The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
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Step 5: InspiredByYou Price List

  • Item Group
  • Price List Items
  • To set up your price lists for clients to purchase items, go to Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists

    Expand the Price List and double click an Item Group to edit its online presence.

    Check the box Show Item Group Online

    Enter the item's Marketing Description  - Single line describing the group of items to be displayed online.

    If you have a marketing image that best represents this group of items, click Select Image here.  You'll be prompted to upload an image (make sure it's 450 pixels wide by 330 pixels tall.)

    Here's how that Item Group will appear on InspiredByYou.

    Individual Price List Items

    Expand the Item Group and double click on an Item you'll be selling on InspiredByYou.

    Go to the tab:

    In the Options section:

    Check the box "Show Item Online".
    If this item does NOT require a single image associated with it (for example, an 8x10 would require an image, a CD slideshow would not) check the box.
    Sales Rating for Best Selling Ranking -  This field will show clients your best selling items in order of this rating when they first select an Item Group (group of products).  In addition, since each Item Group is selected one at a time, each Item in that Item Group can have its own rating.  A rating of 1 is the "Best Rating", 100 is the "Lowest Rating".  This is basically a way to sort your products so that items you want to sell / push are at the top of the list.  If you don't give any items a rank, they will appear in alphabetical order.  If you do rank some of the items, then they will be at the top, those without ranking will be listed in alphabetical order after the ones with a rank.

    In the Product Images section:

    You can Add, Delete, and Replace any images of the product you want to be visible online.  You can upload multiple images and the first image will be the primary image displayed to client. An example of using multiple images is if you offer frames online and want to display the different color or finishes.  Be sure the images are 450 pixels wide by 330 pixels tall.

    In the Product Information text boxes (optional). Use HTML code in these boxes for even more flexibility, or simply type in the information you want to present to your clients about the items.  If you don't fill them out, those areas won't show on your site.

    Marketing Description:   If you desire, add a description of the Product you're offering, or other text you may want to use to entice the client to purchase this product.

     Here's how your clients will see it on

    Product Description: You also have the option to add a more detailed description.

    Here's how your clients will see it on

    Product Features: Enter specific details on products your client will find helpful, such as Black & White, Color, Frame Included - or not Included.

    Here's how your clients will see it on

    Delivery Information: Enter any special information pertaining to package delivery (e.g. Ships in 1-3 Business Days)

    Here's what your clients will see on

    Go to the Related Items

    Use this tab to select any other price list items that you want marketed with this item. For example, display a matching size frame for all prints of X size. Alternatively, you could choose to show other sizes of the same product. Selections here will appear in a Related Items section online.

    And this is how it looks on your InspiredByYou site:

    Go to the Miscellaneous tab:

    If an item requires an image to fullfill the order, be sure to flag the box "Require Image Selection".


    If an item uses the Shipping Product Tiered method, set it here.  Our recommendation is to use None.  For more information on Shipping Methods, click here.

    Go to the Digital & Fulfillment tab:

    Digital Delivery section  - Use this section to define whether this specific product allows for digital delivery, and what the specifications are for this delivery method.
    Digital Delivery Option - Select whether this product allows for digital delivery, and, if so, what images should be downloaded.
    Image Group Name -  If you selected "All Grouped Images" in the Digital Delivery Option above, add the Image Group Name that will be available for digital delivery.
    Payment Option - Select if a payment needs to be processed  before the images can be downloaded.
    Invoice Percentage - Only applies to "Must be paid by a percentage of overall invoice total" Payment Option.
    Image DPI - Do not exceed 300 dpi.
    Max Image Size - Enter the Max Image Size in pixels for the digitally delivered images, do not exceed 1200 pixels.
    Watermark Images - If this item should be watermarked when digitally delivered, flag it here.  The Watermark is pulled from Preferences - Images tab.
    Include Copyright Release Form - If this item should include your Copyright Release Form, flag it here.  The Copyright form is pulled from Company Preferences - Digital tab, Online Options.

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