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Naples, FL – September 16, 2019
StudioPlus Software, LLC Announces New Versions - StudioPlus Spectra 2019 Volume 1 and StudioPlus myStratus 2019 Volume 1

Last year, StudioPlus Software celebrated the 20th year anniversary of their flag-ship product – StudioPlus Professional, first released in 1998. Since its inception, StudioPlus Software continues to meet the challenge of making StudioPlus the solution for studios of all sizes, developing multiple versions and responding to its clients’ changing needs, as well as the radically shifting digital environment. StudioPlus is an industry innovation leader with studio management and digital workflow studios.

Today StudioPlus Software presents Spectra 2019 Volume 1 and myStratus 2019 Volume 1, geared to assist studios, both large and small, to achieve even greater success through new and enhanced features, along with more powerful automated functions.

Online Payments portal (currently U.S. only feature) now gives clients the ability to pay invoices, payment plans and update credit card information—all from their own device. This feature significantly decreases the time and energy a studio spends on updating payment information and collection efforts.

The new Net Promotor Scores feature surveys client satisfaction levels, predicting how well a studio will perform in the near future. Client satisfaction is critical to success; this feature provides insight on how well a business is performing in that area.

The Online Booking Feature boasts several major enhancements, including the ability for clients to utilize promotion codes for Online Promotions. A new link also allows clients to move past the Session Selection screen and straight to time slots.

myStratus mobile app (currently U.S. only feature) includes the ability to process credit cards directly within the app—thanks to SP’s integration with TSYS and their Genius Mini device.

Powerhouse features Payment Plans and Web Forms have been brought together to introduce Invoice-based Web Forms. Now web forms can pull information directly from an invoice for clients to review and edit online, i.e. a studio can create a contract for whenever a client decides to use a payment plan. Clients can also view the details and give an online e-signature agreeing to the terms.

StudioPlus Maps is a new add-on service which provides the capability in myStratus to identify the location of your actual client base—revealing gaps where additional marketing efforts may be needed.

Other 2019 enhancements include Client Marketing Checkboxes for clients who desire to receive marketing content. To help deal with the ever-increasing complexity of privacy laws, StudioPlus is switching to an “opt in” mindset vs having a client opting out. The option displayed is “Allow Marketing”, rather than “Do Not Market”. Clients also can select “Allow Call Marketing”, “Allow Text Marketing” and/or “Allow Email Marketing”, giving both the studio and its customers more freedom of choice.

“We continually seek information from our studio clients on the tools they need to succeed in today’s challenging environment,” says StudioPlus founder and CEO Matthew Hunt. “By incorporating those requests into our 2019 software release, we’re empowering our clients to save both time and money in every aspect. Less costs + more time available to focus on the marketing and creative aspects of running a studio = INCREASED SUCCESS. Our goal has always been to provide the ultimate software for photography studios.”

For a detailed list of the product enhancements, visit

Pricing and Availability
StudioPlus myStratus 2019 is a cloud-based service and is available for immediate sign up. Stratus Express single-user edition is $29.95 per month, Standard is $49.95 per month, and Professional is priced at $69.95 per month.
StudioPlus Spectra 2019 is an on-premises product and is available for immediate purchase. Spectra Express single-user edition is $395, Standard is $995, and Professional is $1,695.
Enterprise versions are also available for business with multiple locations.
For a complete list of pricing and product features, visit

About StudioPlus Software
StudioPlus Software has been developing quality, award-winning, software solutions for the professional photographic industry since 1997. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

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