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"I love StudioPlus (Spectra) because I’ve never felt as organized and in control of my business as I do now that I’m using StudioPlus (Spectra). The software is very smart and keeps track of everything. I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it. If I could do it all over again the first thing I’d buy when starting a new photography business is StudioPlus (Spectra)."

Matt Johnson
John Ball Photography

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What's New in 2015 Volume 2

We're excited to announce the release of 2015 Volume 2 for Spectra and myStratus. Volume 2 includes some great new features we didn't want to keep under wraps until 2016! Read on to find out about the much anticipated new online booking feature for myStratus and other features such as EMV certified credit card processing, new session copy options, the new Cayan gift card integration, and more!

+ Release notes for 2015 Volume 2
Release notes for 2015 Volume 1

spectra myStratus

Spectra 2015 Volume 2 is a free upgrade for Spectra users with a current maintenance plan. New to Spectra? Try it free for 30 days!

myStratus 2015 Volume 2 is a free upgrade with your subscription. All myStratus accounts will be automatically upgraded on the morning of October ?, 2015. If you use the myStratus Desktop App, you will be prompted to download the 2015 Volume 2 version when you log in.
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New myStratus Online Booking!

We heard you! Online Booking is here for myStratus! Your clients can now book sessions online.

Online Booking

Here are some of the key features included in myStratus Online Booking:

Existing clients can log in with a username and password you supply.
New clients can create an online account and the information entered will automatically be used to create a new client in your myStratus database.
A session record is automatically created in myStratus for each session booked online.
A session fee invoice can automatically be created during the booking process, including the appropriate session fee (optional).
You can require full payment or a deposit at the time of booking (optional). The payment or customer deposit will automatically be created in myStratus.
Enterprise clients can list multiple locations for their clients to choose from.
New fields related to online booking can be included as merge fields in HTML emails and form letters, used to create filters, and added to your hubs with the column chooser. New fields include the client's online username and password.
You can choose to embed the online booking page within your website (iframe), or use a link. We supply the HTML code for you!
» The booking page is mobile friendly.
» Fonts and colors can be customized to match your website.
» You control scheduling by creating time slots.
» There is no additional fee for online booking!


» Requires myStratus Standard or above.
» Setup requires myStratus Desktop.
» Credit card processing for online payments and deposits requires Cayan (US) or eWAY (UK, NZ, AU).
» Currently available in English.

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New Time Slot Scheduling!

You can now create time slots that are reserved for certain types of sessions. These time slots are a required component of myStratus Online Booking, but can also be used with both Spectra and myStratus to control when sessions are booked internally, either by you or another staff member.

time slot

geniusNew EMV Certified Credit Card Processing
(US only)

Credit card processing requirements are becoming more and more stringent. That's a good thing, but it also means changes for you! The new EMV (chip-based) cards are the new standard and the ability to process them becomes mandatory this month. We've got you covered! StudioPlus Spectra and myStratus Desktop are now EMV certified! The 2015 Volume 2 release includes a new integration with the Genius® Customer Engagement Platform® by Cayan™.

Implementing Genius not only moves you to an EMV-certified platform, it also gives you the following benefits:

» Accept mobile payments via NFC/QR codes (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, LevelUp).
» Accept pin-based debit cards (with substantially lower credit card processing fees).
» Accept gift cards.
» Utilize a secure token-based system that allows for recurring payment plans.
» Simplified PCI validation with NO ANNUAL PCI COMPLIANCE FEE.
» Digital signature capture.
» Fully integrated with Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

+ Read our recent blog post about EMV cards, the liability shift, and Genius

New Cayan Gift Cards!

We've added an optional integration with Cayan's gift card program. Gift cards are provided by Cayan and then sold and activated by you. Cayan treats them like any other credit card. Gift cards can be used for any purchase, including InSpiredByYou orders and myStratus Online Booking. Note: This program replaces internally issued gift certificates.

Copy Sessions!

You can now copy a session and attach it to the same client or a different one! All the session information, custom fields, advanced calendar information, session promotions, participants, and session notes will be copied to the new session.

copy session

email invoiceEmail Invoices from Wizards

A handy email option has been added to the final page of any built-in wizard that creates an invoice. The Email Invoice option will create an email using the chosen form letter and attach the invoice PDF. The email will be available to modify before sending.

Automatically Add Items to Session Fee Invoices

The software can now automatically add items to a session fee invoice created during booking. This can significantly speed up your booking process, as well as eliminate potential errors! For example, when you book a deluxe portrait session, the software can automatically add your "Deluxe Session Fee" to the invoice. You can set up which fees and/or products should be added to the invoice for each of your session types.

New myStratus Android Mobile App!google play

To coincide with the release of myStratus 2015 Volume 2, the myStratus Android Mobile app is also being released! View, add, and update clients, sessions, and tasks right from your mobile device. Work offline and updates are synced as soon as you reconnect.

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For a complete list of new features* and enhancements in the 2015 Volume 2 versions of Spectra and myStratus, read the release notes.

* Not all features are available in every edition of StudioPlus Spectra/myStratus. Check the comparison charts below to see which features are offered in each edition.

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To find out more about how to take advantage of these powerful new features, call StudioPlus Software at 888.862.4868 or email