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Reference #: RN 2018
Author: Tech Support
Created: 01.22.18
Last Revised: 01.31.2018

Release Notes:
myStratus Desktop 2018 and Spectra 2018




Preview Release: January 31, 2018


New or Enhanced Features

The following features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018 and Spectra 2018:

Feature Description

Client Referral Programs

(Professional and Enterprise Only)

A new feature called Client Referral Programs has been added. This new system will automate rewards for both referring and referred clients. Along with these programs are new menus and forms:

» Referral Program Preferences (myStratus only) have been added at Maintenances > Preferences > Referral Program Preferences. These settings allow myStratus users to control how they receive their new referrals online, including linking new referrals with Online Booking.
» Client Referral Programs have been added at Maintenance > Clients > Client Referral Programs. This form is where you set up each referral program.
» Reports – New reports have been added for additional tracking, including: Loyalty Rewards Activity, Loyalty Rewards Outstanding, and Client Referrals.
» Triggers and the Communication Wizard have been enhanced to simultaneously notify clients of your new programs as well as assign them to their program.


+ Learn more about Client Referral Programs

Appointment Enhancements - New!

The Appointments Hub and Appointment Statuses have now been introduced in Spectra/myStratus.

» Appointments Hub – You can now view and access all appointments at once or search for specific records in this new hub.
» Appointment Statuses - Keep track of your appointments at every stage – whether they’re rescheduled, cancelled, completed, etc. This is found at Maintenance > Appointments > Appointment Statuses.
» Triggers - With the new Appointment Statuses, triggers have also been enhanced to allow for Appointment Type and Status Triggers.


+ Learn more about the Appointment Hub

+ Learn more about Appointment Statuses

Language Options - NEW!

Spectra/myStratus Desktop have now been translated into multiple languages.

To change the software’s language in myStratus Desktop, visit Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > General tab > Regional Settings. Select one of the below languages to use from the drop down and shut down/re-open the software to see the new language.

For Spectra users, modify your computer’s regional settings in your Windows Control Panel to change the translation within Spectra.

The new translations include:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish

Now our Help Console can also be translated to any language offered by Google Translate. Simply select the language you want to view under the Search bar and all pages will be translated instantly.

+ Learn more about Company Preferences - General

Dashboard Reports and Enhancements - NEW!

Multiple Dashboard reports have been added. For better searching options, we’ve also added a new Criteria field to narrow down results even further.

New report Data Types include:

  • Payments Pending
  • Emails – All, Sent, and Received
  • Emails (myStratus with StudioPlus Mail Only) – Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Spam Reported, Unsubscribed
  • Loyalty Rewards Issued
  • Loyalty Rewards Redeemed
  • New Client Referrals
New Group By options include:
  • Hour of Day (Phone Call and Email Reports)
  • Call Outcomes (Phone Call Reports)
  • Call Results (Phone Call Reports)
  • Appointment Status (Appointment Reports)
  • Client Referral Program (For most Reports)


+Learn more about Dashboard reports

Cayan Enhancements

Cayan Usernames and Passwords are no longer required in Spectra and myStratus. Only the Site ID, Key, and Name are needed to have the ability to process credit cards. This means you no longer need to update your Cayan password once it’s changed online.

Cayan has also introduced a new enhancement to their credit card vault. Now anytime a saved credit card is used or viewed, the card’s information will be automatically moved to the enhanced vault. With the enhanced vault, Cayan’s new Card Updater Service allows MasterCard and Visa cards to have their expiration dates automatically updated within Spectra/myStratus.

*The Card Updater Service is an optional service provided by Cayan, additional fees will apply.

+ Learn more about Cayan

+ Learn more about Setting up Cayan

Cayan’s Genius Handheld and Mini Terminals - NEW!

New integrations have been added with Cayan’s new Genius Handheld Terminal and Genius Mini Terminal. Connect these devices with your database from the Workstation Preferences > Credit Cards tab. With the presence of Spectra/myStratus Desktop on the same Wi-Fi connection, these devices can process credit cards from anywhere.


+ Learn more about the Genius Handheld Terminal

+ Learn more about the Genius Mini Terminal

+ Learn more about the Workstation Preferences - Credit Card tab

Item Maintenance Enhancements - NEW!

New features to auto add additional items with a specific item tag and to require the presence of an item with a specific item tag before adding another item have been added to the Miscellaneous tab of the Item Maintenance form.

Additional new features for price list items include:

  • Require Image Selection – This option requires a user to select an image number whenever this item is used on an invoice. It has been added to the Miscellaneous tab of the Item Maintenance form.

  • Promotion not allowed to be entered directly – This option limits coupons so they cannot be added to an invoice individually - only as part of a Combination Promotion Type. This feature can be found on the Promotional Item Details tab of the Item Maintenance form.

To accommodate these new features, a new Miscellaneous tab has been added to the Price List Item Maintenance form.


+ Learn more about Item Tags

+ Learn more about Price Lists

Custom Fields - NEW!

Multiple record types now have additional custom text fields, date fields, and checkboxes. All the new custom fields are also available in the Column Chooser, as Merge Fields, and as criteria in the Filter Builder. Any custom text box can also be converted to a drop-down list.

Invoice and Appointment forms also now have their own Custom tabs. To hide the new appointment or invoice Custom tabs, visit Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Appointments and Invoicing tabs.

To edit the custom field labels, go to Maintenance > General > Custom Labels and Lists.


+ Learn more about Custom Lists and Labels

Composite Template Sales Report - NEW!

A new Composite Template Sales Report has been added to the Reports > Analysis Reports section. Use this report to track all composite template sales.


+ Learn more about the Composite Template Sales Report

Family Member Ages

The ability to define what age will stop displaying on a family member has been added to the Company Preferences > Clients tab.

Family member have been enhanced to be more exact. If a family member is less than a month old, their age will be displayed as Days.


+ Learn nore about the Company Preferences - Clients tab

Other Goodies!
» Divorced and Single Parents – Additional checkboxes are now on the Organization tab of a client record to track whether a parent is Single or Divorced.

+ Learn more about Client Records


Session, Appointment, and Communication times – Now on the Appointments, Sessions, and Communications tabs of your client form, you can view the times of each record as well as their dates.

+ Learn more about Client Records

» Search Box Default – Whenever clicking on a new hub, your cursor will default to the Search box to allow for faster searching times.
» Merge Fields – Many new merge fields have been added to the HTML and Form Letter Builder, including: Referred By, Today’s Date Plus__ Days, Today’s Date Less__Days, Session/Appointment Time Less__Minutes, Session/Appointment Date Less__Days, and more!

+ Learn more about the HTML Builder

+ Learn more about the Form Letter Builder


.Net Framework Update – 2018 comes with a new .NET version requirement that is faster and includes an enhanced graphics display for high-density DPI devices (i.e. tablets, Surface Devices, etc.). If this .NET version is not previously installed on your PC, the 2018 version will automatically install it.

Click here to read more about the minimum OS requirements for running the new .NET Framework


Render Profiles – All render profiles now have additional options to automatically print the Invoice, Image Detail Sheet, and/or Work Order when the images are rendered.

+ Learn more about Render Profiles

» (Enterprise Only) Render Jobs – Enterprise Users now have the ability to select which location will process a specific Render Job. For instance, if multiple studios print their images at the corporate lab vs. In-house, they can use this new feature.

+ Learn more about Render Jobs


Stratus Drive Image Upload Job – This control center job, found at Utilities > Control Center, is now able to upload images based on the Production Order instead of the Session status. If uploading based on a production order, the images to upload can also be limited to the Ordered Images instead of All Images.

+ Learn more about the Control Center

» 64-Bit Rendering Engine – If running a 64-bit PC, you can now install a 64-bit rendering engine from the Workstation Preferences > Digital tab. This new engine utilizes more RAM when rendering and helps prevent “Out of Memory” errors.

+ Learn more about the Workstation Preferences - Digital tab


Triggers – All Trigger Types now have the ability to run for All Types or All Statuses of a record type. Triggers can be found at Maintenance > General > Triggers.

+ Learn more about Trigger Types


Duplicate Invoice LinesInvoice Detail Lines can now be duplicated on an invoice with a simple right-click.

+ Learn more about Duplicating Invoice Lines


(Enterprise Only) Regional-based Price Lists by Session Type – Enterprise users can now assign a default Price List per location, based on Session Type. This benefits studios that may offer different pricing, or if one location wants to test new pricing before rolling it out to all locations. Set your Default Price List for a session type to be Specify by Location to reveal the new Location Info tab.

+ Learn more about Session Types


Security Options – New security options are available at Maintenance > General > Security Groups for added security on each new feature as well as some existing features, such as: Write off Invoice, Render Printer Paper Types, and Group Capture – Options.

+ Learn more about the Security Settings


Default Task Priority – New ability to set the Default Task Priority has been added to the Company Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.

+ Learn more about the Company Preferences - Miscellaneous tab


Customer Deposit Balance – This field is now available on the Client Summary tab as well as the Column Chooser, Filter Builder, etc.

+ Learn more about Client Records


Search By Email Subject – The ability to search by an Email Subject is now available in the Messages hub.

+ Learn more about the Messages hub


Auto Sort Outside Locations Outside Locations can now be automatically sorted in alphabetical order. Find your outside locations at Maintenance > Appointments > Outside Locations.

+ Learn more about Outside Locations


Mark Complete and New Call – Phone calls have a new option to Mark Complete and New Call in their ribbons which simultaneously marks a phone call record completed and creates a new call record.

+ Learn more about Phone Call Records


Default Primary and Secondary Users Default Primary and Secondary Users can now be selected for Session Types at Maintenance > Sessions > Session Types. These fields are also known as Photographers and Assistants.

+ Learn more about Session Types


Merge Fields in Subject Lines – The ability to include Merge Fields within the subject line of HTML emails and Form Letters has now been added.

+ Learn more about the HTML Builder

+ Learn more about the Form Letter Builder


Data Entry Validations – New Data Entry Validations have been added for new Custom fields as well as Call Results and Outcomes. Find your data entry validations at Maintenance > General > Data Entry Validations.

+ Learn more about Data Entry Validations


Hide Invoice Level Discounts – Hiding an Invoice Level Discount is now available in the Company Preferences > Invoicing tab.

+ Learn more about the Company Preferences - Invoicing tab


Default Durations – The ability to set Default Durations for Status Due Dates are now available for Tasks and Appointments. These settings are found at Maintenance > Tasks > Task Statuses, and Maintenance > Appointments > Appointment Statuses.

+ Learn more about Task Statuses

+ Learn more about Appointment Statuses


stratus desktop

Additional features have been added or enhanced in myStratus Desktop 2018.
Note: Spectra does NOT included these features.

Feature Description
StudioPlus Mail Enhancements - NEW!

Many of the tracking features available in the SendGrid portal have been added to myStratus Desktop.

  • Delivery Status – This new feature shows the status of outgoing emails after they are sent from the software. This tracks when an email is delivered, opened, bounced, and even when a link is clicked within the email.
  • Email History – An outgoing email’s Email History will show each Delivery Status of the email as well as the date/time the status was recorded. Click the Delivery Status within an email record to view this information.
  • Triggers – A new Trigger Type has been added for Email Records for better tracking and maintenance of email records (e.g. create a new task whenever an email is bounced). View triggers at Maintenance > General > Triggers.
  • Reports – Nine new Dashboard reports have been added to help track these new statuses. These new Data Types can be found at Reports > Dashboard Reports > Add/Modify Report.


*Additional charges apply for the StudioPlus Mail service.

+ Learn more about StudioPlus Mail

+ Learn more about Managing StudioPlus Mail

Time Clock for the Mobile App - NEW!



The Time Clock has been added to the myStratus Mobile app (Available for Apple and Android devices). The Time Clock can be selected from the Home screen of the Mobile App.

Because the time clock is now available in all myStratus apps, the Detailed Time Sheet Report has also been enhanced to show in which app a time clock entry was made. View this report at Reports > Time Sheet Report.


+ Learn more about the Mobile App

+ Learn more about the Time Sheet Report


Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Issue ID Keywords Description
5646TriggersTriggers for Birthdays and Anniversaries may not run correctly. Resolved.
5781Packages[myStratus Only] Package Components may not get automatically added to Session Fee invoices. Resolved.
5782Loyalty Rewards[myStratus Only] Loyalty Reward Items may not be added in the Scheduling Wizard. Resolved.
5784Communication WizardCommunication Wizard may send multiple emails to clients with the same email address. Resolved.
5786Price ListMoving Price List Items by drag and drop may change location incorrectly. Resolved.
5799ShortcutsInactive Company and User Shortcuts may still be visible. Resolved.
5800DepartmentsHide Inactive may still show inactive Departments. Resolved.
5801Filters [Enterprise Edition Only] Filters may not show correctly in drop-down lists. Resolved.
5802InventoryTrack Inventory option may not hold for Price List Items. Resolved.
5803Outside LocationsOutside Location Address field may not populate. Resolved.
5804Triggers Creating a new Task Status Trigger may produce an error. Resolved.
5806Payment MethodsAdding and deleting a Payment Method may produce an error. Resolved.
5807RecordsSort Order on record tabs may not show in correct order. Resolved.
5808Payments Payment Amount field may not hold in Invoice Wizard. Resolved.
5810TriggersTask Type Triggers may not have ability to use days in Trigger maintenance. Resolved.
5819Communication WizardSession Start Time Merge Field may not populate in Communication Wizard. Resolved.
5822Duplicate Client CheckDuplicate Client Check when a record opens may not recognize duplicate Home phone numbers. Resolved.
5824Time Slots Appointments scheduled with different Durations may not auto-remove conflicting Time Slots. Resolved for Newly Created Time Slots.
5825Time Slots Google Sync may not remove Time Slots marked as Auto Remove. Resolved for Newly Created Time Slots.
5829Incoming EmailsImages embedded into emails may not be visible on incoming email records. Resolved.
5834Quick Sale[Enterprise Edition Only] Valued Customer may not be created for all locations. Resolved.
5835AppointmentsAppointment Type field may not populate on Calendar. Resolved.
5841Custom LabelsDeleting Custom Label drop-downs may cause error on corresponding records. Resolved.
5842UsersUser maintenance may close without password verification. Resolved.
5843Reports[Enterprise Edition Only] Pictorial Directory may not list Client Groups. Resolved.
5844Custom LabelsProduction record Custom Labels may not populate in Filters or Column Chooser. Resolved.
5845Form LettersDates on Form Letters may not format correctly. Resolved.
5852SessionsMarking a Session Type as Inactive may remove it from existing session records. Resolved.
5868Online BookingOnline booking Get HTML Code button may not work. Resolved.
5869Budgets[Enterprise Edition Only] Budget import may not recognize the Budget Type being importing. Resolved.
5877DashboardDashboard Reports may not allow de-select of Filter option. Resolved.
5880Invoices[myStratus Only] Combination Promotions may throw error when applied to an invoice. Resolved.
5884Outside LocationsAdding a new Outside Location may produce error. Resolved.
5889EmailsEmail attachments or screen shots may not be visible on email records. Resolved.


Additional Information

Spectra Users

The Spectra 2018 release is available to all Spectra customers with a current maintenance plan.

+ Download Spectra 2018
+ Read more about Spectra software updates and upgrades

myStratus Desktop Users

The myStratus Desktop 2018 release is available to all myStratus subscribers (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) on a per request basis. To coordinate your upgrade, please send us an email using the link below and we will schedule a time to upgrade your account.

+ Schedule my upgrade