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"StudioPlus has proven to be a solid studio program which allows us to present, choose and order, invoice and track our orders from beginning to end. Our employees have found it to be an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system."

Larry Peters
Peters Photography
London, OH

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StudioPlus Stratus Drive

Taking your business to the cloud isn't limited to Stratus users. Spectra and InSpiredByYou users also benefit from our cloud-based storage service called StudioPlus Stratus Drive™.

With Stratus Drive, free* cloud-based storage is available for the entire StudioPlus family of products. Spectra can use your Stratus Drive to store client images for electronic delivery, email attachments, HTML email graphics, and more. StudioPlus myStratus and InSpiredByYou use the Stratus Drive to store your online images. New features continue to be released in each of our products that take advantage of this shared storage service.

Stratus Drive Features


» Store client images for electronic delivery.
» Store email attachments.
» Store HTML email graphics.
» Store the main client and main session images for HTML emails.
» Store InSpiredByYou session images.
» Store InSpiredByYou album images.
» Store InSpiredByYou product images.

For maximum reliability, every file on your Stratus Drive is replicated on six different drives which are divided between two data centers in different regions of the country!

Stratus Drive Pricing

Storage Included
5 GB*
FREE with qualifying products*
20 GB (plus free storage)
50 GB (plus free storage)
125 GB (plus free storage)
225 GB (plus free storage)
500 GB (plus free storage)
1 TB (plus free storage)

* You automatically receive 5 GB of free storage with any qualifying product. Qualifying products include: Spectra (with a current maintenance plan), InSpiredByYou, and myStratus.

To Sign Up


Every StudioPlus customer with a current Spectra maintenance plan, myStratus subscription, or InSpiredByYou subscription automatically receives a free Stratus Drive, including 5 GB of free storage.

To purchase additional storage space, contact sales at (888) 862-4868.