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Reference #: RN 2018V1R4
Author: Tech Support
Created: 04.24.18
Last Revised: 06.04.2018

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2018

Volume 1 Service Release 4


Release Date: June 4, 2018

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New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018 and Spectra 2018:

Feature Description

Global Payments Credit Card Processing
(United Kingdom, EU, and Canada Only)


Global Payments is a new credit card processing option that has been added for users in the United Kingdom, EU, and Canada! Just like Cayan (US) and eWAY (Australia and New Zealand), this integration allows you to take customer payments directly within Spectra/myStratus.

The ability to take payments through InspiredByYou is coming soon!

For myStratus Users, this new option will be displayed in your Company Preferences > Credit Cards tab if your Regional Settings on the General tab of the Company Preferences is listed as one of the supported regions.

For Spectra Users, this new option will be displayed in your Company Preferences > Credit Cards tab of your computer’s regional settings are set to one of the supported regions.

This feature is currently in Preview

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stratus desktop

Additional features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018.
Note: Spectra does NOT included these features.

Feature Description
Web Form Bulk Creation Tool

A bulk creation tool has been added for web forms at Maintenance > Web Forms > Bulk Create Web Forms. This tool can create client and session web forms based on a Client Filter, Session Filter, Client Group, Client Status, Session Status, or Marketing Plan.


+ Learn more about the Bulk Create Web Forms tool

Web Form Status Triggers

A new Trigger Type has been added based on Web Form Statuses. These new triggers can operate on a change to a web form’s status.

Web Form Statuses can be created at Maintenance > Web Forms > Web Form Statuses. Triggers can be created at Maintenance > General > Triggers.

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Web Form Filters

Two new Data Types, called Clients with Web Forms and Sessions with Web Forms, have been added to the Filter Builder at Tools > Design Tools > Filter Builder. These new filter types allow you to filter out clients and sessions as well as their subsequent web forms. This is a great tool to figure out who is and isn’t submitting a web form!

+ Learn more about the Filter Builder
SMS Checkboxes for Web Forms

New Internal Link Fields have been added to Web Forms, allowing clients to select whether their phone numbers can receive text messages. This field is linked with the SMS Checkbox found on client records.

Web Forms can be created at Maintenance > Web Forms > Web Forms.

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+ Learn more about the SMS add-on
Default Appointment Statuses for Online Booking

Default Appointment Statuses have been added to the Appointment Type maintenance on the Online Booking tab. This feature allows appointments booked online to have their own default statuses.

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+ Learn more about Online Booking

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
5394Printing PreferencesFonts on Session Lists and Labels report may not follow settings in Printing Preferences. Resolved.
5421Image SizesSpecific Hot Keys for Image Sizes may not work. Resolved.
5559Custom Labels Custom Labels may not allow more than one Font Size. Resolved for non-Dymo labels.
5767Account LabelsPrinting Account Labels may show incorrect label format. Resolved.
5826EmailsHyperlinks in incoming Emails may not work. Resolved.
5916Form LettersUsing CTRL+C and CTRL+V shortcuts may not work in Form Letter Builder. Resolved.
5929Price ListsImporting Price List may result in error regarding Item Groups. Resolved.
5938Web Forms[myStratus Only] Deleted Web Forms may not open on client records. Resolved.
5951SMSIncoming SMS messages may not show pop-up notification for correct user. Resolved.
5952Appointment TypesAppointment Types may not be visible on Dashboard Reports. Resolved.
5954EmailsInsert Field option for subject lines may not work for all Merge Fields. Resolved.
5959Client ImportClient Import tool may not show Custom Labels for General tab fields. Resolved.
5964PaymentsBill-to clients on Payment List report may not fit properly. Resolved.
5983AccountingMake a Deposit tool may not de-select specific Payment Methods. Resolved.
5984PaymentsSave & Close a Payment record after initial save may produce error. Resolved.
5985OnLocation[Spectra Only] Registering an OnLocation database may produce error. Resolved.
5986Dashboard[SQL Version Only] Dashboard report for Appointments All may not show all Appointment Types. Resolved.
5987Outside LocationsOutside Location Address merge field may not show correctly on Form Letters. Resolved.
5997Item TagsRemoving an Item Tag may remove incorrect item. Resolved.
6000Workstation Preferences[Enterprise Version Only] Using English in Workstation Preferences may limit Location access. Resolved.
6003Client Referral ProgramsReferred Client may not receive Promotional Email after initial save. Resolved.
6004DashboardGrouping by Phone Call Outcome in a Dashboard Report may not show. Resolved.
6005Duplicate Clients[Enterprise Version Only] Selecting a Location from duplicate client may not show. Resolved.
6006Duplicate Clients[Enterprise Version Only] Searching for duplicate clients may show one Client record per location it is shared with. Resolved.
6007AppointmentsUsing Tab key on the Appointment Time field may revert time. Resolved.
6009Calendar[Enterprise Version Only] User shared with multiple instances may not show Calendar properly. Resolved.
6014Price ListsLimiting a Promotional Item to invoices with a minimum subtotal may not apply to invoice. Resolved.
6015SessionsSessions using a Default Photographer may produce error. Resolved.
6017TriggersUsing Process Triggers tool may produce error. Resolved.
6019TriggersDeleting a Production Status Trigger may not remove trigger. Resolved.
6020TriggersSetting a Trigger to email Photographer or Assistant may not send email correctly. Resolved.
6021Bulk Scheduling WizardBulk Scheduling Wizard may throw error if using a Client Group with special characters. Resolved.
6023Production OrdersAbility to auto create Production Orders may not create order record. Resolved.
6026TriggersProduction Order Triggers may not allow status change. Resolved.
6029HTML EmailsSending an HTML email with a Client Data Type to clients from a Session Data Type Filter may not populate merge fields. Resolved.
6030Communication WizardUsing a Filter in Communication Wizard with Session Custom field criteria may produce error. Resolved.
6031SchedulingClicking in vicinity of Scheduling checkboxes may check box. Resolved.
6032Phone NumbersOther Phone labels in hubs may not show correct label. Resolved.
6035ShortcutsCompany ShortCuts may initiate wrong shortcut. Resolved.
6036Price ListsExport Promotional Data may split fields across cells. Resolved.
6042TriggersAppointment Triggers may send twice. Resolved.
6048Family Members[Enterprise Version Only] Client Family Members may not share properly. Resolved.