The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Perfectly Clear Plug-in


The Perfectly Clear® plug-in brings powerful automatic image correction tools right into Spectra and myStratus Desktop! It is designed to save you significant time in your editing process. Use it as a first step in your image correction workflow to remove the most common problems created by digital cameras -- under-exposure, lack of depth, lack of sharpness, lack of color vibrancy, lack of color fidelity, and incorrect skin tones.

"Perfectly Clear is superior to filters and enhancers because it corrects your photos pixel by pixel, replicating the way your eye gathers light, and capturing the vibrant colors and natural clarity you saw with your own eyes. Perfectly Clear’s patented, automatic corrections save photographers countless hours by completing in seconds what used to take hours in the editing room."  (Quoted from Athentech Imaging, creators of Perfectly Clear.)

To read more about the science behind Perfectly Clear, refer to the Athentech Imaging website.

Watch the video and/or read the information below to learn how to use Perfectly Clear to streamline your workflow.

Correcting Your Images with Perfectly Clear

Step 1 - Apply a Preset

The first step in correcting your images with Perfectly Clear is to apply a preset. The presets included in Spectra/myStratus have been developed specifically for the unique types of corrections needed by portrait photographers. See the Perfectly Clear Presets section below for examples.

Step 2 - Fine Tune the Correction

If the image isn't quite how you want it, choose another preset or manually adjust the Perfectly Clear corrections. You can make additional adjustments using the standard Spectra/myStratus adjustments menu. For a description of each Perfectly Clear correction tool, see the Perfectly Clear Corrections section below. For more information about the standard Spectra/myStratus image adjustments, see the Adjusting Images in Spectra and myStratus topic.

Step 3 - Apply the Settings to Additional Images

You can apply the settings from a single image to additional images by simply using the copy and paste tools at the very top of the Spectra/myStratus Image Adjustments panel. To save the settings for future use, save them as a new preset. See Managing Your Presets below.

Step 4 - Render the Images

In order for the changes from Perfectly Clear to affect the original image file, the images must be rendered out. See also Rendering Images.


Perfectly Clear Presets

Several powerful presets are included in the software that use the Perfectly Clear correction tools. Here are some sample images that have been adjusted with a preset.


This is a great starting point for all image types and automatically does a bit of everything as needed.


iAuto Skin

Great starting point for creating realistic and beautiful skin.


iAuto Eyes

Just targets eyes to brighten, sharpen, and make them come alive.



Great realistic and robust for any photos with people in them.


Beautify +

Just like Beautify, but more aggressive and also contours the face and enlarges the eyes.



A softer, more natural look great for any newborn.


Student Male

Ideal for fixing photos shot under portrait lighting for male students.


Student Female

Ideal for fixing photos shot under portrait lighting for female students.


Fill Flash

A subtle preset designed to provide a bit of fill flash light.


Details & Shadows

Great for bringing the details out of the shadows.


Managing Your Presets

You can easily create your own special presets for correcting photos. Simply set the adjustments to your desired preference and click the Save to a New Preset button beside the preset drop-down menu, giving your new preset a name. To remove, simply click Delete Current Preset. To modify an existing preset, making changes to the adjustments and then click Save Current Preset.

Perfectly Clear Corrections

The Perfectly Clear tools perform automatic image correction based on sophisticated, patented algorithms. When you enable a Perfectly Clear tool, such as Exposure, each image will be evaluated and automatically corrected. You can modify the amount of correction being applied by moving the slider, checking an option (i.e., Low, Medium, or High), or manually entering a numeric value. Just remember, you are NOT adjusting the actual exposure -- Perfectly Clear does that. You are simply deciding how strong the correction should be. It's a little bit like creating an adjustment layer (in Photoshop) and then lowering the opacity to decrease the effect.

Depth (Contrast)
Skin and Depth Bias
Skin Smoothing
Infrared Removal
Teeth Whitening
Face Contouring
Blemish Removal
Shine Removal
Skin Tone
Light Diffusion
Eye Enhance
Eye Enlarge
Dark circles

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