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Reference #: RN 2019
Author: Tech Support
Created: 07.28.19
Last Revised: 09.16.2019

Release Notes:
myStratus Desktop 2019 and Spectra 2019


Release Date: September 16, 2019


New or Enhanced Features

stratus desktop

Additional features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2019.
Note: Spectra does NOT included these features.

Feature Description

Online Payment Portal!

Note: This feature is available in the U.S. only and requires a TSYS account

An Online Payment Portal, the most requested feature on our User Voice forum, has arrived for myStratus Users! This new feature allows you to email clients a link to view their invoices online in our mobile-friendly portal and pay their outstanding balances instantly.

Three new merge fields are available in the HTML Email Builder called Client Online Pay URL, Invoice Online Pay URL, and Payment Online Pay URL to include in your emails for clients. Each merge field will take the client either to the overall portal, a specific invoice, or a pending payment, respectively.

To set a default email, new options are available in the Company Preferences > Invoicing tab.

This email can be sent annually via an option in the ribbon of client and invoice records, or it can be set to automatically send via triggers.


+ Learn more about Online Payments

Credit Card Processing for myStratus Mobile! Note: This feature is available in the U.S. only and requires a TSYS account

You can now process Credit Cards using the myStratus Mobile app and TSYS’s Genius Mini Device.

Activate this integration at Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Credit Cards tab. Then, simply set up the Genius Mini on the same mobile device running your myStratus Mobile App.

Choose to process credit cards directly from the main screen or via the client or session record in the app.


+ Learn more about Credit Card Processing - Mobile App

Net Promoter Scores!

Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures customer experience and predicts business growth! This proven metric has transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer relationship management (CRM) programs worldwide. An NPS score uses the answer to a key question, using a 0-10 scale: How likely is it that you would recommend [Your Company Name] to a friend or colleague?

You can now use myStratus to gather this valuable key measurement of your customers’ overall perception of your company, and because NPS is a leading indicator of your future growth, you’ll quickly find it to be one of the most valuable tools in myStratus!

A new merge field has been added to the HTML Email Builder to automatically insert this survey in an email to your client. It can be found at Insert Data Field > Special Field > NPS Rating Bar.

Once a client answers, they’ll be re-directed online where they can also provide additional feedback.

All NPS ratings are viewable from the respective client and session records on the Online tabs. An exclusion has also been added to Triggers to bypass a record if the NPS score has already been set.


+ Learn more about Net Promoter Scores

myStratus Maps Add-on for myStratus!Coming Soon!

Additional Pricing Applies

A new add-on is available to myStratus users called myStratus Maps! We’ve integrated with Bing Maps to give you a look at the big picture for where your clients are located.

With this add-on, new options are available in the ribbon of all hubs to view a Heat Map, Address Map, or Zip Code Cluster Map of the clients showing in the hub.


+ Learn More about myStratus Maps

+ View myStratus Maps Pricings

Online Booking Enhancements!

Every year, we try to introduce new features to our myStratus online booking portal to make it even more accessible!

Now clients can enter your promotion codes online. Follow these steps to associate a Promo Code with your Online Booking:

  1. Create a Promotional Price List Item for the Promotion at Maintenance > Price List > Price List
  2. The Item Identifier field is the equivalent of the Promo Code clients will enter online
  3. Visit the appropriate Session Type at Maintenance > Session > Session Types.
  4. On the Online Booking 2 tab, select which Promotional Items you want available online.
  5. During the Online Booking process, clients can now enter the promo code given to get their discount.


Session and Appointment Types also have their own links to skip the Session Selection page online. Visit the Session Type you want available at Maintenance > Session > Session Types. On the Online Booking tab, select “Copy Online Booking URL” to get the necessary URL.

This URL is also available in HTML emails and Form Letters at Insert > Data Fields > Online Booking.

+ Learn more about Online Booking

+ Learn more about Online Booking Promo Codes

New Web Forms!

Invoicing is now accessible as a Web Form Type in myStratus! When creating a new Web Form at Maintenance > Web Form > Web Forms, an option is now available to use information based on Invoices.


+ Learn more about Web Forms

New Payment Plan Communications!

New automation features have been added to myStratus to allow you to automatically create and email/text a web form to your client when a payment plan has been created to allow them to confirm their details.

These options can be found at Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Invoicing tab.


+ Learn more about Payment Plans

stratus desktopstratus desktop

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2019 and Spectra 2019:

Feature Description

Client Marketing Checkboxes!

Marketing no longer follows an “Opt. Out” mindset; instead, your clients are offered ways to “Opt. In”. New settings located at Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Clients tab allow you to set which fields should default as checked.

The previous “Do Not Market” and “Do Not Call” checkboxes have been removed from client records.

“But what about my existing clients?”

Not to worry! The 2019 upgrade automatically takes your previous “Do Not Market” settings and translates them to match our new “Allow Marketing” options.


+ Learn more about Client References

+ Learn more about Company Preferences – Clients

Gift Certificate Enhancements!

The software now has the capability to generate a completely random number to a newly created gift certificate – on top of its past ability to assign a sequential number.

You can also set the software to automatically send an email to the client when they initially pay for their Gift Certificate. This HTML email can include all necessary merge fields, including the Gift Certificate Number and Expiration Date.

These options can both be found on the Miscellaneous tab of the Price List Item Maintenance screen.

+ Learn more about Gift Certificates

Goodies Galore!
» Best Promotion Calculator – A new calculation option is available for items on invoices and can be activated from the Company Preferences > Invoicing tab. When activated, the system will automatically check all listed Promotional items on an invoice to find the best deal for the client and apply it – cancelling all other promotions.

+ Learn more about Company Preferences – Invoicing


Calendar Performance – Changes have been made behind the scenes to improve Calendar performance for myStratus users.


Cayan Credit Card processing – With TSYS’s recent acquisition of Cayan, Spectra and myStratus have been updated to display the new TSYS branding instead of Cayan.

+ Learn more about TSYS


Client records – The Invoice tab of Client records will now display a green dot if all the client’s invoices are paid in full.


Image Detail – A new option is available in the Company Preferences > Reports tab to not print individual images on the Image Detail if they’re also being used in a Composite Template.

+ Learn more about Company Preferences – Reports


Search By Options – The Search By feature in the Clients Hub is now able to search via Lead Source.

» Dashboard – Session and Appointment based Data Types in the Dashboard now offer the option to Group By “Hour of Day”.

+ Learn more about Dashboard Reports


Invoice Labels – A New Client Labels pop-up menu for Session, Bill-to, and Shipping has been added to Invoice records.

» Time Slots - User and Resource columns now available in Time Slot maintenance at Maintenance > Session > Scheduling Time Slots.

+ Learn more about the Scheduling Time Slots


Client Import Wizard - A new ability to Update Existing Client Records based on Main Phone Number has been added to Client Import Wizard.

+ Learn more about Importing Clients


Client Birthdays – 12 new Filters have been automatically added called "Birthdays in *Month*". You can now see a list of client’s birthdays for each month – found at Tools > Design Tools > Filter Builder.

+ Learn more about Filter Builder


Price List Items - Replaceable Price List Items now can require an item be replaced. This option can be found on the Miscellaneous tab of the Price List Item Maintenance.

+ Learn more about Item Tags


Auto Capitalization – A new checkbox is in the Company Preferences > Clients tab which allows you to disable the software’s automatic capitalization feature. To bypass the auto capitalization, a hover-over detail has also been added to all client records.

+ Learn more about the Company Preferences – Clients


Today’s Snapshot - LYTD data has been added to Today’s Snapshot tile on Home page. LYTD means Last Year-To-Date, which allows you to get an immediate comparison how you are doing this Year-To-Date versus last year for the same period.

+ Learn more about the Home Page


Notes – All Notes tabs now give you the ability to change font style and size. This can be edited from the Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.

+ Learn more about Company Preferences – Miscellaneous


Advanced Search – New ability to search by all client Phone Numbers in Advanced Search form on hubs.


Global Payments - Additional compliance in Global Payments integration for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Europe.

+ Learn more about Global Payments


Time Stamps – Now set Time Stamps to follow a global internet time instead of the computer’s local time at Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab. Using this feature bypasses the local computer clock, which can be different from computer to computer, and uses a centralized Internet-based clock so all time-stamps are consistent and accurate. Using this feature, also prevents a user from manually changing their computer time to fraudulently stamping in an inaccurate timestamp in the notes.

+ Learn more about Company Preferences – Miscellaneous

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
6057SchedulingSelecting to email Session Confirmation in Scheduling Wizard may produce error and not list Form Letters. Resolved.
6259Production OrdersProduction Orders may display all inactive Form Letters. Resolved.
6260SMSMarking SMS texts as Read may work inconsistently. Resolved.
6264InvoicesPrinting Image Detail may not work from a Session Fee invoice. Resolved.
6277DashboardCriteria option may not be taken into account for Dashboard Reports. Resolved.
6286Production OrdersAccount Label on Production Orders may not activate. Resolved.
6300Price ListGift Certificates may allow duplicate numbers if being added manually. Resolved.
6304Sessions HubAbility to modify Photographer, Assistant, and Resource names may not translate to Column Headers. Resolved.
6313DashboardApplying a Filter to Dashboard Reports may show inactive Filters. Resolved.
6319Rendering[Spectra Only] Render Jobs may not save after being closed out. Resolved.
6332TriggersInvoice Triggers may not save after being closed out. Resolved.
6348SessionsSession Numbers using Client Last Name may show duplicated name if altered. Resolved.
6354Web FormsRenaming a Custom field may not update naming in Web Forms menu. Resolved.
6364Web FormsWeb Forms may not recognize Visibility Dates. Resolved.
6369Messages HubMessages hub may not display To and From Email Address columns. Resolved.
6387Invoice TermsSaving Invoice Terms may produce an error. Resolved.
6392 Web Forms [Enterprise Edition] Ability to switch locations in Web Form maintenance may not work. Resolved.
6413Sessions HubSession Create Time column may display incorrectly. Resolved.
6422Data Entry ValidationsData Entry Validations may not display Custom Label. Resolved.
6425LabelsLabels may not print Bar Code if Session Number is over 12 characters. Resolved.
6443Locations[Enterprise Edition Only] Restricted Locations may still show data for other Locations. Resolved.


Additional Information

Spectra Users

The Spectra 2019 release is available to all Spectra customers with a current maintenance plan.

+ Download Spectra 2019
+ Read more about Spectra software updates and upgrades

myStratus Desktop Users

The myStratus Desktop 2019 release is available to all myStratus subscribers (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) on a per request basis. To coordinate your upgrade, please send us an email using the link below and we will schedule a time to upgrade your account.

+ Schedule my upgrade