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Naples, FL – February 21, 2018
StudioPlus Software, LLC Announces New Versions - StudioPlus Spectra 2018 Volume 1 and StudioPlus myStratus 2018 Volume 1

StudioPlus Software is celebrating the 20th year anniversary, 1998 – 2018, of their flag-ship product – StudioPlus Professional, first released in January of 1998. Since its inception, StudioPlus Software has met the challenge of making StudioPlus the solution for studios of all sizes, by developing multiple versions and responding to the changing needs of clients, as well as the radically changing digital environment. StudioPlus has always been an industry leader when it comes to innovation with studio management and digital workflow studios.

StudioPlus Software is proud to announce the arrival of Spectra 2018 Volume I and myStratus 2018 Volume 1. These software releases include new and enhanced features to help studios increase their sales and save valuable time, along with even more powerful automated functions.

The Client Referral Programs is an outstanding new feature, automating rewards for both referring and referred clients, driving increased sales and sustaining client loyalty. The Client Referral Programs allow clients to control how they receive new referrals online, including linking new referrals with the Online Booking feature. New reports assist studio owners track the effectiveness of each referral program offered.

In 2018, the company is also bringing real-time, in-depth tracking of emails directly through StudioPlus Mail! This provides the capability to track the Delivery Status of all outgoing emails within myStratus (not available in Spectra), including whether an email was Delivered, Opened, Bounced, etc. Studios can now track the effectiveness of every email campaign—more information equals more business coming their way!

In addition, Spectra and myStratus 2018 introduce Appointment enhancements along with exciting new language options – Spectra/myStratus have now been translated into multiple languages, allowing users in more countries increased communication flexibility and efficiency. New Dashboard Reports will assist in analyzing the data needed to make decisions with a positive impact. Plus, with your software uptime in mind, myStratus also contains a new feature, Automatic Disaster Recovery, which maintains access to the studio’s data in the event of a major datacenter outage.

For Cayan credit card processing users, their new Card Updater Service allows the expiration dates of both Mastercard and Visa cards to be automatically updated within Spectra/myStratus. Cayan also offers the Genius Handheld Terminal and Genius Mini (mobile) Terminal – when utilizing Spectra/myStratus Desktop on the same WI-FI connection, these mobile devices can process credit cards at any location!

“We continually ask our clients to advise us of the features needed to succeed in today’s environment,” says StudioPlus founder and CEO Matthew Hunt. “As we’ve done in the past, we’ve incorporated those requests into our 2018 software, helping our clients drive increased business, along with empowering them to save both time and money in every aspect of their business. Our goal has always been to provide the ultimate software tool to assist clients in running a successful business.”

For a detailed list of the product enhancements, visit

Pricing and Availability
StudioPlus myStratus 2018 is a cloud-based service and is available for immediate sign up. Stratus Express single-user edition is $29.95 per month, Standard is $49.95 per month, and Professional is priced at $69.95 per month.
StudioPlus Spectra 2018 is an on-premises product and is available for immediate purchase. Spectra Express single-user edition is $395, Standard is $995, and Professional is $1,695.
Enterprise versions are also available for business with multiple locations.
For a complete list of pricing and product features, visit

About StudioPlus Software
StudioPlus Software has been developing quality, award-winning, software solutions for the professional photographic industry since 1997. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

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