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Cambridge, MN - April 12, 2016

StudioPlus Software, LLC Announces New Versions - StudioPlus Spectra 2016 Volume 1 and StudioPlus myStratus 2016 Volume 1

StudioPlus Software officially announced the general release of the 2016 Volume 1 versions of Spectra and myStratus, a major upgrade to both products. Spectra 2016 Volume 1 and myStratus 2016 Volume 1 offer the next step in becoming the all-in-one studio business software and digital workflow management software.

Spectra 2016 Volume 1 and myStratus Volume 1 2016 contain new features to help streamline processes that previously required additional software. For the digital workflow, printing has been added to allow you to print your images directly from the software. Along with already existing features, this becomes a powerful tool to print single images or all images to fulfill a customer’s order with a single click. For those who use the Enterprise edition, a new add-on product has also been included. This new product, called StudioPlus Finale™, is designed as a render and print server to automate your printing workflow. The software also now supports and works with Green Screen (Chroma Key) images.

From the business side, this software upgrade includes Web Forms for myStratus users – great for sending contracts, questionnaires, or other forms to your clients to complete online. Utilizing the power of our already existing software, we’ve optimized Web Forms to provide a hands-off, automatic workflow capable of handling everything behind the scenes.

For both Spectra 2016 and myStratus 2016, a new promotions feature has been included to help track promotions and quickly add them to an invoice. This feature has also been expanded to also easy tracking of Groupons® or other similar online promotions. Our myStratus Online Booking feature, released last fall, has also been enhanced in this update.

In addition to these major features which have been added to Spectra 2016 and myStratus 2016 Volume 1, the upgrades also feature additional enhancements to provide more functionality to almost every part of the software!

“Our goal is to make a product so robust you don’t need any other software,” states StudioPlus founder and CEO Matthew Hunt. “Most studio management software helps save time in certain areas, but also costs more in others, forcing you to switch to additional tools. Today, StudioPlus is one step closer to becoming the software that saves you time and money in all areas, the ultimate tool to assist you in running a successful business.”

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Pricing and Availability
StudioPlus Spectra 2016 is an on-premises product and is available for immediate purchase. Spectra Express single-user edition is $395, Standard is $995, and Professional is $1,695.

StudioPlus myStratus 2016 is a cloud-based service and is available for immediate sign up. Stratus Express single-user edition is $29.95 per month, Standard is $49.95 per month, and Professional is priced at $69.95 per month.

Enterprise versions are also available for business with multiple locations.

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About StudioPlus Software
StudioPlus Software has been developing quality, award-winning, software solutions for the professional photographic industry since 1997. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

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