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How can I sell and redeem a gift card?

Selling and redeeming Gift Cards is easy - just follow these steps!

Selling Gift Cards

First, since clients can't ask for a certain Gift Card amounts via, you'll need to set up items with pre-set amounts for them to purchase in the Price List

Price List:  Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists
(Need more info on Price Lists?  Click here.)

1.  Select a price list already used for InspiredByYou - you may have more than one, but it's easy to copy tems from one Price List to another (click here for more info), so you only need to add a new item once, then copy it and modify it. 

2.  Select an Item Group that already exists or create a new one, perhaps title it Gift Cards or Gift Certificates. 

3.  Click the "New Item" button in the ribbon.

4.  We recommend the Item Identifier be consistent for all your Gift Cards.  To keep them unique, add the amount - a $100 Gift Card is GC100, a $50 Gift Card is GC50 and so on.

5.  The Item Description is what clients will see on their invoice.
6.  The Item Type must be Miscellaneous.

7.  The Item Group will be auto selected for you depending on which Item Group you added the item to in step 2 above.

8.  Add the Standard Price, in this case, $100.

9.  Most states don't require Sales Tax be paid on the selling of a Gift Card (however, most do when the Gift Card is used to purchase items), but check with your bookkeeper to ensure you're in accordance with the laws in your state.  If your state does not require sales tax in this situation, check the Non-Taxable box.

10.  On the Miscellaneous tab, in the Gift Certificates section, check these boxes:  Gift Certificate/Gift Card, Auto Assign Number, and Auto Generate Sequential Number.   Do NOT "Set Next Number".

11.  You may wish to email the client the details of the Gift Card they purchased, and to do so, create an HTML Email.  You can make your own or use the sample we've provided in your data.  For more info, click here.

Optionally, set up the tab of the item being created.  Click here for more info.  If you want to sell other increments of Gift Cards, simple copy the item, double click to modify it, AND be sure to change these fields:

Item Identifier - to note the different increment - GC25
Item Description - what the client is purchasing - $25 Gift Card
Standard Price - $25

Repeat as many times as you have increments.

Redeeming Gift Cards

Redeeming a gift card is a snap, whether bought one online or in the studio.  However, you need to set up a Payment Method that recognizes it's a Gift Card being redeemed.

Maintenance > Invoice > Payment Methods

1.  Hit the New icon in the ribbon.

2.  Name the description (Gift Card or Gift Certificate recommended).

3.  Select the Payment Type "Gift Card or Certificate".  For gift card redemption this type is required.

4.  Flag the box "Web Enabled", this will let the client redeem the gift card via

Once you have the Payment Type, here's how your clients can use the Gift Card online:

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