ Click here to learn more about Importing Invoices

Outgoing SMS Enhancements!

The SMS add-on now has the ability to automatically create a new client record whenever a manual SMS message is sent via the hubs’ ribbon to a client not already in your database. This setting can be activated at Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Clients tab > SMS Messaging Options.

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Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
6234Composite Templates[Access Databases Only] Restoring database may rename Composite Template database. Resolved.
6305Perfectly ClearEditing existing Perfectly Clear Presets may not update existing settings. Resolved.
6330InventoryCreating Inventory Adjustment with duplicate lines may only add once. Resolved.
6341WorkflowSearching by status in Session Selector in Workflow hub may return all sessions. Resolved.
6458InventoryDuplicate invoice items may produce incorrect entry in Inventory. Resolved.
6464SessionsSession Trends report may include sessions marked as Cancelled. Resolved.
6465Global PaymentsAuthorizing a Customer Deposit may produce an error with Global Payments. Resolved.
6470Client RecordCancelling a session in the future may not reset client's Next Session Date. Resolved.
6472Scheduling[Access Databases Only] Newly created client record may not be visible in Scheduling Wizard. Resolved.
6473Client RecordClearing Call Complete Date may not update field on Client Record. Resolved.
6474WorkflowWorkflow hub may display Session Statuses marked as Inactive. Resolved.
6483Client Referral ProgramsClient Referral Link merge field may not populate correctly if using a Session Form Letter. Resolved.
6497TriggersTriggers may not allow Other Phone Numbers to be included if no Client Recipient is selected. Resolved.
6498Price List[Enterprise Edition Only] Printing Price Lists at Location level may not show. Resolved.
6500InvoiceInvoice with Bill-to Clients may not print properly. Resolved.
6507Time Slots[Spectra Only] Using Bulk Schedule Time Slots tool may produce an error. Resolved.
6508Price ListPrice List items with 0 Max Images may produce error when added to Invoice. Resolved.
6510ArchivingNext Number for Archive CD may revert to default after being saved. Resolved.