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Stratus FAQs


Q: Are there video tutorials to help me set up and learn Stratus?

Yes. We have a comprehensive library of training videos available for you to watch whenever you wish.

+ View a list of Stratus training videos

Q: What kind of support will I get if I have questions?

During US business hours, we have a fabulous support team available to answer your questions. Just call or email whenever you need help. In addition, we pride ourselves on our self-help material that’s just a fingertip away, available 24x7.

+ View the Stratus WEB online help
+ View the Stratus DESKTOP online help

Q: Who owns my data?

You do! The myStratus Terms of Use explicitly state, "The content available through the site services shall remain the property of the individual or entity that transmitted the content to StudioPlus (…)"

+ Read the TOU for full details

Q: It makes me nervous to have someone else store my data!

We understand! One of the risks with any cloud-based provider is that they control access to YOUR data. If they close their doors, what happens to your valuable data? With Stratus, you can export all your data to Excel spreadsheets, which you can download to your local system for your own peace of mind. As a company, we strongly believe no one should entrust their data to a company that does not give full access.

Q: Can I transfer my data from another program into Stratus?

Yes! Stratus can import client and price list information from any standard CSV or Excel file. In addition, any appointments you have in your Google calendar can also sync over to Stratus. If you are a current Spectra user, ALL of your Spectra data can be transferred to Stratus. Discuss your Spectra data conversion options with a StudioPlus representative.

Q: Does Stratus include credit card processing?

Yes, StudioPlus Stratus offers fully integrated credit card processing. We've partnered with TSYS (formerly Cayan®) in the U.S. and eWAY® in Australia & New Zealand. The process is simple and is fully PCI compliant. You can even add a credit card swiper to streamline the process. You pay any credit card processing fees directly to TSYS or eWAY.

+ More information about credit card processing

Q: What are the system requirements for running Stratus?

myStratus Web App: Use any Mac, PC, or mobile device with an Internet connection and one of the following compatible browsers: Google Chrome 24.x (or greater) or Firefox 18.x (or greater).

myStratus Mobile App: Requires iOS 7.0 or later for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Requires OS 4.0.3 or later for Android Devices.

myStratus Desktop App: myStratus Desktop will run best on a Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system with at least 2 GB of RAM, a Pentium III processor, and 500 MB free hard drive space. Note: Earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported by Microsoft and do not support the components needed to run myStratus Desktop.

Q: Can I access my Stratus data from my smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device?

Yes! First, if your mobile device has an Internet connection and a compatible browser, you can access your Stratus data through your browser. Second, if you have an iPhone/iPad or Android device, you can download our myStratus mobile app.

Q: How is my data protected?

First, all your live data is automatically replicated between multiple devices simultaneously, to protect you from any hardware failure. Second, we always maintain five backups of your data in separate data centers to protect against catastrophic outages.

Q: How are my images and other files protected?

For maximum reliability, every file on your Stratus Drive is replicated on six different drives which are divided between two data centers in different regions of the country!

Q: What if I sign up for Stratus and decide it's not right for me?

No problem! You can cancel at any time. There is no fee for your first 30 days, so if you cancel during that time frame, you will not be charged. Within the first 30 days our staff is here to ensure that myStratus is up and running in your studio.