Spectra FAQs


Q: Can I try Spectra before I purchase?

Yes, you can download a fully functional 30-day trial and get started today!
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Q: Is there a demo that I don't have to download?

Yes. Click here to watch a video tour of the software.

Q: Can I get help installing and using the software?

Yes. Just call or email our office to get one-on-one guidance as you install Spectra and get it up and running. We also provide personalized assistance to make sure that Spectra is set up for your unique business needs.
Call: 888.862.4868
Email: Sales@StudioPlusSoftware.com

Q: Are there video tutorials to help me set up and learn Spectra?

Yes. We have a comprehensive library of training videos you can watch whenever you wish. Click here to see a list of all the training videos.

Q: Can I keep the data I entered during the trial when I purchase?

Yes. When you purchase the software, you can simply register your trial database and keep on going!

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. StudioPlus offers an unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Within the first 30 days our staff is here to ensure that Spectra is up and running in your studio.

Q: Can I transfer my data from other programs?

In most cases, yes. Call for details and to get help importing your existing database.

Q: Can Spectra run on a network?

Yes, all versions of Spectra can run on a network, no matter how many user licenses you purchase. However, the number of licenses you purchase determines how many workstations can run Spectra at the same time. No dedicated server is required, just a shared folder is necessary.

Q: How does Spectra link with QuickBooks® Desktop?

All your clients, invoices, deposits, and payments are created in Spectra. You then export your daily deposits and sales to a file that can be imported into QuickBooks Desktop. Without any double entry, you can track your accounts receivable and sales tax reports in Spectra and then utilize all the accounting features of QuickBooks Desktop. Note: At the current time the QuickBooks Online products do not offer the import feature required for this integration, the QuickBooks desktop software is required.
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Q: Can I authorize credit card purchases through Spectra?

Yes, Spectra is fully integrated with TSYS (Formerly Cayan) (US only) and eWAY (AU and NZ) credit card merchants. Our relationships with TSYS and eWAY have allowed us to develop credit card processing procedures that simplify the PCI compliance process for your business. You can even add a credit card swiper for easier credit card processing.
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Q: What are the system requirements for running StudioPlus Spectra?

Spectra will run best on a Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system with at least 2 GB of RAM, a Pentium III processor, and 500 MB free space on your hard drive. If you have a dedicated server storing your Spectra data files, we recommend using at least Windows Server 2008 (or newer) operating system. Earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported by Microsoft and do not support the components needed to run Spectra. 

Q: Can I run Spectra on a Mac?

Yes, you can! While Spectra is designed for the Windows operating system, thanks to new technology you can effortlessly run Spectra on your Mac.
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Q: Will Spectra synchronize with my mobile device?

Spectra syncs with free Google® Gmail accounts for calendar and contacts. If your device can sync with Google, then you should be able to sync it with Spectra.
+ Watch "Smartphone Syncing Through Google"
+ More information on Google syncing from the Spectra Online Help

Q: Is training available?

Yes. In addition to our intuitive on-screen Help feature, we have many online training resources and can even provide on-site training.
+ Visit the Learning Center for additional information
+ See a list of authorized StudioPlus consultants

Q: What is a StudioPlus maintenance plan?

A StudioPlus maintenance plan provides free software upgrades as well as free chat, email, and phone support. Your Spectra purchase includes a maintenance plan for the first year. Upon the completion of your first year, your maintenance plan will be automatically renewed, continuing your support and updates for another year. Maintenance plan fees are calculated based on the current retail price of your product and are typically paid monthly.
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Please feel free to contact our technical support with any questions you have regarding StudioPlus software. Call us at (763) 552-5500 or email us at Support@StudioPlusSoftware.com.