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Reference #: RN 2018V1R
Author: Tech Support
Created: 07.23.18
Last Revised: 08.06.18

Release Notes:
myStratus/Spectra 2018

Volume 1 Service Release 5


Release Date: August 6, 2018

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New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018 and Spectra 2018:

Feature Description
Render Profiles and Electronic Delivery

Render Profiles now have the ability to automatically email or text the client after uploading the images
for Electronic Delivery. These new options can be found on the Delivery Options tab of the Render
form. Emails/Text can optionally be sent immediately after uploading or within a specified time


Status Notes have also been enhanced to include more detailed information during rendering. These
details include:

• When a Render Profile was initiated.
• Who initiated a profile.
• If the profile ran manually by a user, or automatically in StudioPlus Finale.
• Whether the rendering completed successfully or not.
• How many images were actually rendered.

The updated Status Notes can be found on Session, Invoice, or Production Order records.

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+ Click here to learn more about Electronic Delivery

SMS Message Count

SMS messages with character counts greater than 160 characters will now send to client as one whole message instead of split messages. Note: Each 160 characters will still be billed as a separate message, even though messages are being sent as a single text. For example, 170 characters is billed as two text messages, but the client will receive one whole message.

sms msg size

+ Click here to learn more about the SMS add-on
+ Click here to learn more about Sending SMS texts

SMS Date/Time

Now all Communication tabs will display the specific time an SMS message was sent as well as the date it was sent. Previously, these tabs would only display the date a text was sent.

sms date time

+ Click here to learn more about the SMS add-on

End of Day Report

A new report has been added to the final page of the End of Day Wizard and the Re-Print Posting
forms. Both features are found at Tools > Accounting Link. This report is designed to be a single-page summary of accounts for the day. Your report will appear slightly different depending upon whether you use “Cash-basis” (Posting invoices when paid in full) or “Accrual-basis” (Posting invoices immediately).

eod report

+ Click here to learn more about the End of Day Wizard
+ Click here to learn more about the Accounting Link

Credit Memo Options

A new option has been added to Credit Memos. This option allows you to credit an entire invoice,
including any Discounts or Shipping prices that were applied.

credit memo options

+ Click here to learn more about Credit Memos

Stratus Drive

Two new options have been added on the Action tab at Sync Folders on any Session, Invoice, or
Production Order record.
The feature to Delete all images in Stratus Drive will delete all images hosted in the Stratus Drive for this specific session. Security Settings have also been added for this feature at Maintenance > General > Security Groups to prevent users from deleting images off the Stratus Drive.

The other feature to Sync Previews and Render Folders with Stratus Drive will sync both the Preview and Render folder for this specific session.

stratus drive sync option

+ Click here to learn more about the Stratus Drive
+ Click here to learn more about Security Settings

Package Locking

A new feature has been added to Packages within the Price List Item Maintenance. Now a Package can be set to allow all components to be modified, replaceable items be modified, or no items be modified. Utilizing this feature can prevent users from changing a Package Component on an invoice without authorization.

This feature can be found at Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists – on the General tab of a Package price list item.


+ Click here to learn more about the creating Packages

stratus desktop

Additional features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018.
Note: Spectra does NOT included these features.

Feature Description

Online Image Gallery (Electronic Delivery)

A new feature has been added to Electronic Delivery allowing clients to view and download images directly from their mobile devices. This feature has been added in addition to the previous feature of sending clients a link to download a Zip file of their images. After a client receives their electronic delivery link, they can click it and be taken to their online image gallery. From here, the client can view individual images, download them, and even share them to specific Social Networks.

This new feature can be added to a Render Profile from the Delivery Options tab. Select to deliver images using the Stratus Drive (Single Image Files).

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+ Click here to learn more about Rendering Images
+ Click here to learn more about Electronic Delivery

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
5316Home PageHome Page may not show Tasks assigned to Departments without an assigned User. Resolved.
5329User Security[myStratus Only] Creating a new Password may not allow specific characters. Resolved.
5426Web Forms[myStratus Only] Adding new Page to Web Form may not be added instantly. Resolved.
5667Image SizesMay need to press a Function Image Size Hot Key before using other Hot Keys. Resolved.
5713Audit Trail LogsColumn Chooser may appear in Audit Trail Logs. Resolved.
5976CalendarSunrise & Sunset times may show incorrectly. Resolved.
6034DashboardProduction-based Custom fields may not be labeled in Dashboard. Resolved.
6041EmailEmail printout may not include CC and Attachment info. Resolved.
6047ReportsProduct Sales Analysis report may not allow Filters. Resolved.
6052PrintingPreviewing Form Letter before printing may not add copy to Communications tab of Client record. Resolved.
6054TriggersTrigger and Form Letters with pre-selected Attachments may not send correctly. Resolved.
6056EmailsDrafted Emails may not be editable after initial Save. Resolved.
6064Price ListsCommissions set on Price List level may not allow partial percentages. Resolved.
6070Session TypesCompany Preferences may not allow Default Session Type to be blanked out. Resolved.
6091Clients[Enterprise Version Only] Using Advanced Search may produce an error. Resolved.
6097HelpHelp menu may show incorrect icon for Customer Feedback Options. Resolved.
6099SMSSMS Messages may not show all information on record. Resolved.
6101AppointmentsDeleting a single occurrence of Recurring Appointment may produce an error. Resolved.
6103AppointmentsChanging a single Appointment to be Recurring may change Start Time. Resolved.
6104AppointmentsChanging the Duration on a Recurring Appointment may change Start and End Times. Resolved.
6108Bulk Image ImporterBulk Image Importer may not increase image size after double-clicking. Resolved.
6117Invoice TermsInvoice Terms menu for Client-Based Invoices may produce an error. Resolved.
6118Time SlotsBooking Time Slots for different Resources may not remove conflicting slots. Resolved.
6119Time SlotsTime Slot may not reactivate after a Session is marked Cancelled. Resolved.
6135Triggers[SQL Version Only] Accessing the Trigger maintenance screen may produce an error. Resolved.
6136InvoicesSession Fee Invoices may not include Image Detail Sheet printout. Resolved.
6143Time SlotsReactivated Time Slots may show for incorrect Appointment and Session Types. Resolved.