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Reference #: RN 2022
Author: Tech Support
Created: 06.30.22
Last Revised: 09.22.2022

Release Notes:
myStratus Desktop 2022 and Spectra 2022


Release Date: September 20, 2022

New or Enhanced Features

stratus desktop

Additional features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2022.
Note: Spectra does NOT include these features.

Feature Description
Ability to Cross Reference Clients and Sessions!

Now view, add and remove other Client records to a Session.


+ Learn more about Session Clients for reference

stratus desktopstratus desktop

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2022 and Spectra 2022.

Feature Description
Fuji Lab Integration!

StudioPlus is pleased to announce our newest feature – Lab Integration! Yet another way to automate your workflow and save hours of labor costs.

The first lab we chose to integrate with is Fuji based on their incredible quality, prices, and customer service. We plan to add more labs in the future.

With lab integration, your orders can be automatically sent directly to Fuji Fulfilment Center, to be printed and then sent straight to your clients (if you so choose).

Best of all – just turn it on! Most items needed for integrating have been set up for you. Your responsibility is simply to customize it to meet your studio’s workflow.

Some features of the Fuji Lab integration:
- Fully Automated workflow. Once a certain percentage of your invoices are paid, they will trigger the order to get sent directly to Fuji.
- Orders are drop-shipped directly to the customer or to your studio
- Production Orders help you keep track of the status of all your orders
- Pick and choose which products to order from Fuji
- Simply check a box to “turn on the feature”

+ Learn more about Fuji Lab Integration

Communication Job Manager!

You’ve got the ability to see your communication jobs. See completed and aborted jobs, and cancel, pause or resume jobs.

+ Learn more about Communication Job Manager

Copy Triggers!

You can copy a Trigger that has already been created with all the same settings. Just remember to modify the new one!

+ Learn more about Triggers

Phone Call Due Date Option for Triggers!

You now have the option to set a due date for Phone Calls that are made by a Trigger.

Total Lifetime Session Sales!

Now you can include/exclude Invoices from the Total Lifetime Session Sales.

+ Learn more about Total Sales Configuration

QR Codes to Bulk Image Importer!

This feature allows you to streamline the process of getting images into myStratus for school / sports studios using QR Codes and the Bulk Image Importer.

+ Learn more about Bulk Image Importer

Express Digital Darkroom Integration! - Coming Soon

Coming soon! We’ve added the option for Express Digital Darkroom Integration in Workstation Preferences > Digital tab, along with a new Darkroom button to the workflow hub. Clicking this will launch your session images in Darkroom where you can edit them. When finished, a new popup will bring your changes back to myStratus and create new preview files.


New SMS fields!

We’ve added the ability to shorten URLs in outgoing SMS text Messages. All myStratus databases will be getting shorter links for the following fields, [[FacebookReferralURL]], [[ClientReferralURL]], [[SessionConfirmationURL]],

+ Learn more about SMS Messages

New SMS for Triggers!

Now you can create a Trigger for incoming messages based on words or a phrase.


+ Learn more about Triggers

Limit Promo Codes Per Client!

This is a new feature that adds a Promotional Item Limitation for “Limit to one use per client”. Similar to “Limit to one use per invoice”, this promo code can only be used once per client record. Ex: a coupon that this client can only use once in their lifetime.


+ Learn more about Promotion Codes

Additional Information

Spectra Users

The Spectra 2022 release is available to all Spectra customers with a current maintenance plan.

+ Download Spectra 2022
+ Read more about Spectra software updates and upgrades

myStratus Desktop Users

The myStratus Desktop 2022 release is available to all myStratus subscribers (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) on a per request basis. To coordinate your upgrade, please send us an email using the link below and we will schedule a time to upgrade your account.

+ Schedule my upgrade