Charities We're Proud to Support

When you read the core values of our company, you'll see a deep desire to be a positive influence in our world. As a result, we have committed to give a percentage of all company revenues to worthwhile charities around the world. We strongly encourage all our clients, partners, and employees to also look for ways that they can be a positive influence in their world. 

The following charities are close to our hearts. We encourage you to read more about what World Vision is doing to feed starving children in the Horn of Africa and what the Red Cross is doing to help the victims of Japan's recent natural disasters.


World Vision – Horn of Africa Food Crisis

Nothing is more heart wrenching than seeing a child, starving and in desperate need. The most severe drought in decades is threatening the lives of more than 11 million people – especially young children – in the Horn of Africa. Famine has been declared in parts of southern Somalia and threatens to spread further if nothing is done to prevent it. Kenya and Ethiopia are also severely affected by the crisis, with millions in critical need of food and water. 
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Red Cross – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

We all saw the horrific pictures of the devastation caused by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011. What we did not see was the terrible toll these disasters levied on real people like you and me. The Red Cross has done an amazing job stepping in to provide immediate relief to families and also to provide the long-term assistance in helping them rebuild their homes and their lives.  
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