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Reference #: KB 00017
Author: MattH
Created: 05.31.12
Last Revised: 06.04.12

Upgrading to from



Follow these instructions carefully as you upgrade from to the new

+ Printable checklist


  1. Familiarize yourself with the new functionality of
  2. Familiarize yourself with the new features of StudioPlus Spectra 2012.
  3. Note the new pricing structure introduced with Most clients should see a price reduction with InSpired over MyStudioPlus!

  4. Complete this online form to set up your new account.

  5. Pick a date for your conversion. You can select any Tuesday - Friday in June or July.
  6. Prepare a new company logo and marketing image to brand your InSpiredByYou website. These will need to be uploaded the morning you go live with

    • New company logo dimensions – 240 pixels (wide) by 120 pixels (high)
    • New marketing image dimensions – 330 pixels (wide) by 230 pixels (high)

  7. The night before your conversion, we will disable your old account around midnight (Central Standard Time) and begin transferring your existing data and images from to

  8. The conversion should be completed by 7:00 am. Once completed, any of your clients that visit the old site will automatically be redirected to the new login page.

  9. Any time after 7:00 am, you must upgrade your installed StudioPlus software to the new Spectra 2012. This must be done before you can perform a data sync with InSpired.

  10. Once your upgrade to Spectra 2012 is complete, launch Spectra. Then go to Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences and check the following settings:

    • On the General tab, enter your InSpiredByYou Client Username and Password. Note: This is the new username and password you received in your confirmation email from StudioPlus.

    • On the Company tab, browse and select your new Company Logo and Marketing Image.
    • Also on the Company tab, check your Social Networking preference.

    • On the Task tab, check your Task Auto-Creation preferences.

  11. Perform a sync with by choosing Tools > Synchronization.

  12. In Spectra 2012, create a new fake client and session for testing purposes. Import images into the session and then upload the session and images to Log in to the InSpiredByYou test session, place an order, and then download the order to Spectra. If you encounter any problems, please let us know right away.

  13. Change links on your studio website and in your emails to your new URL. The new URL will be You no longer need anything after the '.com'.