Spectra or Stratus? Which one is right for me?

We realize that choosing the right solution is important! Simply answer the questions below and we'll help you decide which StudioPlus solution is designed for you. Still can't decide? Give one of our product specialists a call. We're here to help!

1. Would you rather purchase your software so you own it, or avoid the up-front cost by paying a monthly subscription?
Doesn't matter.
2. Do you mind maintaining your own local software, database, and network environment, or would you rather have someone else manage them for you?
I want to do it.
I would rather
have someone
else do it.
Doesn't matter.
3. Do you want to be able to access your data and images from anywhere, or do you prefer to have your software and images only stored on your local system?
I require everything to be local.
I want global access.
Doesn't matter.
4. Do you want to be able to install an app on your iPhone™
or iPad™ to access your data remotely, or are you okay with using Google® syncing services to sync data to your mobile device(s)?
Google syncing works for me.
I want a full
iPhone or iPad
app to install.
Doesn't matter.
5. Are you Mac® or PC based?
I'm PC based.
- or -
I'm Mac based
but am okay with running VMware®
or Parallels® software.
I want a cross-platform solution.
Doesn't matter.
6. Do you want to be able to work without an Internet connection?
I want the ability
to work offline
with no Internet connection.
I don't mind an Internet connection being required.
Doesn't matter.
7. How important is performance to you?
I do alot of volume and having a fast, robust solution is important to me.
I realize that working online
can be slower
than working locally, but I'm okay with that.
Doesn't matter.